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  1. Less because most naval battles have no terrain. This is a game so put out all you want. They do look good. Wish I could get my FSA opponent to play on that board. The board does look good.
  2. Was your captain the first of the ship also?
  3. That's a lot of terrain. I hope none of your captains are Italian cruse liner captains?
  4. 1868 was the year Canada got autonomy so SG changed that too. At least the Blimp has the maple leaf on it.
  5. This is changed. Look in the EotBS Orbit
  6. Why is the Canadian flag made up of a British flag on a reverse Denmark flag?
  7. Yes they lack long range weaponry
  8. Thank you.
  9. Where are the stats for the repair ship?
  10. Don't stop him! He was on a roll.
  11. Thought I heard the person doing the ORBITS got sick, which pushed everything back. If the poor guy got what I got then 2 weeks of living hell, followed by 2 recovering weeks which would push it back almost a month. So give the guy a break, we have all been laid low before!
  12. As I said in General discussion, Great job Benchpresser! If they came three to a squadron other players would scream like little girls and claim unfair. Two will do nicely.
  13. The Tengu Hunter Assault Robot, excellent work Benchpresser. You and SG's are to be congratulated! To the rest of you, Beware... it came from above!!!