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  2. i asked on the fb Group yesterday, they didnt have any New info :/
  3. Perhaps mike"s absence is due to him being chained by Spartan Neil somewhere in the Ivory tower. Forced to work on the latest orbat until they are completed? =O
  4. The new core models are looking sweet. I am looking forward to this Kickstarter winding up so they can start getting the core expansions into my FLGS
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  6. @CoreHunter Understand but if you have two cores (as many do) having two helixes are unlikely to be invalidated with any helix pairing shift. especially as options to reinforce the core increases but you made a good point
  7. We are running out of August.
  8. While the convention of hospital ships and other non-combatant targets has gone fairly well in modern world history, you have to wonder to what extent aliens would grasp or embrace the concept. Perhaps the armed ships were a necessary precaution against outsiders who either don't understand "not a target" or who can't be made to care. In either case, I still think that medical ships as a concept don't make much sense. With casualties on the scale of what must take place on these gigantic spaceships, there's no way a few teams of additional medics could make a meaningful contribution to manpower within the time constraints of a single battle. Make people more comfortable? Sure. Save lives? Absolutely. Turn hundreds of unfit-for-duty casualties into fighting-ready troops? Eh? Almost certainly not. While mechanically useful, the fluff should be reconsidered.
  9. Yeah, trying to cite it from memory. Ops Centre (Value) While on the battlefield, and during its activation, a model with the Ops Centre MAR may attempt to regenerate a single Command Order Point. Roll a single [BLACK] D6: if the roll equals or exceeds the Value listed in the brackets, a single Command Order Point may be regenerated. This may not cause the Fleet to exceed its starting level of Command Points.
  10. @Zahariel I just tagged Spartan Mike is the North Star topic to see what's going on.
  11. These ships will have extended medical capabilities, but are armed. At this point in time, they are not the classic 'hospital' ship painted white with a red cross, for example:
  12. @Spartan Mike any word on when North Star and assorted battle groups will be shipping?
  13. Hey, to each there own. Different people have different tastes. I can't say that I really absolutely hate the Apollo and Razorthorn Its just that I like the Tyrant the most. Though I do like like the Apollo better than the Razorthorn. Perhaps if they release the two of them with the same level of detail as the newer ships I would like them better. Hmmm, this gives me an idea. I think I'll use that idea. My favorite ship with the "cruiser" name in it is the Marshal.
  14. In v2, our group plays anywhere between 4-6 turns usually. 4 if we're sure someone is going to win and want to move on, 6 (or more) for the one guy who refuses to give up until the scenario says to or he literally has no models left on the table (and with the amount of times he's had a single Frigate crit a T1, I guess he has a point). In any case, in many games the eventual winner is clear by turn 3 or 4 at the latest, barring a terrifically unlucky/lucky string of dice rolls occurring. Still better than Planetfall though, we generally determine a winner after turn 2, 3 at the latest. In my limited testing of v3, it falls closer to the Planetfall scale. The ramped up critical damage, addition of the CR+DR hit, and addition of Focused Fire (though we're only guessing about what ships will get what weapon systems) makes the game far more deadly. I didn't experience quite what Commodore did, but it's certainly possible to completely maul the stuffing out of even the toughest Large ships now. I hope the testers are taking this into account for factions that are based around "regrowing" like the Pathogen. I'm not sure that they're going to actually *get* to regrow much before they get blown into chunks.
  15. Its a shame how few SAS shadow hunter comes with. What is the main difference betwen walkers and tanks ? japan seens to have both with similar sizes ( light tanks and light walkers ). But right now im thinking of getting FSA tanks and EotBS walkers.
  16. For both nations, I would recommend some air support, in the form of aerial core boxes. This will not only get you the extra SAWs needed (shadow hunter only has one squad of each) but can also be used for Armoured games. As for ground forces, it depends on if you prefer tanks, or walkers.
  17. But...command points! They'll fix everything (even if we have to tie arbitrary stuff to them to *force* you to buy command points. It's the new system and you will USE IT!) in the new edition as far as I can tell. /s
  18. I wish they did lesser Pathogen earlier in the stretch goals because they are much better looking than the greater strain frankly which i think are very meh. Also what a super backer Vicente Cartas in the kickstarter said makes lot ofsense " Honest question. Given this change to the stretch goals, wouldn't it make more sense to just re-start the campaign? Get the new models ready so you can show them from day 1, reorganize the stretch goals and add-ons in the front page so it's easier for backers to know what they get and how to add extra stuff, and then re-launch? " Even better if you got something like Beasts of War involved to get more Awareness FROM THE START. And you may claim tactic of slowly revealing stuff during the kickstarter worked for you with Dystopian but all it tells potential supporters is that you dont have stuff ready to show. So the more you can show from the start of the campaign the better and we already almost half way through and we havent even seen any of the new class of meds and only 1 large we already seen before kickstarter. Some people might have look at it at the start and found it lacking and left it at that. You want to get maximum impact you can at launch.
  19. I know I was.
  20. Currently under V2 we go about 4 or 5 turns. Our first V3ish game went 5 turns, but they were 5 short turns, played in half the time of a V2 game only because things died so fast! An 8 HP carrier with 3 Shields never got it's 2nd activation, a two-gunship squad was wiped out in a single activation, a battleship died in two turns. Two 3 ship cruiser squads were reduced to singles in 2 turns. Didn't get to heal much, the forced placement of Tier 1's first put both of us off our game and our Support Shuttle carrying ships wound up too far from anyone else to help anything and they both died before they could get close enough to help anyone anyway.
  21. Here are what i painted so far, feedback is apreciated.
  22. So did Spartan attend and do we have any picture? What was there? Anything new? Really any news at all. Thanks!
  23. I bought the shadow hunter box some time ago and had lots of fun with it. But im thinking about what should i buy next ? I plan on expanding both factions (FSA and EofBS). I also want to get into land combat, but i dont know where to begin.
  24. problem being in the test rules released they have improved focus fire and allowed more units access to it as it can now be used on the move. Which is the odd as a good bit of the community seems to want a removed.
  25. any move to invalidate purchases would be a bad move with the relthozan debacle under their belt.
  26. Actually with the V3 turn limit rules (unless Drift is a different ratio than Turn Limit) a Tier 1 ship can turn as tightly as a Tier 2 in V2 using the turn template.
  27. Looks good. Thank you for the list.
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