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  1. There's a few of those threads around the forums. I think this is probably the most comprehensive one:
  2. *Checks the stat card again* So I did! Hmm, that will require a bit of a rethink, at least for that part. Let it be known that I am not above admitting to my mistakes or adjusting my position if additional information comes to light!
  3. Vice-Admiral Charlotte Franshaw-Lewis - otherwise known in the Service as "Lady Nelson" (although not to her face) - scowled as she read through the report from the Secret Service. Eventually, she closed the folder and handed across the desk to her companion, although the scowl stayed on her face. Her companion opened the folder and started to read the report, but eventually passed it to his aide who began to translate the highly technical document for him. "And I though my nickname was 'Iceberg'." Vice-Admiral Roman Shaposhnikov remarked, his face darkening against his brilliant white beard as his aide continued to translate the technical specifications in the folder. "It is certainly...bold." Franshaw-Lewis agreed, "And I suppose we should have expected something like this eventually. We knew the ceasefire could notlast." She continued to frown as she buried her face in her hands, looking down at the wood grain of her desk. "Could something that size even float?" Shaposhnikov leaned back in his chair, "In '68, our own scientists played around with somthing similar in the Arctic, but they could never get it to work properly - the field was stable, but nothing we could do could get it to move. The boilers kept melting through the ice and sending them and their crews to the depths." Franshaw-Lewis grimaced. "Well, at least it isn't fast. We'll know well ahead of schedule where they're headed. And even The Order can't have made more than one of those things." She pressed a button on her intercom, and the door to the office opened to admit her assistant. "Charles, send a message to Scapa Flow - all leave cancelled, all ships to start taking on supplies, fuel and ammunition. And set up a strategy session with the Captains for when we arrive." "Very good, ma'am." The young Ensign turned to leave. "Oh, and Charles?" "Ma'am?" "Have every ship take on as much scotch and brandy as they can handle. If they have to empty every tavern around the flow, so be it - make sure those ships are stocked up." The Ensign looked confused for a moment, but quickly regained his composure "Yes, ma'am." he nodded, and quickly left. Shaposhnikov looked at Franshaw-Lewis, somewhat puzzled. "Scotch? Brandy? What for?" he asked "My dear Iceberg, for three reasons." Franshaw-Lewis answered, "Firstly, we are headed north. A good brandy is excellent for keeping out the cold. It'll also keep the crew's morale up for when they first see that monster that we are going after." "And the third?" the look of bewilderment had not left Shaposhnikov's face. Franshaw-Lewis's face split into a grin, "It would be a terrible shame to let all that perfectly good ice go to waste." ---------------------------------------------------- I'm actually quite surprised this thread hasn't popped up yet - the orbat has been out for, what 24 hours, and there's still no thread on the main forums discussing what could arguably be called the "poster" model for 2.5 - The Ice Maiden! (Once again, the main forums fall behind Facebook...) So, let's break this down: Please note that this is all purely speculation, as only the play testers (who I am not one of) have actually tried this model out. I am instead drawing on experience with the game that goes all the way back to the initial release of the Covenant of Antarctica in v1.0 Superstructure DR/CR 10/15, with 20 HP, and the inbuilt Prussian Rugged Construction (1). Add to that Isolated Systems (4+), and you've got a ship that isn't going to be going down quickly. I'd actually wager that it's the toughest ship in the game, with a DR rivals that rivals most battleships' CR rating. Engines 5" move with a Large Template/2" turn limit....and we thought that Land Ships with Large Template/turn limit was bad. I don't this thing is thing is going anywhere other than forward, and slight variations on that theme. That said, its ram rules are actually quite fun - don't worry about its IR, anyone that hits this thing is literally hitting an iceberg (AD = Start HP x 4). Someone on Facebook actually calculated that if two Ice Maidens rammed each other, that'd be 80AD, so an average of 64 hits, with Hull Breaker. Even though this ship probably couldn't complete a turn within the space of the Strait of Gibraltar, it really doesn't need to - anything that gets in its way will get an advance taste of what a ship called Titanic will face in about 45 years... Crew Lots. 18 Elite AP. Let me say that again. 18 AP. Elite. I'm trying to think of a squadron that can put something similar to that together and kinda coming up blank, although my mind is going either Covenant or Italian aerial units for some reason. Add to that the Prussian Commodore trait of an automatic Send in my Best (Terror Tactics (4)), and you can bet that anything that gets close that survives being hit with an iceberg, isn't vaporised by the Tesla array or holed by the torpedoes, is either getting prized or sent to the bottom by the Armsmen. It also makes it extremely diffcult to prize the Ice Maiden, as fighting off that many marines would take multiple waves from multiple squadrons. I'm not saying it can't be done, but you'd certainly be commiting a heck of a lot of resources for those 1400 VPs. Weapons Array For a carrier, the Ice Maiden is surprisingly well armed - but then, in this universe, if you're building it big, and not nailing guns to every exposed surface, you're doing Tesla and Brunel a disservice to their work. In terms of weaponry, the Ice Maiden is literally dripping (or is it sparking?) with Tesla weapons. In this respect (as mentioned in the Strategy section below), the ship should really do well with a supporting squadron whose sole purpose is to put lightning rods on potential targets. I mean, sure the weapons are quite powerful already, but, if its worth doing, its worth overdoing (which, I think we all agree, is one of the design principles of this ship). For forward weapons, the Prussians used three of the Tesla coils from the front of the Elbe Fleet Carrier. As Spartan Neil mentioned months ago, this array will pretty much vaporise anything that gets in the Ice Maiden's path - and with three of them, it doesn't matter if that is a single ship or a squadron. And that's before the Ice Maiden runs over it. On the flanks mounted an impressive torpedo array. Its certainly not the biggest torpedo array in the game (the Vengeance takes that honour), but they don't degrade, have a really large firing arc (seriously, the ship is itself ~1.5 range bands long), so flanking this thing is still going to be hazardous - not dangerous or suicidal, though, since its only one shot...just a big one. If there is one area that it does fall flat, however, its in the secondary weaponry - kinda. Most ships that size have a broadside array intended for taking out smalls that try to flank or get behind the ship. Whilst the Ice Maiden does have this in its torpedoes, it also has a group of Faust robots that stomp all over the deck and hangar bays and take potshots at anything that gets too close. The reason I say that this is less than ideal is that it is only one shot - a lot of other ships have a P+S broadside array arc plus several turrets, so they have a chance when being surrounded. The Ice Maiden, on the other hand, can't transfer fire where its needed - there's only the Fausts with a 360 deg arc. If something gets in the Ice Maiden's flank, or worse, its aft quarter, you've only got any supporting squadrons, the escorts (if they're in the right position), and the Fausts to deal with it. What is impressive is that these Fausts make the front Tesla array even more terrifying. Lets do the maths for a moment - individually, you'll be getting 3 shots at 12/10/8/6 and one at 14/11/-/- in the front arc. If you were to link those, you could get one at 18/15/12/9 and the other at 20/16/8/6, or one at 24/20/16/12 and then the Fausts on their own, or link them all to get a grand total of 32/26/16/12. Heck, even if the target is submerged, that's still 14 AD in RB 2, so an average of, what, 7 or 8 hits depending on luck? I'd risk that shot to damage that Vengeance that was trying to get closer! And on top of all this, the ship is Redoubtable, so it'll take about 10 HP of damage before all those lovely tesla weapons really start to degrade significantly. And, given its protection, that'll be difficult. Defensive Array This is probably one of the ship's biggest weaknesses. 10AA is impressive, and will certainly stop rocket bombardments and boarders in their tracks. But 5 CC (8 when you link in the escorts) is seriously under done for something this size, and the amount of fire it'll attract. Torpedoes (and the Brits in general) are going to have a field day with this target, although, again getting close is going to be an issue. At least it'll show a large target for all those fixed arc torps... Support Craft Well, this thing is the very definition of a Carrier. 3 full wings at the start, the ability to re-build 5 wings per turn...and on top of that, each squadron from this ship get a free Ace? the Marinefliegerkommando suddenly has something to be proud of! Admittedly, given that the ship is achingly slow, it probably won't be resupplying wings, but still, being able to put out that many bomber wings per turn...turn the skies black why don't you? Also, consider the rule that allows the ship to take a Flotilla of Escorts. These will make up for the lack of side weaponry to some extent, and also be able to disrupt with any marauding smalls that get too close - just remember to pair or 3-to-1 the escorts up so you can all but guarantee that crit and auto-death of said small. That said, fully escorted, the Ice Maiden comes in at 620 pts - that's a lot of points dedicated in one activation, even if it does carry the literal hammer of Thor with it. And on that note, Logistics 500 pts with Strategic Value 200 basically makes this ship a prime target in any fleet she is in - the temptation of 700 VPs, 1400 if you can prize her, will simply be too much for some opponents. Also, the cost limit where the ship can actually appear (apart from the rule that requires your opponent's permission, of course). Technically, you could fit it into a 1000pt fleet, but that would leave you with only another squad of mediums and maybe two squads of smalls? Most of your firepower would come from the Ice Maiden itself, and that'd attract probably everything the enemy had. Remember - this ship costs as much if not more than two/three battleships/fleet carriers. Could the points be better spent on those other ships instead? Personally, I probably wouldn't put this ship in any fleet smaller than 2000pts, as she really needs a couple of good support squadrons backing her up to keep flankers away and cover her rear - I'd say either Donnerfausts and/or Lahns, putting the Lightning Rods on targets to ensure the full effectiveness of the Ice Maiden's arrays. Strategy I can personally see two possible ways to use this ship: The Battering Ram Deploy the Ice Maiden in one corner of the board, aiming for a gap in the terrain. Then, steam forward, letting loose with your forward arrays and sending off wave after wave of suicide dive bombers, if anything gets in your way, vaporise them and then run over the wreckage. This tactic is brutal, and puts the ship at significant risk, as it'll be front and centre of the fleet, but it'll also maximise usage of its weapons, and its not like the ship is that vulnerable in the first place. The only downside is that, with correct usage of the terrain, your enemy could just ignore the Ice Maiden entirely and go for the rest of your fleet, or, if they're Covenant, keep you at range and snipe the rest of your fleet. The Backstop Deploy the Ice Maiden at one end of your table edge, running parallel to it. Use the range of the torps to snipe where possible, and utilise your SAS to their fullest. This tactic puts the Ice Maiden in less danger, but I feel it wastes the ship's potential, as you can't use its Tesla arrays. Plus, eventually the rest of your fleet will end up outside its Icon range so...yeah, could you have used those 500+ pts better perhaps? Edits - edited after Aquarius-Camus pointed out that the Ice Maiden has three forward coils rather than just one. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway, those are my thoughts on the Ice Maiden - a unit I can't wait to get my hands on, even if does only see play a couple of times... What do you guys think?
  4. If I'm reading it correct, it has been described in the past as the equivalent of a railgun - some of the fiction describes the projectiles leaves trails of fire and piercing clean through armour.
  5. So, in other words, no different to the gunships of the Italians and the Covenant (and the Ottomans, depending on how you look at them)? Look, what I'm trying to say is, don't immediately dismiss a unit just because it doesn't fit in with your current set of tactics. Try to think of how they can be used to improve your fleet, or complement what it can currently do. The french mediums are very much a line-a-breast formation forward damage hurlers, but the gunship offers the opportunity for some broadsides. Those can be used as a flanking unit (run in echelon or line-a-stern formation). Or for when you're wanting to hang back, they can run parallel to the back line showering the enemy as they try to approach.
  6. "A pile of dice" describes just about any Gunship in the entire game - you're surprised?
  7. Its the main weapon of the Stolz - 6/4/-/-, Incendiary (probably the reason for the name), Piercing and Pack Hunters, Fixed Fore Channel. That gun may not be as good as the Lahn's, but its got Rugged Construction (1) as compensation. Undecided if that makes up for it.
  8. "Hey, let ask you something?" "Yes?" "Are any of your scientists working on anything new?" "All of them, that's their job." +3 Internets if you get the reference.
  9. There's always the Pilum Mk II - that doesn't have Strategic Value. And who knows? Maybe the Minerva won't have SV in the next orbat set.
  10. The nation expansions are not mentioned in the items that are not shipping, so I think we can assume that they will be coming out as part of this wave? Hey, consider yourself lucky, you're getting most of your stuff - I ordered the Deluxe set, so I've gotta wait even longer...
  11. http://www.stuff.co.nz/science/93480939/roger-hanson-how-peter-beck-became-new-zealands-own-rocket-man
  12. Which in particular? Low, high, polar, geostationary? Lagrangian orbits are fairly popular these days for astronomy satellites. Give me a payload size, orbital period and preferred track and I think I could calculate a launch window and delta-v budget.
  13. To be honest, I'd prefer to get my stuff over time rather than in one hit. The last time I got a huge order of something, the customs excise really hit hard. And given how much I got through the KS...well, my budget will thank me. Also, if I'm reading it right, the two-player box set is getting shipped, so that's a good start for getting 2.5 off the ground!
  14. Or catch-up painting. Or preparation painting for the new edition...
  15. Perhaps look at it this way - do you think the new edition of DW would survive if it was competing against the release of 40k's latest edition?