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  1. Images of tiny models detonating from getting affected by attacks with crushing impact...
  2. That's a good point. Unless we've missed something, it's entirely possible to mag-ex models that used to just sink (remember: the blast radius happens if the model is scrapped).
  3. My Suyetka squadron can no longer "lurk" at stratospheric height.
  4. Some of it could also be ORBAT-specific. However, I think it is an error (there have already been a few pointed out). I also suspect that there will be a couple of models that will be noted as exceptions to the what can/cannot go stratospheric rules (eg the Suyetka interceptor)
  5. In the 2.0 rules, you could deliberately concentrate your AA at specific targets to reduce the TT-bonus (eg target 2 of a squad of 3 nakatsu, so that the AP coming in only get+2 instead of+6). In the new version, you would have to get the incoming AP down to less than the number of ships to start stripping the bonus
  6. With the carriers all having set numbers of SAWs launched from them: -are all CV6 carriers 1×squadron of 5SAWs? -are all CV9 carriers 2×squadrons of 4SAWs? -what about CV12 carriers? Are they 2×5, or 3×4? -what is going to happen to carriers with upgradable carrier values? The reason I ask these questions is because I have over 70 assorted carriers and airfields, and a few hundred SAWs to sort out amongst each of my fleets (including several customised recon planes that I cannot even use as "spotted" markers)
  7. Looks like the Dominion is now less useful as a squadron, and a lot more useful attached to other squadrons.
  8. We've been asking that in multiple threads
  9. All those red dots on my chest say "no I can't"
  10. And why can't they deploy drones and robots? Just because they're not large or massive?
  11. They have ... stuff ...
  12. Does a mine-laying submarine still have to surface, to deploy mines?
  13. The "medium" ones are 1" ×2". The "large" ones are unknown
  14. Makes me glad that, when I divided up the Japanese between my daughter and myself, I put an Onryo into each fleet (as part of the Inari/Onryo special squad)
  15. So? The turret on the French AA ship is somehow able to elevate high enough to take down aircraft, and the Sturmbringer can somehow rotate its bombard.