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  1. I've decided I'd start painting, Finish painting or repaint my Teutonic Order models. First up is my attempt to make Metzger look cooler in the water than the current waterlined model Spartan has made. Next is a Titan Troop Transport painted up to be a dedicated Teutonic Order Troop Transport Ship. Next up will be a "Command" Metzger model im working on, then the Hochmeister Dreadbot (yes I still despise its place in the game and never likely to use it, but I like the model in any case) then I will be moving onto the Schildtrager Robots and Fausts at some point.
  2. I put these up for sale on Shapeways, for anyone who wants any of them. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/joes-corner
  3. I never got one. The first I knew it was coming was when the courier sent me a text to inform me it was out for delivery.
  4. So typical Spartan time then? That's fair enough. By this point I'm used to the lateness of my pre-orders.
  5. Ok, here are the Torpedo Cruisers ready to go
  6. So far as I've experienced that's just how they come. I've never had to select special conditions or finishes at checkout.
  7. Thanks. But Spartan could do way better than anything I've done. I could post them up for sale on Shapeways for others to buy them if they wanted to. But most would probably find the price very off putting (these guys cost me £80 to print all 4 for example and that is only because I had to use a more expensive material to get the details that I added to the bridge section and turrets)
  8. Still waiting for the wash to dry, but thought I'd share s picture of them with paint on them as it shows more of the detail.
  9. Does anyone know what the exception is that the Eclipse Company is supposed to ignore for force composition? A friend of mine is asking, but I remember from when they were released that there was a copy and paste error from the last edition?? A page number for the rule in question would be nice too.
  10. Thanks. I thought that was the exception to the rule they had, But my friend wanted to make sure as another opponent of his is digging his feet in that it is rule 3 in v2.5 and he wont play against that faction unless he follows the rules to the letter (He's a bit of an ass, who routinely cheats both before a game (eg, he adds an extra 100+ points onto his lists, or goes above the size class percentages max) and during the game (claiming he has a rule, or a generator option on some of his units when they don't)) They are good friends though, otherwise my friend wouldn't keep playing him.
  11. Greenstuff and superglue. Works a charm
  12. Honestly, I have no idea what I'd do for a robot count as. Never really thought about it. But I probably wouldn't do a plane as they can hover in place if they wanted to. If I was good with organic things, like animals, I'd provably do an eagle
  13. The new cruisers arrived today, and they turned out perfect
  14. Many more people where I am got the Ice Maiden back at the start of July, including myself. So they definitely aren't the first. Go to my Rise of the Teutonic Order thread and you'll see my Ice Maiden. And I believe that Facebook group is run by @Nazduruk_Bugzappa including the Ice Maiden?
  15. And last, but not least, the Vulkan Repair Cruiser Count As model Not done yet, but here's the idea. A crane from the merchant navy goes into the hole at the front, while a Faust "Repair" robot stands on the deck ready to use its Tesla Arc Welder on any ship in need of assistance.
  16. Here are some of the other models I finished painting up. Been meaning to upload these for a while, but never got around to it. Hochmeister Dreadbot: Ice Maiden: And a picture of all of the robots together with the Ice Maiden. Not a great picture with them on top of a red box lid, but it is what it is: The Metzger with the Banner is the "Command" Metzger I mentioned in the first post. EDIT: Here is the completed Apollo Count-as model. Both this, and the Cruiser model are away at the printers now, so Should get them within the week.
  17. Ok guys, been a while since I updated this. Not done an awful lot of work on my Teutronics as I've been patiently waiting for my North Star orders. But in the mean time I've been working on this little nugget for my normal Prussian Fleet Say hello to my Dragoner (Dragoon) Class Light Cruiser (Another Hermes Merchantman Count-as model, but this time a Torpedo version) What do you guys think? EDIT: Just got this finished too. Haven't a name for it yet, so I'd take suggestions if anybody has it. It'll be my Count As Apollo model
  18. To be fair, Spartan is a company and it needs to make money to continue making their great games. And sure, the DW Kickstarter stuff still hasn't been fully dispatched yet, but the new Kickstarter has a month before funding is closed, and they'll have plenty of time between then and the ETA of the Firestorm Kickstarter dispatch date to get the DW pledges sorted and out the door. So in my view, this new Kickstarter is nothing to worry about. Spartan have been up front about the problems that pushed back the DW final date, and those have largely been fixed by now, but that doesn't mean they are completely ready to go with the delayed items. Be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day and kickstarters rarely go according to plan.
  19. Your guess is as good as ours. Spartan certainly haven't shown any interest in making them.
  20. It's a clear RAI vs RAW argument, but until an FAQ is put up the "correct" way to work this is a single Raging Fire Marker for every 5 and red 6 because the Red 6 equals two successes and the last time I checked a Raging Fire marker is not a success, but an effect. At least that would be the argument. And working in the construction industry, there is no such thing as being redundant. Especially when you want to make it completely clear as to what your meaning is.
  21. The Tesla Generator rules are clear. It's an extra D3" of movement after your normal movement, but you have to move your minimum move and the full extra D3" you get from the boost. So you can move your 2" minimum only and then get an extra 3" from the boost, then you have satisfied the requirements of the boost. For the Storm Generator, page 165 says all Generators are used during the Command Consolidation Step....unless otherwise noted by the generator itself. As for the templates, that is what I was told repeatedly by the this forum.
  22. The rule doesn't say you get 2 fires. Only that you place "a Raging Fire marker." Singular. So while you can reroll, you only ever put a single fire token on a roll of 6.
  23. Blast Templates: the template has to be completely inside the max range. If you are using multiple templates in an area bombardment the other templates just scatter in whatever direction the random direction chart says it does. Even if it goes beyond max range. Disruption Generator: I'd say it is roll once and apply the effect to everything in range. Tesla Generator: I believe it was switched to after your main movement because the surge ability was rarely used in comparison to the Boost. So to make the Surge more important choice the boost was moved. However, the rulebook is clear in that the boost is just an extra D3" you get to move your model directly forward after you've finished your main move with the model. For example, the Prussian battlecruiser moved 8", using 2" to turn to the left. Then the player uses the Tesla Boost to gain an extra 2" straight ahead. Storm Generator: they are placed whenever the activating model has spent the points to place it of course.
  24. Well, the v2.5 map is the war with current territorial changes so far in it. The one on that website was the world at the start of the war.
  25. Count up the points of the models you kill plus the strategic value of that model, if it has it. Simples.
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