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  2. Images of tiny models detonating from getting affected by attacks with crushing impact...
  3. Good catch yourself - forgot about that proviso
  4. I was working on some basics of adapting blitz to the tabletop, but I have not had any chance to do any testing on it lately
  5. That's a good point. Unless we've missed something, it's entirely possible to mag-ex models that used to just sink (remember: the blast radius happens if the model is scrapped).
  6. Today
  7. I just noticed that Magsplosion now has a radius of 2" rather than 4". So while its more devastating to the model in question, its also less dangerous to evenly spaced out models. This forces players to choose: Stick together for supporting AA / CC, and risk getting hurt, or spread out for safety but limit defensive counter fire.
  8. 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  9. I know what stats a Spartan has thank you. And I stand by what I said. In larger games, with tanks, snipers and elite infantry, the Spartan can be pretty fragile. Are they stupidly strong? Sure! But they're also the main target of everything a covenant player can use against it and that means he's rolling a lot of saves. When the covenant are fielding the heavy stuff it gets tricky for the guy. And as I said, you can ignore them. I've seen it plenty of times and it was a widely discussed tactic at the time of release on the Facebook page debates. Unless you are playing a match of total annihilation then you can just kill the other, very fragile UNSC units, get a better score in the victory points department and take the day. Can you do that in every situation? Of course not but nevertheless it's a viable tactic under the right circumstances.
  10. Quick query - previous editions of the rules had a line that if models that had 2 or less HP suffered a number of hits equal to or greater than their CR they were automatically scrapped. I can't find a similar rule in the 2.5 book. Now, this isn't generally a concern - most of the critical hits have at least 2 points of damage attached to them, and the sequencing applies HP loss before critical effects, so most 2HP Units will be scrapped anyway. Except the Sturginium Flare result - that applies D6 damage. Is it conceivable that a small target could suffer a crit, roll double 6s followed by a 1, and get teleported? It's less than a 0.5% chance, but still!
  11. My Suyetka squadron can no longer "lurk" at stratospheric height.
  12. Sigh, well looks like my black wolf cant one shot capital ships anymore!
  13. Im pretty sure there will be tweaks to its stats in 2.5. Piercing is quite powerrful in 2.5 after all!
  14. I am definitely most excited by the Terquai and Ba'Kash Helices. The piratical Ba'Kash have really grown on my the more I read about them. The Terquai have long been my favorite Firestorm faction. As the only humans to live under alien rule I found them intriguing and the idea of being explorers and scientists really drew me in. It doesn't hurt that both helices sound quite fun from the beta rules as well!
  15. With the changes to Munitions and linking fire (i.e. all guns in the attack must have the same munitions type to benefit from it), I am curious to see what will happen to the KoB Monarch Heavy Battleship now that its 2 Heavy Piercing Turrets are unable to link with its 2 standard Turrets for that sweet double-tap.
  16. Changes to High Payload Munitions: All INITIAL Hits result in 2 successes.... In 2.0: All hits from a High Payload....
  17. That is a great aspect for your Dindrenzi/RSN hBackground. I would like to hear more backstory some day. Also when do we get the next update in your Painting Thread? Time for more photos I think. Yes hopefully the Bakash Nubaro lives up to its Massive Tank status
  18. great veydreth..................actually doing both sides.......finishing up 1st hadendowah unit this weekemd.
  19. Very nice work on the infantry and their bases. Red and gold colour scheme for tanks is absolutely smashing! I can't wait to see all of the tanks painted. Thanks for the inspiration!
  20. Well I have to go RSN really just because they are my secondary Armada fleet. My Dindrenzi Planetfall are painted as RSN with the backstory they have been fighting so long behind enemy lines they have been resupplied many times by forward Dindrenzi units. So ya... RSN. I can't wait to see the Ba'Kash large tank though, that thing has got to be a beast.
  21. In 1.0 a squad of FSA destroyers took out my KoB carrier at max range on turn 1 of a game. He managed to double-crit me with a horrific string of sixes, rolled a sturginium flare which killed a cruiser too and then magazine exploded the carrier with the 2nd crit. Dirty, nasty FSA bastiches
  22. Unbelievable. Un-FRIKKING-believable. As a result of the excellent advice given in this thread, I've bought into the Covenant. I am filth. Oh! No! I mean, I am a champion for the brighter future of humanity! And either way, I'm loving it... ;-) 1*Naval Battle Group 1*Naval Support Flotilla 1*Naval Battle Flotilla Which begs the question: where to next?? (I'm thinking the Aerial Support Group. Love the look of the Euclid & Capek units! But, are they tricksy enough? Maybe i just need 4 Callimachi...)
  23. Yesterday
  24. 1st post has been updated with the new mission and results
  25. No. The MAR says "If THIS model successfully places AP on board and enemy model during the Close Quarter Battle Step...." So the model, not the AP pool, has to have AP left after Anti-Boarding AA to board with. So if 3 Nakatsu board a dreadnought but 8AP are killed to AA fire. If your opponent chooses to kill off all 8AP from two of the cruisers, then only the last cruiser can supply the Terror Tactics bonus. However, because the attacker chooses where his casualties go he can allocate all lost AP like so: 3AP, 3AP, and 2AP leaving the cruisers with 1AP, 1AP, and 2AP respectively, after AA fire. This means he can get the full bonus dice from the MAR without any difficulties.
  26. So I have been looking over the experimental rules. There are quite a few thing in there that I would really like to get my hands on right now. The RSN core excites me, The Lemures Heavy has Twin Long Range Blasters on a Fanatical, Cloaked, Hover Tank. They have a robot in their core. A Light Jump Tank. Then there is the Asbolus Commandos, Solid Jump Infantry with decent lasers, possibly a little pricey. But hey what's not to love with the new RSN. I hope the new sculpts keep the feel of the original. The Works Raptor really interest me because I want to paint more of my "Fade" colour scheme. another stand out for me is the Veydreth, they are the only force to not specifically name the Tanks in the Force List, they just have Heavy Tank, Medium Tank etc. which is what I was expecting of all of them. They also have a mix of Hover and Quadraped medium vehicles which should be fun. Their hover mediums have "Take & Hold" which is cool. Well I could go on all day.... Honestly I like the look of all the new force rules and as long as Spartan does not alter the aesthetic of a force, I will be happy WA
  27. Thanks @alamo. Similar infantry you say, well great minds think alike. Which Force are you Deploying in Sudan? British? the Veydreth will look something like this: Super simple, low on Detail, Fast! Just what I need after the labour of the Dindrenzi and Aquan. Thanks @cm284 the Tank Destroyers were great models to paint. Thanks for looking, I hope you like the mini update. WA
  28. Moose he isn't very fragile. As of right now he is the hardest thing to kill in the game. 2 wounds with a 2+save is nasty. Better then the next best or a 4+ rerollable. Yes you can fail it and yes I have seen it, however it is the really powerful. I am not saying it shouldn't be just nasty. Just to much going on.Hard to ignore a spartan when it can wipe out a grunt 4 base unit in 1 shot, not to mention his reactions. Makes it hard to move around.
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