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  2. Should it not be the other way around, in the interest of consistent mechanics? It should list a value-plus, which the die should be trying to match/beat,
  3. Seeing as these threads are popping up, why not do one here? In the meantime, Light Destroyers!
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  5. They have updated the Blog, and have added pictures of all the new light destroyers! I have to say that the Dindrenzi one looks like a mini Retribution , and I don't mean that in a bad way. The Sorylian and Relthozan destroyers look downright tough and aggressive. And then there the Indomitable, I have to try not to drool on my keyboard. Spartan please post more pictures soon! What does everyone else think of these new ships so far?
  6. You sure it's not radiation sickness? Seriously though, hope you get to feeling better.
  7. We are looking at using Ops Center[Value]. Roll 1d6, if the Value is greater or equal to the die roll, then regenerate a point, not to exceed the original maximum available.
  8. Having the option to buy indvidual models/squadrons would be great, as previously mentioned. Have rules for destructable buildings, I'm sure future construction techniques and materials are great but there's only so many missiles/orbital bombardments a building can take before its structural integrity fails. Allow for each core race to have a unique type of infantry they can field. Like the Aquans having a full squadron of fish cavalry, the Sorylians actually having more beefy unique heavy infantry or the Dindrenzi getting jump pack infantry. Also more transport options for all the core races, not just for infantry but light/medium vehicles. I would love to see a Sorylian heavy dropship that could skydrop in with heavy infantry or jet bikes. Or even if infantry could disembark from there recon vehicles?
  9. Free Command Point a turn? Or maybe just X free in the list build, 1/turn is pretty unbalancing from a points perspective considering I don't think Ops Center had much of any cost attached to it in the previous version for balancing purposes. If they did it that way, such as Ops Center[X], where X is the number of free command points, it would allow them to do much more with the rule than the previous flat bonus. Just a thought.
  10. I barely remember Forlorn Hope because the vast majority of the time my squads that qualify have already activated for the round. Not sure about the proposed re-alignment of helix pairings; I've spent a lot of money to be able to field doubles of options that would be blocked if you moved the structure around. I understand where you're going in principal, but it would basically kill my currently preferred builds. Not in favor of any changes that require customers (in general, not just me) to have to spend significant time and money rebuilding a new force in a new addition.
  11. B was an extreme choice, but I can see the logic in it if only one faction was heavily abusing a rule. Instead of changing core game rules it changed one faction to balance out. It didn't quite work out, but where possible its a lot easier/simpler to change factions than it is to change the games core rules; esp since changing core rules tends to get reserved for edition changes.
  12. I played the FSA naval and air game since the very first days of DW. A couple of things were mentioned since the first days on multiple occasions and never changed through the whole time: 1.) The FSA needs diversity when it comes to large and medium navals. New units like the Providence, Calico and Boston help. The problem is with the 'standard' units / the backbone of the fleets. They define how the FSA is played. They all fill the same role with stats correlated to their costs (from top to bottom): Enterprise Liberty Mississippi MK1 Indy Anapolis Princeton Georgetown Lexington In comparison the Liberty is rendered redundant by the MK1 Mississippi (I believe because there is money to be earned, like with many new models). 40 pt difference for 1 hp, 1 AP and 1 AD when linked. IR is quite unimportant for a ship sitting back in RB3 carrying your commodore (games to 1250 pts). This will surely make the Liberty a shelfsitter. As FSA you need the punch of either Enterprise or Mi MK1 to hit the enemy in RBs 3 and 4. This synergises well with the FSA doctrine. That said we need differentiation. We need the different heavy hitterS, the tank/brawler, and the support. There are interesting options at hand which could add to the FSA flavour: Support focus: Combat coordinator [sharpshooters / rockets / bombards (since there are large, medium and small bombards in the FSA orbat)], Sonic Gen, other Gens (Target Painters, ..); Heavy Hitter focus: Sustained Fire all the way, but how about differentitation with a bombard vessel (i know, i know the Providence, but maybe add a "closer" range bombard platform like the Liberty or Independence could be).; Brawler focus: DR (its an FSA thing), sharpshooters (FSA is THE sharpshotter faction), shields, hp, AP, Sonic Gen option. 2.) And please please please work on shelfsitters. This would make SG a company different from other table top fabricants. For the FSA there is: Freedom robot --> I mean... what? What does it do? What is it good for? Nothing maybe? waayyy to expensive for filling no role. Washington --> on land: ****, on water: ultra ****; the stats speak for themselves and need no further explanation; I could see a very iconic role as a well balanced support vessel, since it looks American like a burger sitting on a bald eagle flying through the Grand Canyon voting for free fire arms. Lexington mk3 is useless. 5 pt for 1 AD shield and losing rockets. Nope, i will not go down the road of using very bad units. A17 with mv 8" this thing is too slow for being a bomber. the torps are the only ones in the FSA orbat, but there also SAW and bombs for dealing with underwatery stuff. PYB-2 is a unit sitting stratospheric shooting on other air with rockets which get countered by high AA from air units with high AA. This is a weak role and not competitive at all. Make rockets great or add something to the unit. Btw, John henry's fill a similar role but upscaled in points, AD and especially MV 360°. Avion Strike Bomber is quite tough but is easly ignored since it does not enough damage. When the enemy has to handle these things they get very interesting which they are not at the moment. Maybe a sinergy with something in the fleet? Animas. Please compare the Anima with the Valiant (KoB). The Valiant does the job way better. 2-5 squad with DR4 / CR5, more CC and torps. Why should we use a vessel which is just worse than an older existing model. 3.) Balancing and blurring factional differences During the years it became very visible that certain factions cannot be played in competitive mode. The FSA is one of them. There seem to be major balancing issues in DW which for many of us is a huge problem in regards to fun playing this very game. CoA, France (the ONE list), BW and PE seem or seemed to be the power houses of DW. Just look at the new stuff. Brandtaucher is just better than anything diving in this game with the exception of the deathbringer maybe. Prussia gets just everything from piercing to corrosive. Rugged construction got ridiculous in terms of statistics. If I would be a Russia player I would burn my ships. The general trend I see with SG is earning money without looking back at balancing or any other detail of the game. Please recognise this huge problem and get to it. Releasing new things is very nice but only if the overall system works in terms of gameplay. The rest is very nice I dont believe that balancing or caring about balancing or putting flavor in factions in terms of rules is a topic at SG anymore. However I would love to see my belief is wrong. Cheers!
  13. Situation: Focus Fire leads to Relthoza being unduly rewarded for sitting back and shooting instead of advancing to a knife fight (in the developer's opinion). Question: How do we fix this? Answers: A ) Fix Focus Fire (which has all sorts of other problems too) B ) Ensure Relthoza can't shoot anyone who can't shoot back by removing all long range weaponry with no other adjustments to compensate C ) Ignore it. Been like that since release and we're working on new rules anyway. Out of the options, which one sounds better? A? OK, let's do B then.
  14. When it comes to deployment I also think the scale of the game is important to consider. Games with fewer models tend to mean that there's a lot more focus on the performance of each model. Thus placement and such becomes very very important. In larger games where you've got more models on the table its still important, but you've got more room to adapt; plus you've also less room in the deployment area to pick from (more models means less space typically - assuming fairly standard table sizes).
  15. Well, then I apologize for my earlier statement. That was definitely the impression that I got as there was no mention of any consideration of change in the brief discussion of the rule, and so I assumed that it wasn't up for debate. If it is, that's definitely something I look forwards to. In a competitive meta, strategy starts in list building. Closely following that is deployment; it's the first chance a player has to impose their will on the table. Arbitrary deployment rules in terms of sequencing limit this first interaction between players and rewards people with weak tactical sense. Note that I'm fine with Planetfall deployment rules, though far more structured than Armada, because you can offset having to put down full helixes in a large number of ways and if you fail to do so, it's your fault for not using the tools available.
  16. Just finished the last 2 QRS. Will send them out to those helping me to review these sheets in the morning.
  17. Stealth Systems didn't change, which made any ship with both SS and Cloak pretty much invulnerable to attack over 20"'away.
  18. So far as I've experienced that's just how they come. I've never had to select special conditions or finishes at checkout.
  19. That's some pretty ace printing. Have the models been smoothed after printing?
  20. I am planning on doing just that. Unfortunately Con Crud took over my Monday
  21. Kedirians, Illosians, and omnidyne?
  22. So are mine. The only exception is my 'nax, as I got mine before the 2.0 change, so it is magnetised with interchangeable bases (and a "burrowing" one, made from spares)
  23. What plan would that be?
  24. Going to play again with the V3 stuff with my Hawker fleet. My question is, how would Ops Center work with the Command Point system?
  25. In total agreement with this.
  26. Well, my models are... like, cemented to their bases, so I well hope they're needed
  27. Okay, so my reverse psychology plan isn't working :|
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