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  1. I had made my own medium carriers a year or two ago with a similar style to the Calico out of Princetons.
  2. I assume he forgot the word 'wait' 'Can't wait to see them both together' But I may be wrong and then I'd have no clue what was meant.
  3. I'll take that. The Lexington's had vestigial Fore Guns for so long I'll trade the Independence's rear guns for usable stats.
  4. Hmm... My son is 10 months old. Maybe next month I can start teaching him tabletop gaming. It is always good to see a new force being built. And that squad of grenadiers are looking very good. Infantry are critical for this game. The big tanks are much to unpredictable as it is. The 1st edition of the game did definitely have it's problems. And the Activation cards looked really out of place especially without actually trying it out, but I do think they were definitely not the worst mechanic. It should have been an optional rule and did absolutely nothing in small games but in larger games it provided a new little strategic challenge and helped players to actually outplay each other. I hope that you can find some opponents in your group.
  5. Between the release of DW 2.0 and DL 2.0 I played a lot of test games with my FSA and created battle reports to try and illustrate and get some data for what I was seeing. It never seemed that anyone even looked at them. The designers seemed satisfied with how their FSA fleet performed and have never seemed to acknowledge anything else. The firepower on the 2.0 ships and Punishing Gunnery really pulled the fleet along... But I really did not want to purchase my ships+1 so Punishing Gunnery really never seemed as amazing when I was relying on the meager firepower of the Independence and Lexingtons. I really don't want to invest the time in playing test games just to get blown off again.
  6. Just let the Independence be used as a Mississippi Mk1 then there's no chance of one being relegated to the shelf. They have the same load out.
  7. Are Volley Guns still redoubtable? It is true that the Mk 1 is a better gunship all around than the Independence. But people will say that the Independence is almost as good of a gunship but is also a boarding threat meaning enemies may not want to be close. They may say it's a double threat. The Mk 2 on the other hand is a better gunship than the Independence with equal firepower that doesn't care whether the target is in front or to the side. It is tougher, better at repositioning, it has a usable broadside. But while it's a better gunship than the Independence it's also a better aggressive boarding ship. It's faster. It gets a lot more firepower while advancing. It's tougher. The Mk 2 is hands above the Independence in EVERY way. The Mk 1 is better at one role but is not as flexible.
  8. I think the Mississippi Mk 2 is the one that really puts the Independence to shame. Turrets firing to the side they both have the exact same firepower except Mississippi doesn't have RB 4. But Fore firing the Mississippi has essentially the same firepower as the Independence gets to the side while it still has the rear guns to shoot at something else. The turrets on the Mississippi are also Volley Guns with Hunter. It also has both a kinetic generator and shield(3), and 7" Mv, and better broadsides, and almost the same boarding power. All for the same price. I really like the Providence. I couldn't care less about it when I first saw it but I really feel drawn to how it would work in my fleet. I'm also really glad the Calico's are here. The part I'm really annoyed at is the Armored forces really don't seem to be updated at all. I hope that the other forces were seriously nerfed because there's no way the FSA Armored forces could fight the KoB or PE. The Washington and Philadelphia are another one of the worst matchups. Essentially the same price but the Washington is worse in every way except 1" faster.
  9. Although I'm normally negative about this. I will try to give them this. Yes that quote could be interpreted as viewing it as a hobby. It could have been a sound business move IF the company had strong project management, capacity planning, and forecasting demand. Coupled with a strong professional focus on the customer. By avoiding retail they could have had the flexibility to exceed our expectations by getting more products available at a cheaper price. But that would take a very responsible and business oriented mindset. But instead we are subjected to the whims of the leader who decided that this is the best year to create new versions for the big game systems along with a massive Kickstarter and top it off with yet more absurdly optimistic rhetoric about the rebirth of DL which clearly is still at the bottom of their priority list... Just above Uncharted Seas.
  10. I think this sentence was the pertinent point in the OP.
  11. The Prussians are extremely potent. Strong ranged combat, strong melee, with very tough and very powerful knights to draw attention from the squishier troops. It's going to be a tough battle almost every time you will be facing them.
  12. I love how Spartan still tells us all that "DL is coming soon/this year" then they go ahead and announce or do a reboot of all their big game systems... There is no way they're going to prioritize DL when they have so much they can distract themselves with for DW, or Firestorm, or Halo.
  13. Oh I sold off all but my Patriot and Ke Ho. I had to watch some YouTube video unboxings to remind myself how many pieces the Sturmwagen and Kote came in. But the models really don't matter which order you assemble them because they only consist of the exterior walls at most, and I can't think of anything that blocks another part from being glued on really. The hardest times I've had assembling the models were to get the big round front of the Pioneer to glue onto the body... But that was more of a problem with using old/damaged glue and the weight of the pieces. Then the Tankette tracks wanted to glue themselves to my fingers more than the Tankette.
  14. Ok. Patriot was one long body piece with two sets of tracks that glued on it and the cabin sets on the back. The tankettes are likewise just a body piece and tracks. For assembling the Sturmwagen: -Dry fit the troop compartment base, one track side, and the crew compartment. The angled end of a track piece nestles into the rear smooth part of the side of the crew compartment. The angled up end of the troop floor curves along the bottom of the track. This will allow you to keep the components at the appropriate 90 degree angles. Choose one side and glue it, either the floor to the crew compartment, or the floor to the track side, or the track side to the crew compartment... It really doesn't matter which you choose. -Then glue the two track sides and floor to the compartment. -The roof of the troop compartment can be either glued on or just set on. The wheels are glued into the axles. The trickiest part is gluing on the troop compartment doors. I believe that I glued the two doors together and then to the APC. For assembling the Kote: -Glue the three body pieces together. Just keep them straight. You may be able to glue them upside down, or you may need to prop the ends up with something. -When those are together you can glue the tracks to either side. -Then you can glue on the doors and fenders and everything else.
  15. While I do say the Ke-Ho and possibly Kote were the two with the most considerations for assembly... They really were very easy to assemble. The only problems that I had was getting the glue to set on the Kote's fenders and doors. But that wasn't a question about assembly just balancing the model. I did put of the Ke-Ho assembly for a few months but that's partially because I didn't know if I was going to be keeping it or not. When I actually got down to assembling it I easily completed it in about 30 minutes with no real questions. It was a long time ago but I'm 90% sure that I glued the tracks to the curved panels before gluing the panels together. I did dry fit each part about 3 times before gluing to make sure I was getting the right amount of overlap for the panels to for together and make sure the cutouts were going in the right direction. The models don't have assembly instructions because there really isn't any order that's needed or better to assemble them. The Ke-Ho is the only model that has panels needing to be glued together and every other tanks body is a maximum of 2 solid chunks that are glued together on the obvious flat panels. The Kote body comes in three pieces but the only challenge with it is figuring how to keep the pieces flat and oriented then gluing on the small components. What vehicles did you get other than the Ke Ho?