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  1. Good catch yourself - forgot about that proviso
  2. Quick query - previous editions of the rules had a line that if models that had 2 or less HP suffered a number of hits equal to or greater than their CR they were automatically scrapped. I can't find a similar rule in the 2.5 book. Now, this isn't generally a concern - most of the critical hits have at least 2 points of damage attached to them, and the sequencing applies HP loss before critical effects, so most 2HP Units will be scrapped anyway. Except the Sturginium Flare result - that applies D6 damage. Is it conceivable that a small target could suffer a crit, roll double 6s followed by a 1, and get teleported? It's less than a 0.5% chance, but still!
  3. I would think that living in Antarctica their preferred beverage would be Fortified Egg Nogg (unless the Brits don't mind boiling lager), although, given some of their achievements, I wouldn't be surprised if each laboratory team is unofficially graded based on the quality of their team's still.
  4. 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  5. No, the Covenant will have their new medium submarines, but their only armament is a Long Lance, so, no, not really a threat. But here's the thing. Sure, whilst you're deep, you're less likely to get hit, but you're also severely impacting your own firepower, and it's not like most subs have anything impressive in aramaments to begin with - the vengeance may have a massive forward torp array, but that's it's only weapon. If you're relying on the subs to board or ram, a good Covenant player will just get out of the way whilst plinking away at you. 6's to hit may sound tough, but have you seen how many dice the covenant can throw at range? Statistics will eventually catch up...
  6. Re-reading the rules, I don't think that this is the case. From what I can tell of the Allied rules, you don't have to take a "battlegroup" like you did in 2.0 - you can choose any squad that doesn't have the SV MAR, it just automatically comes from your non-core allowance, and still counts towards the size maximums as normal. So, you could take that squad of Wraiths on their own without having to take a Retribution as well. But that said, as @Nicholas mentioned, they could be changing which units have SV. Plus, if your opponent is really set against using allies...probably look around for a new opponent who isn't so into the Srs Bzns. Also, @Spartan Mike - how do the Mercenaries work? Under the new Allies rules, they're all part of the Free Nations, but won't they also hire out to other Major Powers (eg. EIMC working with the Brits)? I can't see any Mercenary rules in the book. Or will those come with the individual force ORBATS (so each merc group will have their own "fee structure")?
  7. My reading of the rules is that whilst a unit can only act (move etc in its own activation) once per turn, it can react as many times as it likes in a turn - but the number you have to roll to react depends on whether or not it has an activation token. However, each enemy action can only be reacted to by *one* unit - so if you have several Units hat can see the enemy, only one can make the react attempt, whilst the others have to watch.
  8. What in the name of Sir Isaac... *Looks up wikipedia* ooooookay...
  9. Mike, what about the effect of attaching a Spartan to an infantry unit? Not only does attaching like this add to the Spartan's already significant firepower, but it also lowers the unit's reaction rolls significantly - give it to an HMG unit, and you've got a massively effective area denial unit that will shred any infantry that dares to cross its sights. Plus, it provides ablative armour for the Spartan.
  10. Oh, I almost for got to share these - a couple of pics that Spartan put up that I think were from their display at Salute. Saw them a couple of weeks ago on facebook, meant to upload them and forgot to!
  11. By the way, the new taskforce rules and orbats are up, but, @spartanderek - I think you really need to implement some internal proofreading procedures. Not that I'm complaining - I play OSO, and I'll gladly take the speed hit on my Synergies to get a DR7 HP5 frigate for 15 pts...
  12. I was wondering how long it would take you lot to notice this. They've been going spare about it on Facebook for hours... I wonder if the Autumn will also double as a Halcyon...?
  13. Darn double post...
  14. How do we currently integrate the Merchant ships into Fleet Action? I don't think we can at the moment, as the Operational Assets don't have statistics - something which my Australian Mercs are regretting. Potentially, you could use the merchant ships as scenery or as a convoy in a custom scenario, but apart from that, yeah, not too sure.
  15. Well, they recently posted a pic of a flotilla (opera, maybe?) of Ice Maidens after production so...