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    D Legions now mothballed.
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  1. that was also a major concern for me, just didnt want to play halo with pf minis. btw...nothing wrong with halo , just not 2 very similar game styles.
  2. @roadkizzle , i guess there wasnt much intel in answer to your queries?
  3. absolutely gorgeous table, awesome work done and thanks so much for the pics.
  4. yeah ahmadan that may happen at some point but i kinda doubt it as most didnt buy into that sg system and not everybody will have access to the those who bought in will still be probably.....
  5. love the look of the din.
  6. boom, sweet models as always..... lot..............and a lot of em too.
  7. i like the way units are now listed in the helix, however anyone who painted theirs in a different color schemes/bases may be surprised a little.
  8. i wonder how much it will look like halo ground?
  9. my rules are long packed away and i remember them being present but seldom used in the slots as invasion was mostly a vechicle game and the transfer to pf made the use of inf important to the helix structure to those who bought any way back in 2012-13? the tarzon vets are kinda an after-thought to work them in to the pf structure...imho. mine are packed away deeply and unless you bought heavily into invasion it is really hard to come up with anything to use in pf and they do not play well with other helixes.
  10. what a timely arrival
  11. great looking spides.....thanks for the pics.
  12. thats a box full of love
  13. hopefully with the new intel we can put this thread away as we now know whats going on. it was nice to see an apology on the front blogpost.
  14. hi derek, are the sqds sizes going to change in 2.0? [that is for the units already released]. neils post mentioned repackaging so just curious and was not sure what that means. thank you
  15. .........and i have several pf books still stacked up[mine and others] that are useless. i sincerely hope these rules have time and testing done so we dont have to spend 2-3 months forum questions and waiting for various faqs. of course all this is moot if the 'repackage' plan leaves a bad taste it wont really matter. thats alot of work in a short time............hope the testers are up for this...........much riding on neils statements. hope to see.