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  3. Sorry about the lack of activity lately, last week was a very busy one. And here are some various projects. The Freedom(right) commanded by Captain Andrew James, and the Liberty(left) commanded by Captain Benjamin Amburn. The Celestial a Valhalla class space station. A home made astroid that I have been working on. Thanks for looking, and once again constructive criticism is welcome.
  4. Its really just luck of the draw... Er, dice. In my most recent game, I managed to inflict a point of damage on an enemy spartan using nothing but a single measly Scout Ghost. And my Wraith finished the job... As @Mighty_moose said, in bigger scale games he is really not so tough with Plasma Mortar shots are raining down on his head. As far as winning in smaller games, full element strength Scout Ghosts, Phantom, and Melee are you best bet against a Spartan III.
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  6. Your Brits have the same color deck as my EotBS. Are your Brit turrets two different colors to show the different turrets? The Prussains look great!
  7. @Vedar good luck finding the colour to make the Dindrenzi pop. Brass or Copper would show better than Steel. I look forward to more pictures whenever you can do them. Something I have noticed about the new allied cores is that all of the new heavy tanks have squads of 1. With the option of 2 Squads. The Big 6 have a single heavy squadron, but a choice between the 1-2 Standard or the 1 only from the Heavy Core. I wonder why. Also, no light Infantry. I hope Spartan is on track for this release, and I wish we got more previews for the new models. I have started painting my Vedreth, I really like its simplicity and I hope to see it expanded
  8. I think sharpshooters could be a very interesting special rule. But I agree that low dice is not going make much of a real difference. If a few of the models had several AD I think it could really make a difference.
  9. Please do tell how that goes, i was toying with the idea of making blitz style stat cards but nothing further I was a huge fan of the first game but the second is a huge improvement in my personal opinion cant recommend it highly enough.
  10. Am I the only FSA admiral that thinks sharpshooters is a bit of a **** national flavour? In comparison to the Russian ablative armour for instance... rockets got no barrage buff btw @Hubcap
  11. Very nice and clean! I usually don't like the British ships very much because they appear to be pretty broad but your scheme actually makes them look slimmer. Did you use an airbrush for the blue gradient? As for the Prussians, I like both schemes but would also prefer the purely grey one.
  12. It is actually less complicated than the rules for collisions currently are in 2.0.
  13. That is unnecessarily convoluted
  14. Played a variant of Sector Control at @hahnc77 s tournament last weekend with starting hull points as needed factor for control. Was a fun mission.
  15. My painting is slowly going. I've got most of my Dindrenzi PF a nice Blue\White, but I think it needs some something else. The metal color is really not showing up. I've been debating my Ba'Kash and think I'll go with the Dark Orange Bronze\Gold scheme. Probably be a while before I get more pictures up.
  16. It has been a while but I was able to get a few more games in with the new Battleship. Though I did game quite a bit with the Mk1 version (personal favorite) I will focus on the Mk2. Note: These were all games still in 2.0 so soon to be moot points. The Mk2 can hit like a truck! if it survives. Definitely a glass cannon model, especially for a large. Defenses overall are good with 6 Redoubtable AA and a decent compliment of defensive AP which helps with fending off boarding since you will want to get close with this model. Yet even with the Cloud Gen and retardant armor the lower CR and Vulnerable make it easier to take out or cripple before it gets started. In total I had two games where it was critted in the first turn and either the weapons were half AD or was teleported off the map. In every game I did use it there was always a critical hit on it as well and the re-roll on the crit table hurts 90% of the time (from Hard Pounding to a Fusion Leak or even Raging fire to a Mag Explosion. Though this can be attributed to my bad luck, its consistent enough that it makes this ship less than desirable when compared to the Mk1 especially when it comes to the price tag for it. Experienced Engineers is nice but Id rather not have that, remove Vulnerable MAR, and increase its base price by 10 or 15pts. But when it can get into action and can shoot it can deal the damage. Heat Lances which are the bane of many an enemy and as always cause a lot of damage and critical hits. for about 3 games a used the spread out damage strategy and targeted multiple units with the array of heat lances available to cause as many critical actions as possible which worked well for 2 games by crippling squads from navlocks to hinder lining up shots to having crewed abandoning ship as 6 raging fire tokens enveloped a cruiser. I also had a few games where i would pool my dice altogether and increase my chances of dealing damage/crits which is made for taking out Battleships and Dreadnoughts. At this; like other Heat Lance Based units, it excels in. Games where is survives and can get within RB2 are when Larges should be in fear of this model. Even in RB3 it can set up for a broadside arc of fire it can deal damage with 12AD when undamaged/1HP lost of Heat lance fury! Speaking of fury and fire, the Fury Generator is neat to have especially when you are close. Only was able to use it once but I rolled a 6 and Put 3 raging fire tokens on a British Dominion Cruiser and drop one AP so its cool to have with as well as a Cloud Gen. Yet you will get burned playing with so much fire. The Fuel Reserves MAR is pesky when they crit but makes sense since you have Heat Lances everywhere! Should be made standard on all Heat Lance Ships IMO. its a small negative effect but when fighting fleets that like fire (CF and EotBS) and they can get a critical, it can add up. Also when AP starts burning away (literally!) it opens up the ship to boarding since you already want to get close with this model. Though i am not a fan of it, having a Bayonne or 2 escort the ship may be a good idea. I did not test this strategy. All in all, except for my usual gripe of any addition of the Vulnerable MAR to French models since it doesn't fit there theme (randomly added in second revision of 2.0 to a few models, it doesn't belong ) the ship is good. Good defense overall, decent against boarding, Great close range attack and good speed go hand in hand. When hit though, it wants to die quickly so hiding it in cover until the enemy get close works well. Its tough to compare with the Mk1 because they fulfill two different roles for the fleet but if I had my choice for tournament use i would use the Mk1 over the Mk2 (or just have both!) Mk1 is a bit tougher in a couple areas and can fulfill multiple roles well but when you need something to combat other Larges the Mk2 is your guy. Final note would be to avoid using either one of these models as your Commodore unless this is your strongest Large on the field. when 2.5 is released to the public I am sure there will be some changes made that will render these arguments useless but until then, keep fighting the good fight my fellow French Admirals!
  17. Thanks, I'll get the files updated.
  18. ditto the world needs to get really PO at the bozos that are doing all this BS and wipe them off the face of the earth. if I sound a bit over the top may be I am there is no call for this kind of terror. And just to let you all know I am a Vietnam Vet. and I support my armed forces cause when I was in no one supported us
  19. YES, I just got the Terran Dinzi battle box set and the clear plastic TP is a piece of s... SLIM THE BLOODY THING DOWN!!!!!! it is worse that that cardboard garbage they gave us in V1, 1.5 and 2
  20. Just wanted to let you guys out in the U.K. know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope that your families are safe and sound. God save the Queen. God bless the good people of the U.K.
  21. Yes, I hope so! However maybe because we now get more sharpshooters on larger vessels it is back to the black dice. Might still be a buff if we get enough of them
  22. It could be a cut/paste error from the old 2.0 rules, just like the size of the Energy Template. The MAR in the printed books, and the first version of the digital rules, had it as 5, (black)6. But the errata'd update had it at 5, (red)6.
  23. as a relthoza player, I take offense haha. I picture the space spiders as closer to romulans anyway.
  24. Keeping it simple to start is never a bad idea. I would think that symmetrical is a good idea, use a smaller board but a fair amount of terrain. The core concept of Firestorm to me is maneuvering to bring the best firepower (ie odds) into your favor. None of the current missions are super great so I'd stick with the old fashioned killfest. TACs are used in almost every game so maybe let him pick one or two? that's just my two cents
  25. Sharpshooters are also nerfed a bit since it used to be on a red 5,6 and now it is black 5,6 :/
  26. A friend of mine just bought a Patrol Fleet box and we're planning to get a teaching game in this weekend! For the sake of instruction, which do you think would be better? Relatively symmetrical fleet builds (ie, battleship/cruiser/frigates) or should I bring more variety to my side? (Maybe a battle cruiser and variant cruisers of some stripe?) My friend is an experienced Battlemallet player, so it's not like he's brand new to the tabletop world. I haven't introduced anyone to the game since 1.0 so I feel a little out of my depth! Any other tips from your own experience? Any scenarios particularly good for newbies? Should I include an explanation of TACs or leave them out?
  27. The frogs have taken a hit! All kidding aside I agree @FSAHoops. What do you think might be a new bonus or toy for the FSA? Im kind of hoping that all their rockets gain the barrage MARS to make them more effective against shielded opponents. Also the Kinetic Generators have been buffed and made simpler to use so now the FSA can charge into battle faster without restricting their movement making the boarding fleets for them better. Also if Sharpshooters is improved it makes boarding that much better for them. Maybe they get a new super weapon though.....
  28. @Merlin Thank you for clearing that up. This makes any unit With Terror Tactics that more terrifying! The EotBS charging at my ships will be even scarier now. Cant wait for the new ORBATS to come out and test these stats across all theaters of war.
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