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  1. Prob few months away
  2. So on a more relevant note, do we know if planetfall is going up with the armada Kickstarter?
  3. Indeed an alliance nation, so it will probably be a vast amount of time before we hear about the Roe again
  4. Exactly and I'm not impressed so far, I wanna see rules or no pre-order aka kickstarter backing from me and armada is a decent system, needing only tweaks, so it best not have been changed to the point were it is dystopian wars in space
  5. Actual staff and better business decisions
  6. Very impressive work!
  7. Well that's what you get when you don't pay anyone
  8. Indeed there are and its preorder
  9. I think its an impossibility that all games are being worked on WA
  10. Very disappointing that Spartan Beth was not replaced when she left, all the good will she built up with the online community is gone. Its not something you can bank for a rainy day
  11. While I enjoyed playing legions, its always going to suffer from the 'we have way too many games too support' syndrome. Will there be a Kickstarter for legions, doubtful.
  12. The eagle and the illustrious have always been the joke of the game, if they haven't been fixed in this edition then that's very funny. Maybe the Canadian eagle glued too a zeppelin will be better
  13. and around and around we go Maybe if there was less volunteers and more actual staff sh*t would get done
  14. Don't get me wrong I would like armada to get awards, but that would involve the people in charge putting effort in and showing up at big events with firestorm, maybe one day
  15. Best Family Game – Sushi Go Party Best Children’s Game -Baobub Best Euro Game – SubTerra Best American Style Game – Dark Souls Best Strategic Game – The Colonists Best Card Game – Statecraft Best Abstract Game – Ominoes Best Miniatures – Dropfleet Commander Best Role-Playing Game – Adventures In Middle-Earth Player Guide Best Role-Playing – Syrinscape Best Party Game – Chameleon Best Expansion – Dropfleet Commander: Reconquest Phase Two Best Accessory – Dropfleet Commander Modular Spacestation Pack Best Miniatures Rules – Dropfleet Commander From the list of awards given out at the NEC games expo, when firestorm starts getting on these types of lists, then comments can be made