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  1. It just means that Metzger can go shopping after he goes for a surf.
  2. This is because it didn't go out to as wide a group as the 2.0 rules did (and even then, some of the errors still got through).
  3. If you read ALL of the bullet points, you don't have to declare a counterattack, if you don't want to. However, if you do, the targeted model must be the lead model. So you can just choose to ignore that last plane, and deny the carrier the rebuild, if you want to
  4. It was mentioned in another thread that firebrand cannons had Hunter(surface+1)
  5. Probably because Rugged construction is nullified by indiscriminate attacks, whereas the ice maiden is just too big and tough, so it just has a high DR/CR and a $#!+load of HP
  6. One of the older threads explained why the hit numbers were like they were. Eg- Stratospheric height, the engines would be struggling from the rarified atmosphere. The crew would also be affected by it, especially given they're using 19th century breathing apparatus, while simultaneously dealing with the cold.
  7. Sto

    In the 2.5 edition, this has changed.
  8. No. They're just a "special division" of the Prussians now. The Teutonic commodore is effectively a special commodore, just not a "named" one
  9. That MAR no longer exists, as all medium+ size submarines can go deep. When it was uncommon, it had its tactical advantages.
  10. Either reverse the colours, or keep your "main" colour the same, but change the other one (eg black and light grey)
  11. I definitely agree that the Combat Coordinator abilities should be (mostly) concentrated on the carriers (with one or two others, such as the Hyperbius, to act as "signal boosters"). I'm also one of the people who preferred the "beam weapon" particle accelerators, and I feel that they've lost their flavour, now they're just a variation of Energy Blast cannons. (Also, it means that the 2-inch "energy blast" template is now misnamed, as it's only used for translocation portals, and pulse generators.)
  12. After the Australian secession, Britannia would have clamped down on the rest of its colonial assets
  13. Because that was its flag, back before they got autonomy
  14. I've generally only taken a carrier as a "tactical flexibility" thing (and because they look cool). Just because I own several, doesn't mean I'm always going to field them.
  15. The new shiny things always seem to come at just the wrong time for me. I would have jumped straight into that offer if I didn't have to keep some money aside for when I go away for a 2 week work course tomorrow.