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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Josh and I will try to work on that in the future.
  2. Actually, you won't have to go with 2x3 it seems. The Imperium was the other example listed in the book, and it was stated to have Carrier (6, 1x5). So, you will have a single max-strength SAS coming off of it! Based on the two examples from the book (Seydlitz and Imperuim), the natural extrapolation is that Carrier 9 models will deploy 2x4 SAS, and Carrier 6 models will deploy 1x5 SAS. Note that they do not HAVE to follow that breakdown; it could be 1x4,1x5 for a carrier 9 model, I suppose. The exact configuration will come with the ORBAT profiles for each carrier. One thing I'm wondering about are CVLs! I'm curious to see if they come with 1x3 or 1x4 SAS.
  3. Indeed! Ill immediately submit myself to the nearest Vanguard for my 50 lashes with a wet noodle
  4. Hi all! Episode 2 of Explaining Dice Radio is live, with some details on the changes coming in DW 2.5:
  5. Hi all! Episode 2 of Explaining Dice Radio is live, with some details on the changes coming in DW 2.5:
  6. There were 2 of us playing PE, but it was my list you linked to above. No one spotted my mistake until you noticed. How embarrassing! I used Army Builder to make my list, and didn't cross-check with the ORBAT closely enough it seems. I'll have to be more careful in the future and remember to let guy who made the Army Builder roster know about the mistakes.
  7. Hey all! I just wanted to give you a quick update on Episode 2. Due to pesky "real life" getting in the way, Josh and I didn't record until last Tuesday, a few days later than we had hoped. However, Episode 2 is "in the can" as far as we are concerned; it has been recorded, edited, and submitted to the Freebooters Network, and I'm told that it should go up early next week, probably Monday or Tuesday.
  8. Hi all! I've gone through the last 10 pages or so of this thread and condensed all the neat tidbits that Mike has been putting out into a blog post over on EDR, for easy review/reference:
  9. More terrain! I Started working on the fortress and sturgenium rig from the Battle for Iceland set.
  10. Josh and I will be recording this week, so I would estimate sometime next week.
  11. Got it! I'll let him know.
  12. First off, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to give us some substantive comments. To address the points you brought up: 1. My apologies, but I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Do you have a time hack where you noticed the issue so I can narrow in on it? If you are referring to the short introduction that was done before our opening (the sound of the dice rolling, the explosion, and the music), I'll have to pass your comment along to Devrim at the Freebooters Network who records and edits that bit. 2. Very good point, and it's something that Josh and I have discussed during the planning for the show. Our format is set up to have two main segments, and by and large our intention is to devote each of the main segments to a single Spartan system, allowing us to do detailed coverage on two systems each episode. We are also going to do our best to make sure that we don't cover the same two systems in back to back episodes. For example, if we do segments on FSA and DW one month, the next month we will chance up at least one or both of the systems, such as DW and HFB. In this respect, Episode 1 was unusual as it was our into episode. Episode 2 is also going to be a bit different since we plan on using one of the segments to do an Adepticon event report! Things should settle down in Ep 3. 3. Another very good point, and this is something we definitely plan on doing. I meant to make this clear during our first segment when I discussed the show's format, but we definitely want to bring in skilled players in different systems as they come up in the rotation. In addition to fresh viewpoints, as we talked about in our personal intros neither Josh or I are what you would call experts in every Spartan system, so we will need all the help we can get!
  13. Lol, yeah they are ready. I wasn't planning on running the Tyrant, though.
  14. Greetings fellow Spartan Games fans! I'm proud to announce the start of a new podcast that focuses on the various Spartan product lines, called Exploding Dice Radio. The show is co-hosted by myself and Spartan Linde, and is a part of the Freebooters Network. You can listen to our very first episode here: In this first episode, Josh and I give a quick introduction to ourselves and the show, and then give a brief rundown of the various games Spartan produces with the latest announcements for each. Thanks for listening!
  15. Making progress!