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  1. Thanks for the tip Naz... My biggest worry is when the boxes hit the US, UPS doesn't have the greatest track record with damaging boxes....
  2. Just got my shipping the wait begins!! Next up hopefully my admiralty ships alongside my Tuetons and Canucks!
  3. impatiently waiting for my email- then begins the 2-3 week countdown till the big box-o-stuff arrives! Trying to distract myself by working on my KoB and Italians.
  4. Depressing, but not unexpected. I really wish you guys had not gone back to the "stat card" style ORBATS, the 2.0 style would be much faster to format I'm betting.
  5. The Nation Guides, some of the LoC (some people have gotten the smalls), busts, the campaign guides, Decameron are not made yet.
  6. The Nation Guides, some of the LoC (some people have gotten the smalls), busts, the campaign guides, Decameron are not made yet.
  7. Question maybe for Neil, will International customers get a dispatch email? Or is that just for Royal mail?
  8. Well said Merlin. I'm hoping the FA launch means at least partial shipments to all DW backers have gone out. Haven't had a chance to listen to ep 5 Of the podcast but since the DW and FA teams are totally separate from each other I'm not worried that work will stop on the other things like LoC. Still not sure how I feel about the new KS. I'm not a FA fan, but I do love the look of all the new ships. I'm also not impressed with the stretch goals compared to the DW ones. I might just spring for the box set...
  9. I wouldn't worry TOO much- they are different teams, most pledges have something shipped, and I don't think they'll start the KS till the fall anyways. (By fall I mean November)
  10. Am I the only one that read that line and heard it in my head as Pinhead from Hellraiser going "We have such show you..."?
  11. Or any Admiralty ship... Not that I'm not a lil honored mine were one of the 1st shown but yeat.. my curiosity is killing me.. lets see another non-KoB ship
  12. Don't do that! I thought the ORBATs had dropped! I went looking all over the website... arrgh!
  13. Meant to reply to this over the weekend, forgot- This is from the 1876 Update released during the KS, pg 13- "During the Interbellum, the Horn of Africa became a veritable 'mercenary state', partly due to Disraeli's actions. Formerly Britannian-held, the Britanniam PM, to the surprise of his associates, ceded the region to the Republic of Venice in 1873. As well as arousing considerable suspicions among the Imperial Bond leadership that the fracturing of the League may indeed have been encouraged by Britannians, it also created a hive of freelance military action in a key location. While publicly governed by the Venetians, sharp-eyed observers noted that the East India Trading Company, a noted Britannian proxy, maintained substantial forces based in the area, and in the neighbouring Somaliland Protectorate, which remained in Britannian hands."
  14. So you're basically porting over a modified version of the Dystopian Wars firing solutions. Ok, makes it easy to pick up the sysrem but i rather liked the weapon classification that 2.0 had. The WARs smack a little too much like the MAR bloat DW used to have.