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  1. indeed we are waiting to see
  2. being that they are no longer molded imho they may be hard to find..........unless spartan has some lost in the hq. all of my ucs ships have a new home.sorry to say and its not mine. when the game died locally i kept my models for a few years still hoping till ucs was sunk.
  3. hope you get some rest wes and superb looking always.
  4. great looking game and superb units............your table looks esp. cool. thanks for the report and pics.
  5. great looking gunships frost.
  6. hey wes, are those standard bulbs or halogen?
  7. looking forward to your pics......good luck
  8. great looking ships wes............
  9. oh wes, great shots of your minis.........just a question did my minis end up on your cant believe how close our paint schemes are. excellent job and love to see group shots. thank you
  10. good question that begs to be answered in a timely manner........thanks child9 for reminding us..............gettin older by one year and gettin forgetful..again thanks for the reminder.
  11. wow, just got the email............maybe not the best timing for ks?
  12. wow, those are really nice........thanks for the pics.
  13. might want to look at west aust. direct. for scheme ideas, he and i seem to be on a similar page. my direct. were primed black and light shot/dusting of gunmetal with dry brush of steel as hi-lite. color markings and bits and bobs were done in shades of blue with crystal/neon being the final hi-lite. bases drybrush with various flock/static grass textures. sorry dont have a camera but there is alot of inspiration in these hobby threads. hope that helps some best alamo
  14. hi and welcome, hope you enjoy the game and forum
  15. i really enjoy your work on the sorys and think you have captured them well. love your color choices.