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  1. So are mine. The only exception is my 'nax, as I got mine before the 2.0 change, so it is magnetised with interchangeable bases (and a "burrowing" one, made from spares)
  2. If they come with a base, you're supposed to use it.
  3. If yours has tracking, keep an eye on it. I was sent 2 notices. The first package went to France, before someone picked up that it was on the wrong vehicle, but it eventually made it to where it needed to go. The other one is apparently still sitting in the loading dock in England, and hasn't changed status for nearly 3 weeks.
  4. In what way? I know it has less guns. However, the Providence's main cannon is both Terrifying, and can disrupt enemy movement. It also has more AD. The wing launcher is also useful.
  5. The only Facebook group I run is Cassowary Coast Tabletop Games Club
  6. Having just gone back through the rules, for page numbers, I have just noticed that there are no references to what victory points for Prizing/Salvaging actually are. Just another thing to add to the errata sheet.
  7. Well, I've just finished painting my Eisjungfrau
  8. I don't have page numbers with me at the moment, but VPs are as follows: You sink/derelict a ship: ship's pts +strategic value You prize a ship: (2× ship's pts) +strategic value You recapture a prized ship: (ship's pts ÷2) You lose a prized ship due to it being retaken: (lose it's "prized" value in full) You lose a prized ship due to misadventure: (lose its "prized" value, but keep its "sunk" value)
  9. Contact despatch, and let them know.
  10. Which ones? I received the ones for the 2.5 starter, and the Japanese models, a few days ago.
  11. Having just received my 2.5 set, I have noticed that both Tally Ho! and Shadowhunter have been updated. However, the Flank Speed card has not. In its current format, it is unable to be used, as you no longer roll for when your flanking squadron/s arrive. @Spartan Mike @Spartan Josh will this card be corrected, or has it gone the way of the recon plane? My suggestion would be that the card allows one squadron to enter one turn earlier than assigned (this may include arrival during turn 1). The VP-cost may need increasing.
  12. No crimson.
  13. My deluxe 2 player box just arrived today
  14. That map is using the "New Holland/New South Wales" borders. It is very definitely incorrect for the Dystopian timeline. Someone messed up.
  15. Part of the extra points you are paying for goes towards being able to continue to launch planes. When a CV6 carrier takes 4HP damage, it cannot relaunch. A CV9 carrier with up to 3 damage can still relaunch 2 squadrons, and can still relaunch 1 up until it takes 8 damage (which is pretty much its final HP anyway).