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  1. Well, dispatch confirmation and tracking received. ETA - this weekend. Not everything, but it's a good sign! Now, @Spartan Mike - about those finalised Orbats...
  2. Resize them to 1024p aspect ratio and they should be well under 500kb, and able to be uploaded to the internal photo album. And you don't need much more than that for these forums, unless you're really wanting to show a lot of detail. Alternatively, use imgur and just link them.
  3. Hoping that my first package will get here by next weekend - according to the email, it'll be posted on Monday, so it a question for the couriers now. But still...now I am quietly optimistic.
  4. It is incorrect - Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales are part of the Commonwealth, but not Victoria, and New Zealand is part of the Dominion - Auckland is one of the capitals, alongside Adelaide. Unless there's been a change in territory since 1872...
  5. Any chance of a sneak shot of the world map?
  6. My initial feeling when seeing the new KS go up was one of incongruity - there have been reports of people to this day not having received anything of their pledge (me included), despite assurances, reports of stuff going out and all that. And even though it does appear that some things have been going out, when you're asked/told to "be patient" after so freaking long with nothing to show for it, it is kinda condescending. And its insulting when the idea appears in your mind that the reason your pledge (that you've already paid for) has not arrived yet is possibly because all effort has instead been concentrated on this new Kickstarter. *Centers self* But don't it let be said that I am one for turning this thread into an echo chamber of rage - that would be counter-productive. Instead, let us remember the axiom "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem." So, lets be part of the solution. Lets now use this thread to remind spartan that not everything they promised has been delivered yet. Here is what I am proposing - For all those who have not yet received all of their pledge, post of a list of things that you have not yet gotten from your pledge, as well as the image of a single question mark. For all those who have not received anything from their pledge yet, post your pledge level, whether you added any additional money, as well as the images of two question marks. By doing this, we provide Spartan with a list of things they have yet to do, as well as a direct line of communication for Spartan to contact those affected (via the PM system). Then we can see just how serious they are about rectifying this issue. Allow me to begin: Fleet Admiral pledge level, plus extra add-ons.
  7. Spartan - you just launched your Firestorm Universe expansion kickstarter, but there are reports that backers from the Dystopian Wars Kickstarter haven't received anything yet. Are you using the funds from one KS to pay for the production of the previous one? Because that is a slippery slope, and starting another KS before the first one ships is a massive slap in the face to your other backers. Seriously???
  8. Expanding on @Hive's idea... Two types of cloaks - Black Cloak and Blue Cloak, each referring to the type of dice it changes incoming/outgoing fire into. Black cloaks on Large ships and probably battlecruisers/gunships/heavy cruisers, as well as the RSN Spook (to tie into its fluff). Blue cloaks on other Relthoza ships and other races that use cloaks. New MAR (Standard on Relthoza Battleships, Carriers and Dreads, hardpoint option on Relthoza Battlecruisers, Heavy Cruisers and Gunships) - Stealth Field - if a ship with a Blue Cloak is within x" of a friendly vessel with this MAR, it counts as having a Black Cloak. If a ship with no cloak is within X" of a friendly ship with this MAR, it may count as having a Blue Cloak, but whilst doing so, it's shield value is 0. Neither of these effects may not be used if the ship with the MAR has a shields offline persistent effect This makes putting heavy cruisers in Cruiser squadrons and battle cruiser/frigate squadrons a little more viable (since it'll upgrade the blue cloaks, straight away), it'll make the Relthoza an interesting ally for some, and it will allow the creation of "drone" ships for the Relthoza (Basically an engine, a gun array at the front, no cloak and no crew, but can be taken as an accompaniment for a Large/Massive ship, as well as squads on their own).
  9. IIRC you roll the proc after the attack dice are rolled, but before the defense dice are rolled. So, yes, the vulnerable token will affect the defence roll.
  10. IIRC, that's always been the idea of cloaks - whatever effect impacts on incoming fire also effects outgoing fire. What about a variable cloak hardpoint? The ability to switch between a basic and heavy dice cloak at will? Probably limit it to large ships and heavy cruisers. Plus you can then have varied cloak strengths for different ships.
  11. The discussion so far seems to be based around the defensive capabilities of the cloak, but what about the offensive part of it? A lot of the discussion I've seen previously (ie 2.0) about Relthoza cloaks is that it turned into a game of chicken in some respects - it wants guessing game as to when to drop the cloak, as too early and you just get swatted, and too late and you didn't have enough time to do significant damage to the enemy. this new cloak, however, seems to be a bit of a boost to Relthoza offensive capabilities. Instead of having to hold fire until close (since shooting out was basically pointless) you can now do a more constant stream of fire as you close. Would that be a decent offset of the lack of defenses? Although Spartan will probably have to rewrite the fluff a bit, since the cloak was a major part of how the Relthoza saw the hunt in a cultural sense - the ambush was all...
  12. Two things about that: 1: the only blast they have is on the battleship, which is arguable the most expensive battleship in the game, and its average AD is 10-11. The CoA looks at that and laughs, as they can get that reliably on their battleship or even cheaper on their gunship. And the heavy cruisers get a cruiser-weight energy beam. Again, ice penguin laughs when compared to the Cleomedes or even the Plato. 2: that theorem relies on that one weapon smashing the enemy Fleet from range - but it's not the fleet's only weapon, and it's certainly not their primary weapon. In my view, the Eye of Ra (and the rockets to some extent as well) is designed to provide the RoE a measure of long ranged firepower so they don't just have to weather the barrage as they try to get into range of their broadsides - and, in my view, it's the broadsides that are the main power of the Fleet. if you were to try to exchange long range firepower in an artillery duel, the FSA would bombard you to scrap, the CoA energy turrets would cut you to pieces, and the EotBS would burn you to the waterline with their incendiary rockets.
  13. So they've basically evolved into the Reapers...
  14. Could you possibly update the OP to include a comparison of the two sets of cloak rules? It'll save time for people in the long run. (and to answer the question, I'm currently sitting on a bus and I don't know where my orange book is at my place...)
  15. According to the fluff, most of their larger "drone" equipment is Tele-operated, and most of the smaller stuff has limited decision trees that can be overridden by operators. But enough about the covenant - this thread is about the sand penguins, not their ice-loving cousins.... ---------------- The Egyptians certainly do have an interesting list - close ranged with swarms of drones for support, but there does appear to be a bit of a lack of mid-weight options - their cruiser is a heavy, their only other medium choice is a carrier, so not really a line unit...I can see Egyptian forces either being very top heavy or relying heavily on their frigates and corvettes instead. i can see the corvettes racing forwards under the cover of drones, frigates and blasts to tie up the enemy whilst the heavier units manever into position to bring their broadsides to bear. A bit like the russians in that respect, but they don't really have anything in the way of any sort of long-range firepower options that can be included.
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