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  1. I am pretty sure Spartan Derek doens't want to increase the number of MARs.
  2. What bothers me is the assault system. So it won´t be possible to capture a ship. What happens then with factions that rely on assaults and capturing ships as their "way of life", like Corsairs, Ba'kash, Veydreth and Pathogen. Special mention goes for the Pathogen, not capturing ships removes most of their mechanics. I think boarding system should be kept otherwise is a downgrade of the rules, in my oppinion.
  3. Welcome Aetius88!
  4. but what´s the point of doing it secretly? Wait! It's clear now. If it is not secret both player can agree removing 6 tokens, so there is no difference when they next make the initiative roll. This way both player might try getting some initiative advantage with the bids Thanks for replying Bessemer!
  5. I am not sure what the text exactly means when you have to bid to remove disorder makers. The thext says: "Once both players have decided, their bids are revealed and the relative number of Disorder Tokens are removed from the game board" What is exactrly "Relative"?, or how exactly the process of removing Disorder Tokens works? Is it the difference between the two bids?, the higher bid? The lower? both bids don´t interacct? itn that case what is the point of bidding? sorry but not sure about the correct translation, and my friends don´t undesrtand English so if I make a mistake, everyone makes that mistake too ??????
  6. Very happy with the rulebook download If SG also includes the Taskforce Token sheet I will be even more happy to try out taskforce.
  7. Or you can use Ganash Kragg (the sorylian special admiral from System wars) to make sure a key squadron arrives on turn 2 and later. If points allow you can add a heavy cruiser to your cruiser squadron for shunt bombing. Don´t bother with the +1 shield for cruisers. When shunt bombing, the distances in which you will be operating make shields quite useless. Shields are for approaching from the distance (usually escorting a large capital ship) and you need the power to shields card to make a diference in turns 1-2. The flak frigates are good against SRS heavy fleets like the Retholza. Their only problem is their cost (they cost the same as your regular frigates, with pack hunters if they have the +1 PD) and you probably want to shunt them to hunt for interceptors, so you can follow-up with a nasty torpedo salvo, so make sure points allow you to have enough regular frigate squadrons if you want to invest in the Corvus.
  8. how many points you were playing per player? I recommend lots of blocking terrain rather than limit the ammount of firing IMO I think Dindrenzi has a lot of advatage in that kind of engagements because the range and the lack of time to shunt stuff btw have you you tried taskforce?
  9. We´ll play!
  10. Thanks!
  11. Thanks guys I want to finish painting all my dwarf fleet ASAP but I'm still wating for an e-mail to see if I can focus on it or have to paint other models sooner (the mail is about to confirm attending a tournament) same here Alamo I thought you were leaving the Uncharted Seas forum
  12. Hello there I have been painting some dwarf ships (and a dwarf army from Mantic's Kings of War) and want to post the latest ships here Dwarf Flagship Dwarf Cruiser/heavy cruiser squadron AJ told me an squadron like this is very effective. note the dwarf logo painted on the sides to diferentiate from other squadrons But I also made a full Anvil squadron More Dwarven submarines and a pic of my dwarf fleet to this date (still some more under "construction") Those ships have been added to my deviant art but later on I will add the pics to my blog Hope you liked them
  13. I got the Terrans! Hell, Its about time !
  14. Needs Sturginium to be harmfull!