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  1. Oh, fun. More random rolling nonsense.
  2. Same thing with negative Planetfall experiences. Like never being able to occupy an objective, at all, thanks to Focused Anti-personel Valkyries, and Focused Barrage Terror Weapon Heimdalls. Focused Shield Busting Kinetics across the board. Heck, just porting anything over from Planetfall is a bad idea. There's a reason why my group doesn't play Planetfall, nobody likes the rules well enough to want to buy into it. Even myself who has the most forces, they're barely painted and the rules are off-putting enough I don't want expand. I definitely don't want the rules being ported over to and ruining Armada for me.
  3. Currently under V2 we go about 4 or 5 turns. Our first V3ish game went 5 turns, but they were 5 short turns, played in half the time of a V2 game only because things died so fast! An 8 HP carrier with 3 Shields never got it's 2nd activation, a two-gunship squad was wiped out in a single activation, a battleship died in two turns. Two 3 ship cruiser squads were reduced to singles in 2 turns. Didn't get to heal much, the forced placement of Tier 1's first put both of us off our game and our Support Shuttle carrying ships wound up too far from anyone else to help anything and they both died before they could get close enough to help anyone anyway.
  4. Actually with the V3 turn limit rules (unless Drift is a different ratio than Turn Limit) a Tier 1 ship can turn as tightly as a Tier 2 in V2 using the turn template.
  5. Going to play again with the V3 stuff with my Hawker fleet. My question is, how would Ops Center work with the Command Point system?
  6. In total agreement with this.
  7. Yeah, I'm not keen on that myself, even at present I don't take PD potshots, dogfight or take intercept actions against Support Shuttles.
  8. So I guess that means broke-@$$ Focused Fire is still going to be in the V3 rules?
  9. I think the complete lack of choice in both of these as presented will make V3 an absolute no-go for me. Not being able to target a specific sub-system is a total deal breaker on Cyberwarfare. Then there's essentially no point to Gravity weapons without the Control/push pull ability. It all boils down to my favorite pet peeve, taking away options, with a force-fed side random rolling nonsense. I weep for the future of Armada.
  10. This is a house rule we use in V2 right now. Works quite well, and Escorts see a lot more use that way.
  11. Fair Warning THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL!!! I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL!!! I have absolutely no idea as to what Spartan plans to implement with limits to Wing types by carrier models. I've pulled this list out of nowhere to apply to V2 stats in order to experiment with and get a taste for the idea of carrier limits to different wing types. THIS ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT REFLECT WHAT SPARTAN HAS PLANNED! This is just what our group is using to try to familiarize ourselves to the concept of wing-type limits by carrier type. Wings by Carrier Type Carrier: Light Interceptor, Heavy Interceptor, Light Bomber, Heavy Bomber, Light Support Shuttle, Heavy Support Shuttle, Light Assaulter. Assault Carrier: Light Assaulter, Heavy Assaulter, Light Interceptor, Light Support Shuttle Battle Carrier: Light Interceptor, Heavy Interceptor, Light Bomber, Heavy Bomber. Escort Carrier: Light Interceptor, Light Bomber, Light Support Shuttle, Light Assaulter. Escort Carrier Accompaniment: (Escort Carriers acting as Accompaniment for another ship may use the Parent ship's Wing Type restrictions if it has any) Other Ships with Wing Capacity: Light Interceptor, Heavy Interceptor, EITHER Light Bomber OR Light Assaulter (Depending on the Ship's focus/stats), Light Support Shuttle. Feel free to use these to get a taste of wing limits until Spartan posts official.
  12. Oops, I forgot to list the PD Offline crit in there. Fixed in edit. He deliberately went for more ships for activation advantage over me and just spent his loose points on Command. He didn't have much reason to use them, Grav Slingshot on the battleship, power to engines on the battlecruiser and both were in RB2 to pound my carrier, Directorate Destroyers have Stealth Systems instead of Hidden Killer and didn't need Full Stop and Destroyer range bands don't need extra movement to close in. A few uses of Solid Repair and Disorder removal was all he needed since we mostly rolled 7's for crits, and Defenders bonus of regaining a Command Point each turn kept him from ever really going down much at all. As for me I burned 3 on Shields for the Carrier whole-game, had to use one to fix a failed PD repair roll, 3 points on Emergency Vector to keep a Marshal with Main Drive Failure from crashing straight into a planet, and the last two to fix the Disorder Marker from that so I could afford to fix the Main Drive Failure. Had I the extra points to spend, the Cruisers would have had Power to Engines and Gravity Slingshot played on them and gotten to fire support range of my carrier sooner. The Battlecruisers would have had Grav-Sling for a turn maybe two, to preemptively strike at the battleship and maybe spare the Carrier the death blow. Paladin 21 summed it up perfectly in the post above. Plus, personally I see it as a more of game-breaking Cheat-Code kind of thing. Just out of the blue for no reason whatsoever BAM! I get a +1 to hit bonus, just because I'm willing to spend more than you (see my Microtransactions/DLC comment). Also because we didn't want to take the time to hash out and possibly argue over which weapon system on each ship was Primary/Secondary/etc. and therefore got whichever Focused Fire bonus at whatever Range Band. Basically more stuff we didn't want to have to keep track of. Had the camera with me, I'll try to remember to use it next time.
  13. Friday, Hermit and myself tried out the V3 rules as presented using some hodge-podge conversion to V2 ship stats to try them out. Attacker/Defender: Wasn't thrilled with this at all. As I've stated in an earlier thread, the dice didn't favor me and Hermit took the Defensive (or whatever military-pompous thing it's called). I felt the Initiative bonus to FTB wasn't balanced against a regenerating Command Point by a long shot. For a 1000 point game, I started with 9 Command Points and was out by turn 3, while Hermit, started with 5 and still had 4 by the end of the game at turn 5. Watching your opponent get a guaranteed bonus while you have to rely purely on chance with only a slight edge, NOT fun. Fleet Percentages: We both tried to break it. 1000 point fleets, I went with a pair of Terran Marshals, a Regent with Xelocian Escorts, fully upgraded Sentinel Squad, and a Pilgrim squad. Hermit had an Eliminator battleship w/a pair of Impacts, Works Raptor battlecruiser w/Torp Cruiser accompaniment, Annihilation gunships, Nemesis Destroyers, Liquidator frigates. Then came the suck of deciding how much to spend on damned Command Points. I didn't have enough to points left to get a Hawker frigate squad like I wanted so I just spent it all on 7 extra Command Points. Blew 3 of them right off the bat on Focused Shield Harmonics on the Regent. With Damage affecting how many wings can be fielded I wanted more shields on it to keep Bombers and Support Shuttles on the map. Placement/Deployment: We both agreed the forced order of deployment was a no-go. Neither one of was wanted to place our Tier 1's out first, especially at this small of an engagement size. We both wound up with one of our Tier 1 squads in less than optimal starting positions. This whole forced placement order does absolutely nothing but hinder and limit your tactical options during placement. Worse with the new Scout MAR rules. I'm a Hawker player primarily, the one thing I DO NOT want to do with my Endeavor frigates is race them up their full movement on the first turn! I want them to hang back and torpedo the snot out of things until turn 2 or 3 then rush up from cover and gun-blast things to the next incarnation. Keep Scout the way it is. Ooohhh better yet, do both versions! Scout MAR: Once a squadron with the Scout Model Assigned Rule is deployed, it can make an immediate, free movement action. The Fleet with the most models with the Scout Model Assigned Rule can redeploy any one of its Squadrons after all Squadrons have been deployed on the Game Board. (This way you get to keep the awesome that is V2 Scout and at the same time not frak-over every other player who just happens to have fewer ships with Scout MAR.) Ok Scout MAR ranty thing aside, this new deployment rule stinks. It does my biggest pet peeves of a new game edition, IT TAKES AWAY MY OPTIONS! DON'T TAKE AWAY MY OPTIONS!!! Activations/Gameplay: Overall the game did play faster, not because of the new movement rules, that didn't change anything. Heck once I figured out how the new turning method used with V2 Turn Limits gave everything effective -1 to turning limit, movement happened even faster once we figured out how to apply the old templates to map out potential moves. What really sped up the game was how amazingly fast ships died! The 8 hull point Regent bit the dust before it could even activate on turn 2, never got to try out Cyberwarfare. Two hits, a PD Crit and Crit+Hit with a roll of 7 on the Crit table and it was gone! The same thing happened to the Gunship squadron, sort of, a quadruple-crit from the Marshals beams at RB1 instantly ended one and torpedoes rolled a Crit+hit and a Hard Pounding ended the other in the single activation. A lot of the other mediums got brought down like this, either a crit+hit or a the-most-common-crit-roll of 7 Hard Pounding instantly put mediums 1 point away from death, or holed out the battleship and battlecruiser rather quickly. The Eliminator died in turn 3 (had a planetary cover for the first two turns), the WR Battlecruiser was ended by the two remaining Sentinels and the Marshals in Turn 4 along with one of the Destroyers falling to Crit+Hit w/Hard Pounding. Command Points, I started with 9, spent 3 on +2 Shields rest of game on the Regent (fat lot of good it did! ), 1 on fix Point Defense down crit, 3 more on a Emergency Vectoring to keep an engine crippled Marshal from crashing into the planet, the rest went to removing Disorder Markers from a cruiser and the carrier. Hermit started with 5 Command Points used Power to Engines and Gravity Slingshot a couple of times, that Defender bonus regenerating Command Point kept him at 3 or 4 Command Points at the start of every turn. As I said above, frustrating as all hell when your own point count is rapidly dwindling and your opponents practically stays the same. Overall as I stated in a previous post before it got deleted for language, the whole Command Point system leaves a bad taste in my mouth because it smacks of Microtransactions/DLC from PC/console games being ported into tabletop. All the cool commands we used to have for free in previous editions of the game are either gone for good (Ramming, Split Fire, Belly-Up, Safe Terrain Moves) and the basic commands are there (Basic Commands/Maneuvers, TAC's) but only if you pay for it (Command Points out of your MFV) first now. Plus with the new more upgrades/commands (Faction Commands) are also only available if you pay (Command Points purchased). And if you don't pay, the other players who actually do drop the money (MFV) on them get mad bonuses over you and just pwn you and make the game no fun to play. That's the reason I'm not a electronic gamer. Please don't bring that poisonous play-method into my beloved tabletop game. Weapons Systems: Well Beams were still the same, no problems there. Nukes got gimped all to worthlessness. Even with fast-death from Crit+Hits and 7's, Nuclear never triggered at all. Even then 0-2 Disorder markers aren't jack in comparison to V2 Nukes. I don't like it, smacks of more Dindrenzi-love/Terran-hate that seems to be so prevalent in V3 (looking at you Kinetic vs Shield). Bio-Hazard didn't matter as ships died so fast it didn't have time to affect anything. Same for Corrosive, dead before it mattered. Didn't use the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary, the whole concept strikes me a totally unnecessary, especially since it mostly applies to that god-awful Focused Fire. I hate it in Planetfall, I double hate it being ported into Armada where it's not wanted of needed at all. We might try it later when we can either come to a group consensus as to what-qualifies-as-what in V2 or we see V3 beta ship stats. But I'm doubtful. Disorder Markers: Let's get to the point, I HATE, LOATH, and F-ING DESPISE the Disorder rules in Planetfall. Seeing them ported into Armada? NO! I cannot emphasize this enough without getting banned from the boards for bad language. Disorder in V2 Armada is bad enough as it is without making it epicly worse by importing that Planetfall hot-mess in. SRS: I was actually kind of impressed with the performance of SRS under these rules. It's rather nice that your ships Point Defense actually does more than jack-squat and actually accounts for something. The SRS dieing fast isn't an issue with the regenerating wings, but I foresee a problem. With Point Defense being so effectivenow, there's going to be carrier spamming, especially carriers/carrier-groups with 10 to 12 Wing Count. You want those Bombers to get through, you now need that ablative Interceptor cover, as many as you can get. So expect large capacity carriers to become the fleet spam norm. Other than that, like I said, carrier was gone before it's second activation, didn't get to do much it's bombers and support shuttles. I could see just porting this back to V2 and fixing a whole lot of issues, without the baggage of the other V3 stuff. Scoring: Felt like I was playing V1.0 again, I find I once again have to keep a notebook and pencil handy to keep track of my score, of the Command Point expenditures, calculations of a squadron's TV, and TV countdown till end of game. Kind of a bookkeeping hassle compared to the simplicity of just a Battle Log Track and a few Tactical Ability Cards. That's all I got so far. I may update after a few more games with the rest of our gaming group.
  14. I'm not keen on these repair and medical specialist ships. What's wrong with Support Shuttles on carriers? What's worse whole new ships cost MFV points, points that will probably make you unable to afford to buy the Command Points needed to actually use whatever special abilities those ships have. Or if you do spend the Fleet Value on them you're shorting yourself on more combat capable ships and just get yourself pwned.
  15. Honestly, cloak in V2 was perfectly fine, it worked, it wasn't complicated (this coming from a dyscalculic math tard), most of all IT DIDN'T NEED TO BE CHANGED!
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