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  2. @CoreHunter has the gist of why Linking is so valuable. The answer to 1) is that both single ships and full squads have AD profiles that are within reason to each other. Taskforce's problem with "ghost ships" isn't just that ships degrade quickly, it's that because the dice pools a squad can muster are solely focused on the maximum pool compared to the relative defenses of any given ship, ships on the individual level are horribly pillowfisted (excepting where the total pool comes from a lone ship, like a BB) To that end I say the solution to 2) is that you would either need to add a stat (something lower than the ship's DR, so you can still put some kind of effect on it with a very weak attack?) or potentially go the exact opposite route and say ships fire completely independently, with some form of defensive penalty for a ship being targeted by multiple attacks at a time (you have to divide both your shields and PD against all incoming attacks in a single activation?) But rather than removing a core game mechanic and having to discuss 2) to begin with, I think something that's been pointed out is worth review- even if I'm personally quick about figuring out AD pools, damage adds extra steps to the linking mechanic. While I don't believe this is a problem that warrants cannibalizing an entire core game mechanic, several of the workarounds make a good bit of sense, and are worth review. While I'd hate to see the current system changed at all (I hate change to the same extent that Garfield loves lasagna) if the math of linking while damaged is consistently one of the most cited reasons for slowed play, something has to be done. Power Core has merit for a very good reason; you already take the time to see what targets are available when you first start your shooting phase. Tacking on the impact of damage here makes a lot of sense; you're adding a little bit of bookkeeping, but it's comfortably tucked into some bookkeeping you would have to do anyways, NO MATTER ANY OTHER SOLUTION. You were always going to have to figure out LoS and pick targets, adding another step here doesn't sting that badly.. Removing dice after doing the math for Linking is also very clean, and leaves the core piece of linking math (add linking weapons together, divide by two, add to the focus weapon) in a state where no weird or confusing stuff happens. There is one problem, though, in that removing dice from the linking ships could potentially reduce the AD of the primary weapon system BELOW where it would be unlinked, if the linked in dice pools are small enough and the contributing ships are damaged enough. E.G., a ship with a 4 AD weapon that has lost 3 hull links to another vessel in its squad, then its net contribution to the attack is -1 AD (4/2 - 3). This is a non-problem in the ideal range bands of any given ship, but at the fringe RBs could be a thing. There are, however, a good number of solutions to that- a simple modification to the "all contributing weapons provide at least 1 AD" clause, or even just saying "hey, if linking in a given situation makes you lose AD, maybe you shouldn't?" somewhere in the book. Removing no dice but removing successes... is clean, but to me very unsatisfactory. There's something very haptic and pleasing about rolling dice and counting them up, and removing successes without there being some opposing roll feels... wrong. It could be a very clean solution, probably the cleanest one Power Core aside, but leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This may not be a problem for other gamers, however, and so as an option should be strongly considered. The thing is, though, that I think there are plenty of other places where streamlining ~could~ happen first, to relieve some pressure from the need to streamline shooting excessively. SRS and mines, for example. Taskforce's one redeeming quality is that the SRS rules are clean and concise. If we took the way we currently buy and organize SRS, and combined it with the way SRS are deployed in Taskforce, we could have a very good engine for handling them on our hands. Just a thought. My solution to mines is also pretty simple; First, no more AOE mines. First enemy that trips their range takes the blow. The other properties of mines, that they ignore hit modifiers and don't do rear arc, stay the same- eating a single Frigate from a squad because a mine doesn't care about Difficult is still a deterrent in the way mines are now, just not one that goes over the top and eats whole squads. Second, mines get laid in the Shooting phase, as a rear arc weapon with a single range band. You either pick a target and shoot 'em with the same rules (no rear arc, no to-hit modifiers) or if there's no target you place the mine somewhere in the range. Bam. No more wiggling around a mine when a single ship already can't avoid it, no figuring out where mines can be placed during the movement phase. Super. Simple. These are two ideas that clean out the movement phase of the game without cutting the core movement mechanic. They won't be applicable to every activation, or even every game, but they're simple and don't cut into the grit.
  3. yeah ahmadan that may happen at some point but i kinda doubt it as most didnt buy into that sg system and not everybody will have access to the those who bought in will still be probably.....
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  5. love the look of the din.
  6. Upon review the Works Raptor core is just a Weirdly sorted repetition. It should have 1-2 for each of the 3 Requirements. Also the UXB-187 changes from Massive to Heavy. So the listing is a bit confusing but ultimately similar to other cores. I still don't like the fused forces. While I like the close relationship between natural allies, I don't think this is the best way to represent them. Yes it does mean I can take a WR core with Directorate Helix add ons. But that could be done by mirroring the Natural Allies relationship. I will be fine with this if 1) all previous Allied forces can still be made 2) the Allied forces get fully developed over the next couple of years
  7. Fair enough, and that's always a risk, but as a Relth player I'd be much more worried about you cutting the hearts out of my less durable squads, leaving it to fend for itself. If the rest of my fleet is in shambles, its gotta either do the work of a whole fleet by itself or try to camp an objective (which you can contest) without getting dogpiled. Look at it this way; as long as you focus on the Dread, everything I have can get into position, take swings at whatever, and generally be destructive. Behind the cloaks/DR/CR/Stealth of the Dread, and the fact that it can Self-Repair later on, I'm not worried about it, right? Now, if I uncloak it and you can dogpile it, go for it, right, but if I'm a smart Relth player I'm counting on it having more board presence than actual effect- any time you shoot at it, something from the rest of my fleet is not taking heat. The thing you've got to remember is that unless I'm backing it up with Battleships and little else (which is dumb, Relth players, don't do this. Easy way to let yourself get outactivated when your ships are already slow as molasses...) you should still be able to put damage and even crits on my other squads, even through cloaks, if you're linking up those broadsides. The point I'm making is that while knowing how to counterattack is great, if you can pull the teeth from the majority of my squads before I even take my first big swing I'm at a huge disadvantage. THis is one of those places where turning to present a single broadside earlier in the game can pay off massively.
  8. It has kind of been established a looooong while ago (the Teach Me How To Spider thread was spawned of this) that Aquans are hands down the hardest matchup for Relth. That's not to say that you can't claim a win, but you're going to have to be pretty cheeky about it. One piece of advice is that if you can ally in Ba'Kash, for whatever reason (The reason is that they can spam unlinked attacks in short range that are capable of critting Aquan mediums and are bullet sponges in return) Ba'Kash Heavies eat Aquan fleets. All of my wins against my Aquan-playing SO have involved Ba'Kash on my side. Bonus: Ba'Kash don't kill your Relthozan TAC choices. If you're unable to muster some Ba'Kash, the playbook then becomes to outlast them and try to pull single ships out of squads. Those Heavies will be a godsend- try to drop the 15 AP on a medium vessel on the turn you uncloak them. Once you've got a couple of their squads below full strength, the BB and Heavies should be able to force their way through the rest of the game with Self Repair. Granted, this isn't guaranteed, but it's something. Without the Dread, and assuming Battle Fleet size, I would look at taking a BB with frigates, a squad of Heavies, a squad of regular Cruisers or Battlecruisers (Destroyers if you're willing to snag a box) points permitting, a squad of Nidus, and another of Widows. Use Fighters on the BB and Bombers on the Nidus (Fighters suck in a lot of instances because of how quickly the damage they do degrades, but the Relth TAC makes them worthwhile.) Reserve/Ambush your second T2, keep the Nidus near the BB, reserve the Widows. Aquans are one of the only factions I wouldn't bring Corrosive against, because the high DR means you can't split up your shooting to grab extra Corrosive markers. Focus on crippling the firepower of squads, and then cleaning up, rather than clearing out whole squads at once. The Aquan Dread is a monster, I really don't have good advice for it (no one does, haha), but in the least of your foe is taking one that's a good chunk of points, right? Assuming no Destroyers or Ba'Kash support, my list would be as follows for 1000 pts. Nexus Battleship with Stealth Systems, +3 Wings, and 6 Fighters - 230 2 Widow Frigates (Accompaniment) - 40 2 Raptor Battlecruisers with -1" TL - 250 3 Huntsman Heavy Cruisers with Corrosive- 300 4 Widow Frigates - 80 4 Nidus Frigates with 4 Bombers - 100 Total: 1000 points. Gave the Huntsman Corrosive because of 30 floating points, feel like they'll get the best use out of it because of their hefty unlinked firepower and the fact that you'll want them from the beginning, unlike the Raptors, which should be reserved.
  9. I agree each should get their own core, their existing helix, and 2 more helixes each.
  10. Thanks for the comparison @Manu_S this makes it easier for me. It is always rough to see something lose power without a points cut. The Wraith has had a light hit, which could be fine. The Nemesis is a mixed bag. Looks like a push towards a Ranged Focus. Seems unusual for an assault unit. Could be OK, not sure. Arbiter has taken a real Hit. I don't think I am a fan of these changes. Does anyone feel the Arbiter was overpowered? i just noticed there is another Command Helix. The Fortified Command Helix. What is the Providence? I hope it is actually an immobile fortification
  11. You have to accept Relthoza basically can't do anything until they decloak within 16". In theory Cloak, Stealth, and SRS keep you and your opponent from doing any damage, but you control the engagement by decloaking and recloaking.
  12. Well, even without any replies, I decided to try it. First I tested a heat gun melting and bending a flight peg. Worked wonderfully, didn't seem to weaken it, it wasn't brittle nor did it bend after cooling. I waved the heat gun back and forth and on all sides of the peg while heating to try to heat evenly. Next I tried on a messed up base and that also bent pretty easily, required more heating, but very happy with the results. Neither of these discolored or fogged the acrylic at all. Finally I tried it on the legs of the station itself and it was extremely easy to get them to fit FAR better than original. No stressed or unnatural bending when glued into place. Overall very happy with it. I hope this will help someone in the future, upon buying one of these models. Be careful not to twist the piece.
  13. Interesting AD ideas all, I'm sure a solution exists. Let's not get too deep or clutter the larger feedback. The link/combine big picture issues are: 1) what is the gameplay purpose of adding weapons systems together? Can a new, streamlined mechanic preserve and honor this purpose? 2) how can we rebalance the stats of ships if the new mechanic changes the AD/PD pools?
  14. I'm actually glad that some attention were made on the light cruisers. I "be used the French and Prussian ones and. I have to really say they are a bit too sub par, and die too easily. Hopefully this will be addressed in the coming 2.5
  15. not weeing how the math is hard let alone time consuming... I graduated Honestly moving to anything smiler to planetfall or taskforece is a terrible idea as it makes ships alone useless as a two sided dice. The current system allows ships to maintain the firepower levels to attack with independently while not becoming to ridicules while in groups. Something the power system may not be able to do and definitely simply adding them together cannot accomplish.
  16. Also dont be deceived by classification of the assault carrier essentially its another battleship with 2 railguns with some assault pod and fighter decks nailed to it. Feel free getting stuck in with. I dont like the assault cruisers but Legion performs well and makes the dreadnought wish it looked as good.
  17. I have a concern with the Directorate/Works Raptor list. I would prefer that the Works Raptor became a full force of their own. I know it would take time to create and release all of their miniatures. With an overly flexible Core and one other helix they really are just a directorate add-on. Also too many choices for a "Core" - 3 Requisites and 4 Optional, compared to the Directorate - 3 Requisites and 1 Optional seams weird. Sure Flexible, customisable etc. but I would rather have access to Core, Heavy, Recon, Aerial, Leviathan etc. it is wonderful to see the Allies getting some Love. But I hope they will still grow into full Independent Forces one day. WA
  18. That is actually a good question!!! Mike, will the Vanguards become squads of 4? Or will the KOB get an actual CL in the future? (Really hoping!!!)
  19. they look good! I don't know why but I personally hate painting frigates.
  20. Wasn't sure what to think when I started reading your post, but I have to admit the have turned out quite well. Good job! Also I found another way to do lights and engine glow. I paint the origin of the light in white and then add Creatix transparent paint too it. That is how I have been doing all my terran ships.
  21. Calculating AD with multiple weapons systems is even worse; this situation came up when I ran a trio of Corsair cruisers with the second gun upgrade, and doing the math when one was at full, one with one damage, and the third with two damage was tedious. The calculation, following alextroy's example, was: 1. Ship one 7 AD as the primary, with 5 going into the linking pool. 2. Ship two has 7-1 AD and 5-1 AD, so a total of 10 going into the linking pool. 3. Ship 3 has 7-2 AD and 5-2 AD, so a total of 8 going into the linking pool. 4. Total attack is 7 + (5+10+8)/2 = 7 + 23/2 = 7+11 = 18 AD going into the pool. If no ships were damaged, we'd have 7 + (7+7+5+5+5)/2 = 7 + 29/2 = 21 AD going into the pool. If things were to be streamlined, should each damage then count twice (once for each weapon), as in alextroy's example?
  22. I do play sorylians and i do not feel like i do not have a variety of ships to choose from. They are somewhat week/overcosted but still playable and i only struggle against tanky t1 ships because sorylians do not succeed at that. More ships would be nice though.
  23. Its meant to be like A wasp black and yellow kind of thing like im dangerous stay away from me natural world colours. So red wouldnt really work besides i already use red as accent colour in my dindrenzi.
  24. to Alextroy. Not a bad system but I wouldn't say it's that much of a time saver over the original, just different.
  25. for me I think the bug ships would look better with red as an acsent color
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  27. Well if i have a partner who isnt relthoza he ll just get focus fired they wouldnt fire at me and if he gets focused that ll lose us the game. Is it viable to try shunt entry all the frigs and cruisers and just have tier 1s on the field?
  28. While your cloaks are up, Direct Weapons should have little luck doing much damage. You will take some, but shouldn't be that much. Using Interceptors to cover your balled up fleet will render Torpedoes ineffective, especially Terran Nuclear Torpedoes. Then your job is to time your attack to maximize your chance to smash your foe before he can respond effectively while you are uncloaked. Don't be afraid to recloak to protect ships from return fire or damage. In a 2v2, if they are shooting at your Cloaked ships, your partner is free to beat them over the head with his fleet. As a Terran player, I take cruisers all the time. I also lose them all the time, but shots at my cruisers are not shots at my battleship.
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