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  1. I love how Spartan still tells us all that "DL is coming soon/this year" then they go ahead and announce or do a reboot of all their big game systems... There is no way they're going to prioritize DL when they have so much they can distract themselves with for DW, or Firestorm, or Halo.
  2. Oh I sold off all but my Patriot and Ke Ho. I had to watch some YouTube video unboxings to remind myself how many pieces the Sturmwagen and Kote came in. But the models really don't matter which order you assemble them because they only consist of the exterior walls at most, and I can't think of anything that blocks another part from being glued on really. The hardest times I've had assembling the models were to get the big round front of the Pioneer to glue onto the body... But that was more of a problem with using old/damaged glue and the weight of the pieces. Then the Tankette tracks wanted to glue themselves to my fingers more than the Tankette.
  3. Ok. Patriot was one long body piece with two sets of tracks that glued on it and the cabin sets on the back. The tankettes are likewise just a body piece and tracks. For assembling the Sturmwagen: -Dry fit the troop compartment base, one track side, and the crew compartment. The angled end of a track piece nestles into the rear smooth part of the side of the crew compartment. The angled up end of the troop floor curves along the bottom of the track. This will allow you to keep the components at the appropriate 90 degree angles. Choose one side and glue it, either the floor to the crew compartment, or the floor to the track side, or the track side to the crew compartment... It really doesn't matter which you choose. -Then glue the two track sides and floor to the compartment. -The roof of the troop compartment can be either glued on or just set on. The wheels are glued into the axles. The trickiest part is gluing on the troop compartment doors. I believe that I glued the two doors together and then to the APC. For assembling the Kote: -Glue the three body pieces together. Just keep them straight. You may be able to glue them upside down, or you may need to prop the ends up with something. -When those are together you can glue the tracks to either side. -Then you can glue on the doors and fenders and everything else.
  4. While I do say the Ke-Ho and possibly Kote were the two with the most considerations for assembly... They really were very easy to assemble. The only problems that I had was getting the glue to set on the Kote's fenders and doors. But that wasn't a question about assembly just balancing the model. I did put of the Ke-Ho assembly for a few months but that's partially because I didn't know if I was going to be keeping it or not. When I actually got down to assembling it I easily completed it in about 30 minutes with no real questions. It was a long time ago but I'm 90% sure that I glued the tracks to the curved panels before gluing the panels together. I did dry fit each part about 3 times before gluing to make sure I was getting the right amount of overlap for the panels to for together and make sure the cutouts were going in the right direction. The models don't have assembly instructions because there really isn't any order that's needed or better to assemble them. The Ke-Ho is the only model that has panels needing to be glued together and every other tanks body is a maximum of 2 solid chunks that are glued together on the obvious flat panels. The Kote body comes in three pieces but the only challenge with it is figuring how to keep the pieces flat and oriented then gluing on the small components. What vehicles did you get other than the Ke Ho?
  5. The Facebook posts were all pictures of things we've long had or seen. But one of the comments included: "Been having a,long chat with Neil they are going to massively change and improve the rules and finally release the rest of the models" So. Just more of the platitudes of big changes coming, focus, and the armies being finished. I'm sure Neil wants these things but I think Spartan really needs a strong project manager or something to figure out how to actually get things organized and reliable.
  6. Yeah. There were no assembly instructions. So far I've assembled all the PE, FSA, and EotBS vehicles. The only ones that seemed questionable were the EotBS ones. The Ke-ho just required paying attention to which panels go in which direction and figuring out whether to assemble the tracks on the panels before or after gluing them together. If you let us know what vehicles you're struggling with I'm sure we can help you through it.
  7. That's what I was assuming but I wanted to give everyone the benefit of a doubt... And against my better judgement I still always have hope. But I was also wanting to know how the event actually went even if Slick had no new information.
  8. @Slick After seeing the pictures from Salute I remembered that there was talk of Legions at Adepticon. How did it go? Was there any interest and did you learn anything new from Spartan or other gamers?
  9. I saw some pictures on the Dystopian Wars and Legions facebook page. But there doesn't look to be anything new. Just the Faust, Treadbikes, Xenophon, and the standard armies. I was really wondering if there were any tidbits of news that came out of the event... Is there anything more concrete than the generic platitudes we've gotten from Spartan over the past years?
  10. Right now we have both penalties along with the utter unreliability of each ship having between 1 and 6" movement bonus. And even then the biggest penalty is the opportunity cost. Kinetic Generators mean the FSA ships can't take Rocket Batteries or Shields... That drawback is huge. One of the penalties for Kinetic Generators will be fine... All 3 together is insane... It's the most unreliable movement bonus, and the one that provides the most limitations on movement, and still has a large opportunity cost.
  11. Definitely drop the turn limit... Or just add the d6 roll to the MV and not the minimum move. It's enough penalty to have a unpredictable 5" variability in the move that can only be straight forward. The absurd turn limit just is ****. I may actually try fielding Kinetic Drive Lexingtons once 2.5 comes out. Every time I tried fielding them beforehand it just got them killed without giving any help... Instead of allowing them to fight together they get split up so they can't all board or get good shots.
  12. No. I just redownloaded the digital rulebook. On P93 it clearly specifies "If this Model is pretty of a Squadron, the Squadron only rolls once, and applies the result to ALL Models in the Squadron with the Sturginium Boost Model Assigned Rule" The Tesla generator does specify they roll separately.
  13. I hope that you are able to get some realistic answers from him. I don't think that anybody will benefit if he promises yet more timelines that they won't be able to meet due to other priorities. If people get excited about CoA, RC, and RoF being fleshed out this year but it never materializes then there are still more problems. I know they get excited but Spartan REALLY needs some strong project managers and/or good understanding of demand and capacity to meet it.
  14. I hope you have luck. What will you say if you're asked about the current or future state of the game?
  15. Thank you very much for the call-out. That was really just about the best compliment that I've ever received. I have invested a lot of time and love into this game and it feels great to be the only person named for insight into it. (I understand that can be entirely because not many people with experience on the game are left active in the forum). I have spent my time working to understand the game, and what it can provide its players and the gaming community. I would love to help it become successful but I'm not really sure if I'm going to even be able to be a regular player myself.