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  1. Why did the new design team remove so many flavored options in the game ?? So far, I'm sad with all the changes I've read, because you've got rid of a bunch of these extra options who where part of the game soul. I'm getting lesser tactical freedom now... Please don't over simplify Firestorm Armada, I dont want another plain straightforward game like Planetfall.
  2. Will I need CO for my ship to go Belly up now ?
  3. Ok, if the ships statistics in the new edition are completely redone, I will probably work on a new design for the cards. And if this happen, then I will look to add the tickbox.
  4. Hi Mathhammer, Are you asking for a sort of tickbox in front all options ? LBPB
  5. Did you all receive your scenery pack yet ? I'm still waiting for mine...
  6. And here goes the new Kickstarter for the Dystopian Wars expension... Check the blog : The Ice Maiden look nice Also the Crimson League will be making his grand debut...
  7. Loki card corrected. Thanks for your checking
  8. Will fix this next week Sorry
  9. It is still a massive debuf for nations like Prussia. I'm really uncomfortable with this
  10. My though after playing several games, I wouldn't have modified the number of disorder markers needed to apply one damage (1 for 1 is simplier, and the game play faster). I simply would have amended the Fleet Quality Rating to be +1 for each Battlegroup taken after the first Core Battlegroup.
  11. Allcards are now up to date
  12. The Dystopian Wars : Fleet Action fast rules now have stats release for ALL the ships. The same treatement could be applied to Task Force... Is someone still in charge here ?
  13. We just play them with a 8" range from center to center. Bombs don't appears overpowered even in this case. You still have to fly very close to your target. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Thanks Andrew Any more content / guide / stuff for our games are always welcome. Well, this guide is still excellent for any beginner