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  1. This also would allow hidden movement. Assuming someone is willing to do the extra work.
  2. For me the order would be... 1) ORBATS. 2) New models and campaign, nation books. 3) Printed rules.
  3. It may take awhile to get the dust off my Onryos. Heck I'm not even sure if they have seen the tabletop!
  4. I wonder if they will limit flyers to rise or descend one level per turn?
  5. Sounds good! Battles of more than 2 or 3 to one should not be played unless the results are a campaign changer. In the campaigns I have played most early turns did not have a battle. Yet some latter had 2 to 4 that needed to be resolved. Those that do not have battles may get bored. Perfect time for a pirate attack or some other game to keep them involved. Feel free to change some of the rules. But make sure it is far to all.
  6. As I have not seen the new rules I can not tell if I would use them. From your description they sound detailed and will require a good part of your time. The big question is your players. Will they mind the record keeping? Have they in the past stuck to it? Do you want the campaign to last a set amount of time? All ?'s you should think about before you start. Campaigns are more enjoyable then one of games. It sounds like your play group should enjoy it. Please post in the battles section if you do decide to run it. I would love to hair how it goes!
  7. Cut and paste! We all do it.
  8. The Onryo useful that's just crazy talk. With luck it will get some more gens.
  9. Excellent report. Just so few with ground forces. Sad.
  10. I am sure things are moving along splendidly in SG's kick starter. They just have not given a update lately. Hint hint.
  11. I hate to be the downer, but some nations will get excellent named commodores and or great nation specific Commodore traits while others get so-so ones. With a little luck, those nations under the power curve will shine in this area. Think of it as another area to balance nations.
  12. A update would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Well you can't sink a fort, so giving it extra HP is another way of giving forts extra defense. I have said it before... A rocket is a bomb when the propellant runs out!
  14. And I thought it was the string of bank robberies down under!
  15. I 2nd the request! Tis a very silly rule. Each time someone shoots at a fortification with rockets I could see John Cleese walking out of the the fort shouting " Stop that, stop that, no no it just isn't done ".