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  1. I do like having a consistent base design across an army, it makes it easy to visually group models even if some don't wear the uniform. I made the mistake of using base toppers manufactured by 'Terrain Geek' for legions. I say mistake because the extra height makes using the minis in any other system look silly and because terrain geek went out of business some years ago. I've started making my own from buttons, I'll post up some photos when I next finish some dudes. Currently I'm in the middle of moving to London, living on friends' spare beds and haven't been within 100 miles of my 'studio' in weeks.
  2. Nice work this forum needs more of this.
  3. I really like those objective markers, it hadn't occurred to me to create themed ones for each faction.
  4. The landwehr are complete! I've also upgraded from phone camera to expensive camera with marco lens that I have no idea how to use! Progress! bit of fun with posing here I've added some spare machine gun belts from the knights to the backs of two of the models, this was mainly to break up the monotony of have only 7 unique sculpts in 12 models, however, I intend to write some fan rules allowing the knights a bonus if they are within a certain distance of the landwehr.
  5. None as far as I'm aware were produced by spartan. I wrote a set for the Terrier here That should be enough for the PE or FSA tanks. I have the EotBS tank but haven't written anything on it, pm me if you need help with that one.
  6. Next on the list as I work through my legions backlog are my Prussian landwehr. I've given them the lighter trousers of the historical Prussians along with a lighter blue for the jacket to mark them out vs the grenadiers. This along with the caps made them look a little to much like sailors, to combat this I made the straps brown. Here are my first two test models, now to batch paint the other 10.
  7. For legions? I could support a small focused one designed to get the large models out. Roll it together with the tanks for the 28mm firestorm ground game they had planned as I think those would sell to the 40k crowd. As things stand I think a larger less focused ks for legions would fail.
  8. Because after you have played the game several times with the same units it starts to get boring. The solution is to change your list, after a time doing so requires new releases. If those releases are not produced by the company your options are home brewing or quit.
  9. If you're playing a game a lot, say weekly, either a huge catalog of models or a continual release of models/rule tweaks is required to sustain interest. Lack of those (when promised or not) is going to cause players to quit playing. Particularly if they can use the models within another system.
  10. There certainly seems to be a lack of love for the EotBS on the forum. I finally finished painting my officer, who has been sat based for over a year. I'm setting off on a campaign to get a large chunk of my DL stuff painted so more updates to follow
  11. I assume Spartan have concluded that spending any time on legions has a lower rate of return than spending it on Halo.
  12. I hope that goes well, there wasn't anything (legions related) there during the last two years. I'd like to attend myself, however, the £2k it would cost me to attend is pretty difficult to justify.
  13. Any word on some legions stuff?
  14. Solid work Why did you go with the blue and bronze scheme?
  15. Some photos of my current legions set up