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  1. That's just because you want to fit more Guilfords into your lists. With plenty of points to spare to add a Calico onto each squad.
  2. To be fair, it makes the Sturmbringer make a bit more sense, model wise, since that bombard is not capable of a 270 degree arc. And while the Sturmbringer is a good vessel, it shouldn't necessarily be a better choice over a Battleship considering the points gap between them. Besides, it actually not that bad with the 90 degree arc. Though it would be nice if the aft Speerschleuder could get in on shots with the bombard. Though, it would be cool if they were switched out for Speerschleuder torpedo turrets. Means it doesn't need to rise to the surface to shoot. And when it does, and you inevitably fail to get it to dive back down, it'll have a weapon that can still threaten something. That being said, Submarines in general need better surface defenses. Every time I've brought mine it pops up for a shot and I fail to send it back down and then it's focused to death the rest of that turn. That is a symptom of all submarines that only have surface firing weapons..........except the new Russian one that is. Tough as nails on the surface, but just as much firepower as a Battleship. Very powerful.
  3. Yeah. The rules for shooting say you 'may' do a targeted attack, defensive or counter attack action. So you can just choose not to shoot back. It's the sort of thing that would get raised eyebrows about from your opponents, but it's a legitimate strategy.
  4. You think thats a lot of terrain? That's about as much as my games have as standard (one in every 2ft of the board with maybe a few added pieces on top) How much do you play with?
  5. Your opponent refusing to attack back.
  6. Yes and no. Yes they are separate Orbat from the Prussians. No, they probably not going to be a separate army.
  7. No, of all the Orbats that we have updated to work in v2.5, the Russians are the ones that had the most beneficial changes to their stats, other than the Carrier and spotter changes. Add in to this the changes the rulebook made some some mechanics that the Russians make more use of than anyone else (Area Bombardment and spotting for example) the Russians have gotten very powerful. My Prussians didn't stand a chance against it. The loss of 4 or 5AP (Hard Pounding + Concussive) every other critical hit destroyed any chance I had to make the difference back through boarding. Right now they are brutal. But since we are only using v2.5 compliant stats for now, I am hopeful the power gap will be reduced come July.
  8. Sto

    Not necessarily. Since they aren't classed as an alliance nation within the rulebook, we can, for now, assume that they are all part of the Prussian Empire Orbat, but a sub division within that Orbat. So to all intents and purposes they are just any other Prussian force.
  9. Thought it would have been like that, but it feels very odd something that big being only Rugged 1, considering that lesser puny ships in comparison have Rugged 2
  10. Hasn't stopped one particular President. One question about the Ice Maiden.....why does it only have Rigged 1? Surely something of that size and composition should be rugged 2 if not rugged 4.
  11. As expected, that answered nothing of my question.....ever consider going into politics? You'd be great at it But in either case I look forward ti getting the models. Hoping they are suitably broken for a R&D section of the Prussian Empire.
  12. Pre-ordered mine the moment I saw the blog, which was abiut 5mins after it went up. Needed to get new sexy Metzger to add to the 4 other sexy Metzgers I have. And if there are still any of the boxes left by the time next month rolls around, im ordering a second box. 3 mk3 Eiders and 2 of the new Metzgers is just too much to pass up, considering how long we'll probably have to wait until they are released seperately. Sometimes I wish Multi-Purpose made the unit count as a Core in either theatre so I could use as many Metzgers as I can in a single list in Naval games.....but alas, no such luck. As bad as he is currently, put enough of them on the table and your opponent will have difficulties. Perhaps that could be the Teutonic Order special Commodore ability, all Multi-Purpose Robots count as Core for Naval and Land theatres? It would be cool. @Spartan Mike any chance you can make this so?
  13. Can't see them together? Or can you see them together?
  14. Well, I have yet to lose against the Russians since the first two games I played against them. I can beat just about any other faction easy enough, except I'd take huge losses vs the Japanese and the Russians because of how my opponent plays with them. Essentially, he plays with them as any Russian player should play with them. Hiding them at deployment. Then hiding the smalls and mediums behind the Large models, in a chevron formation preferably (considering Ablative Armour practically makes them practically invincible at range) until he can get them into RB2 where he just proceeds to obliterate everything because of the high AD weapons. Castling up with Russians is so easy and so powerful that you should never lose a game as them. And I'd go so far as to say that any Russian player that doesn't play this way isn't playing them correctly. Couple this with the new Spotter rule, the Russians have become really damn powerful. As I hope I indicated in my last post, I am holding off judgement on calling the new Russian Orbat as being too powerful, or broken, until I get a chance to play the finalised Prussian v2.5 Orbat, but the fact that their Orbat has been updated more than the other factions so far is really telling. The Ice Mines are cool, but the AD on them does need toning down. So far as I know, no other mine in the game is that powerful, with the exception of the High Payload Danish Mines. But for a glass cannon faction they sorely need it. The Russians do not. One thing my opponent did bring up is that the Tunguska specialist squadron can link in the Mines from the two supporting units into the Ice Mines. The wording of the Ice Mines say that they are Surface Mines, which if they were ordinary mines it would be fine, but since the Ice Mines can be moved means that you can get a 16AD Mine that can be moved wherever the Russian player wants it to go. This seems like an oversight, so any clarification you can give @Spartan Mike would be appreciated.
  15. No they do not. So you can activate it the turn they are rebuilt.