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  1. That's kind of how it worked in V1.0 a Flight would fly into the mine's detonation range and set it off, the Wings would get to roll their PD rating to reduce hits/damage they took from the mine attack. Interceptors had the highest PD rating thus the best survivability of any Wing type.
  2. Plus a better way to make Escorts more attractive, give them the ability to Combine Point Defense fire with their parent ship against EVERYTHING including SRS! Also give them the ability to at least link PD fire (if not Combine) with nearby ships assist with PD just like SRS do.
  3. Do you really want to risk your Tier 1 command vessels by getting close to Mines? They have to stay in Command Distance, while not unavoidable, it's possible that a failed sweep could lead to running your big wide-turning ship into Mines anyway. Not only that, Escorts are attached to the slowest ships in your fleet, giving your opponent plenty of opportunities to mine the hell out of the area. Maybe even more than you can safely sweep by the time you get there. Escort Carriers or Frigate Carriers and SRS have the safty of reach and speed/maneuverability over Escorts.
  4. How about this, give both Zenian and Kurak alliances a faction with an Escort Carrier/Cruiser that can be taken in squadrons of 1 to 3, so that any faction can take a ship or two or three loaded with whatever SRS type is needed for minesweeping duty. Even go Relthoza style, make them an Escort Frigate squad that can hold wings like the Nidus. That way you don't have to rewrite ship stats or even change entire fleet rosters by adding a mine-sweeper to every core faction. Just pick a single alliance faction on each side and give them one new ship and bingo! You have something any faction can take as an anti mine vessel.
  5. Yeah but Escorts don't have the reach to go out and trigger/detonate an enemy mine while your enemy is still in the blast radius of his own mine. >:D
  6. Like I've often said before, there's nothing wrong with Mines as they are except there is no way to counter them. Something as simple as adding back the ability of SRS to detonate-sweep mines or something similar would be far easier than coming up with all new rules to change things.
  7. Drive-by's were never an issue for me, I see absolutely nothing wrong with them (and I've been on the receiving end of plenty). I'm just disappointed that now area-control as a tactic has now been completely removed from the game. First with the removal of Wings/SRS free movement and being able to intercept ships/models, and now mines are gone. Every edition now seems like you're having more and more tactical options being removed. I'm disappointed.
  8. You might have something there. Since Mines are being replaced with Torpedoes now, wouldn't it have just been ultimately easier to allow Point Defense as a defense roll against Mines? That would just be a small paragraph added to existing rules, and you wouldn't have go and to alter numerous ships stats, remove and replace a whole part of the weapons chapter and all that ****.
  9. Well I finally started using my Facebook page and discovered how this $#!t sucks. Mines were fine, the only thing they needed in V2 was some way to counter! SRS detonation from V1.0, or maybe give Support Shuttles a mine-disarming ability or something. But complete removal!?!? Now look at what you whining wussy's have done!
  10. Ahh, so even in V3 nobody is ever going to use Targeted Strikes unless you're Aquan or Directorate, same as it is now.
  11. I like this! We're going to implement this in v2.0 right now! With one minor exception, the Disorder Marker gained this way will only affect the hit ship instead of the whole squadron.
  12. Sorry, just so used to people's first reaction to the issue is banning the Regroup TAC or banning being able to use it that way. I don't think the Hawker frigate is overpriced, it's well worth its cost. But it's not worth having drop a Carrier or Cruiser squad in exchange for a frigate squad just because you go from a 800 to 900 point build.
  13. Well some of have to do this given the price of our T3 ships. As a Hawker (and Tarakian) player there are common point spreads that force you to take the TAC-joining in order to meet your minimum squadron requirements. The immediate -1 to Battle Log is more than a fair price to pay for this, I'm sorry you have players who abuse it, but don't screw me into crippled or downgraded fleet builds just because you're lucky enough to have cheap T3's, and don't like some min-maxer's annoying habit!
  14. Haven't had the chance to try the new rules yet, but the new Drop Marker rules have me worried. As a Dindrenzi player I'm not sure I'll ever be able to zero-in even a single Drop Marker before they all go away at the end of the turn and then reset. What has your experience been with this? Remember, you're talking to the guy who's dice luck causes 11 out 12 basic Command Checks to fail, An extra die or two on Nexus Designator role don't mean much.
  15. We already use this in our own house rules mentioned earlier in the thread. They have evolved though play to this. All SRS types with a PD rating Link (with the minimum of 1 per SRS in the token) to provide PD cover to any friendly unit in the token's defensive range (6" for Interceptors, 4" for others) against Torpedo Fire and Boarding Assaults. Thus any 6-Wing Fighter, Bomber, Assaulter, or Interceptor token can provide the same 6 PD dice to a friendly ship's Defensive Fire. Interceptors however can declare an Intercept Action. Under these rules an Intercept Action can do one of two things, perform an Intercept Move and engage in a Dogfight against an incoming enemy SRS (standard per the rules pg 89-90) OR an Interceptor Token may use it's Intercept Action to Combine it's full PD with a friendly ship in it's defensive range that is the target of Torpedo Attack or Boarding Assault (So a 6-wing Interceptor token can provide it's full 12 PD to the defense of a ship). As per the book rules an Interceptor can only perform one Intercept Action per turn, however in this house rule an Intercept Action counts as an Interceptor's "Attack Run" and thus it MUST Return to Base after doing so just the same as Fighters, Bomber, and Assaulters after they make their Attack Runs. This puts Interceptors on a more equal footing in comparison to other SRS types. Now with all wing types have the same tactical choice, whether to keep them out on roving PD coverage duty, or utilize their fullest ability in an "attack run" and in exchange lose that coverage.