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  1. Hi guys ! I make a tutorial in video for create a wave for my tiny assaultcraft good vidéo !
  2. Hi ! good idea ! My english is not very well but i using reverso for subtitle ! good idée for the explosion too ^^
  3. This simple for Dystopian wars, you use Underbrush directly
  4. Actualy i use two program, Adobe after effect to create effects and Adobe premiere for making the vidéo
  5. Hi guys, I make a video for tutorial to create a forest Sorry is a french
  6. Hi guys ! I make a vidéo a little different. This video as effect a old movie begin 20 century. Good video !
  7. thank you Spenno
  8. Hi ! here it is my Italian fleet !
  9. good job !
  10. Amazing ! it's beautiful von ! good job !
  11. hehe yes good eye's Youenn
  12. still painting too :)

  13. heres is my pitctures of my S3 and my fleet (I have 3 hawk rotor and a frigate for the session 4). I have In few 750 pts paint. for a pleisure :
  14. Thanck you ! I centred for my scenery, but it is really necessary that I finish a bases for my tanks ^^
  15. Thanck you My Admiral ship is almost finish (it miss the Shield generator). Here is a global view of my challenge, I have three week ahead of schedule. I am going to be able to go to my other project and finish my last building for my urban scenery ^^ I make a Hawk rotor and undercoat (i'm not sure...is a good word for : Sous couché?) ;P I make a picture of my S3 and my complete work when I would have finish my shield generator.