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  1. By the way, the new taskforce rules and orbats are up, but, @spartanderek - I think you really need to implement some internal proofreading procedures. Not that I'm complaining - I play OSO, and I'll gladly take the speed hit on my Synergies to get a DR7 HP5 frigate for 15 pts...
  2. I was wondering how long it would take you lot to notice this. They've been going spare about it on Facebook for hours... I wonder if the Autumn will also double as a Halcyon...?
  3. Darn double post...
  4. How do we currently integrate the Merchant ships into Fleet Action? I don't think we can at the moment, as the Operational Assets don't have statistics - something which my Australian Mercs are regretting. Potentially, you could use the merchant ships as scenery or as a convoy in a custom scenario, but apart from that, yeah, not too sure.
  5. Well, they recently posted a pic of a flotilla (opera, maybe?) of Ice Maidens after production so...
  6. Yes, it is. Will attempt to fix the pic when I get home. (Goes back to work muttering something about mad dogs, iPhones and imgur...)
  7. Yes, it is. Will attempt to fix the pic when I get home.
  8. So, this was just posted on Spartan's Facebook...
  9. Why did western civilization build churches with tall spindly towers and flying buttresses? I've done a bit of searching, and it seems that it was a style that developed some time around the 13th century and seemed to spread out from there. Could be symbolism of a candle burning, but, who knows?
  10. Very nice... will the lists for those new battlegroups also be added to the downloads section of the website?
  11. After thinking about it a bit more, I don't think I will do it. The issue is that it'll give the Moskova somthing that is a bit too tall compared to the rest of the ship - whilst that bridge works on the Pak Mk II, because you've got the barracks structure in front of it, on a ship with that low a deck like the Moskova, it literally sticks out like a sore thumb. I just can't see it working in my eyes. Now, if that Onion dome was avaliable as a separate part that could be glued into further bridge structures (like the existing Russian "dome" piece), I would definately look at that. Heck, I almost consider putting that other dome on the Moskova, except then the ship wouldn't have any smokestacks. (Apologies for the hack edit, but you should get the idea)
  12. Some of you may recognise this from Facebook, but...I got my battleship yesterday, and, whilst cleaning it up, I realised that the St. Basil's top was just too fine not to use. So I had this idea. The guys on facebook like the idea, but me...I don't know. Using the other bridge, the ship looks a bit more squat and menacing. This one though makes it look a little tall. Plus, what colours for the dome? Red and White are ideas but that'll "pop" too much, methinks.
  13. Still waiting on notifications of shipping... Although another order from a different company the other day made me realise that I'm gonna probably have to pay 25% on top of my purchase in import tariffs. Mental note - keep orders under $200 from now on!
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hull_classification_symbol
  15. I think he Promethens or the flood are a more likely bet as a new army. The Banished, in many respects, are more a sub-faction of the Covenant rather something completely separate. And that could be done with army list restrictions, special characters, etc - all of which save on production costs for Spartan.