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  1. It's not in the lists, but in the store--the Covenant Core Battle Group lists the Alma Skimming Destroyer as one of the available smalls.
  2. My only point was they're currently marketed as a Major Nation rather than an Alliance Nation in the store. I was surprised by that, since I had thought they were going to be an Alliance Nation when I backed the KS, but they have their own tab just like all the Major Nations, so... /shrug
  3. The Egyptians are being introduced as a main faction, as far as I can tell. The dearth of carriers is, in that case, almost certainly temporary. Under the new drone control rules, you want your carriers farther forward. The expanded bubble on Egyptian carriers actually means they can hang further back than a Kepler while keeping its drones operating at peak efficiency. I came to the same initial conclusion as you regarding its comparison to the Kepler, but when I pulled up the statlines and started comparing them, I found the Bastet pulling significantly ahead. It just has a lot more firepower in the range where it actually benefits its drones, and its drones are better to begin with and more improved by its presence. From where I'm standing, having aggressive, close in weapons on a drone launcher is actually better than the long range guns you want on a normal carrier under the new paradigm. Otherwise, you're wasting points on either your guns or your Combat Coordinator. The old Covenant model of sitting back and pounding the enemy with lasers while your drones charge forward just doesn't make sense anymore. Where we differ is that I consider the rules to already have been released. The Covenant ORBAT has been updated, new drone paradigm mixed with long range weapons and all, so until we get the update that we're all hoping for, it is what it is. (I'll happily concede that my comments on energy blasts may have been premature--I had honestly forgotten about the Descartes' blast, which is better than the Mandjet's.)
  4. I can confirm this. Their drones are just...better than ours. Which kinda sucks. And their energy blast puts our Callimachus to shame. Granted, it's much more expensive, but at the moment it seems Egypt is superior to the Covenant in both drone construction and energy weapon development. The optimist in me is hoping the increased combat coordinator bubble ranges will be addressed in the Covenant update, and that Egypt's larger ranges are Spartan having addressed that criticism. We'll see, I guess. I'm not incredibly hopeful, at this point.
  5. Mike, what is Spartan's vision for the Covenant right now? I know that specific rules are always subject to change (a living ruleset is one of the things my group likes about DW) but identity is something you can talk about without having a testing team in place. What sort of playstyle/experience are you aiming to get refine with the testing team?
  6. Ooh, some kind of Large in the Pytheus design realm? A stealth bomber? Interesting...
  7. @Spartan Mike, I'm heartened I hear this is still a priority. Given that design philosophy is still a major driver of ORBAT design, can I ask what the driving design philosophy of the penguins is going to be in this new edition? Over the years, I've seen it shift between strange tools, energy weapons, drones, synergies between different units, and maybe a couple other things, but changes to target painters, SAS (and their control bubbles), and particle beams have left me without much understanding of what the current vision of the Covenant tabletop experience is. Edit: I'm not really asking for anything the playtesters need to work on, I'm curious about the design philosophy overall that you'll be trying to implement.
  8. Anyone with the new rulebook, a few questions. I'm trying to wrap my head around some things. Does Hunter from multiple sources stack? What does Wing Launcher do? Thank you!
  9. I'm just generally baffled by the new direction Spartan is taking CoA. Are we a short range force now, with the changes to drones and particle accelerators? Like, the new Hyperbius looks cool, and the brawler Aristotle helps our drones...hunt subs, I guess, sure, but am I really supposed to shove my Keplers down the other fleet's throat? And for heaven's sake, now that we're back to having special rules, could we please fix the Epicurus? What's that new rule Wing Launcher do? Could that fix it?
  10. Sorry if I missed this, but when will the PDF be generally available? My pledge didn't include a rulebook
  11. I'm definitely happy to see other people (or at least CoA's allies ) getting drones, and even better if they feel faction-specific. What has me worried is the sheer extent of ORBAT rewriting I see as necessary to make that work...and how delicate it's going to be. After all, drones would really only want to be hugging aggressive ships if they're augmenting those ships' capabilities, right? Are those ships costed like they're always going to have drone support? (Will my gun-Aristotle be viable again?) I don't really know what other people's games look like, we have a pretty small group, but in our experience, the person who strikes first with SAS generally wins that segment of the battle, so forcing drones into close support seems to severely limit how good they'll be, even if they're buffed. (It's, uh, also possible we're just bad--much as we like the game, we don't get too many games in.) I really hate how whiny I'm coming off--we haven't even seen a tiny segment of the changes yet! Drones have just been a problem for a while, but they're a part of what I love about the game; oddly enough, the image of these little dogfighting cruise missiles being launched from raygun gothic ships and kamikazeing into enemy ships is a big part of what attracted me to the CoA (and DW as a whole). These changes feel like the designers might be throwing in the towel on that vision. It's...silly, to be this attached to that vision, but I guess it's how I feel within the context of the game. And I'd like the devs to know that there's at least one fan of theirs who wants this corner of the game to be as cool as it can be. I truly wish to be surprised! I'd very much like to be wrong about this. I hope that I'm dead wrong and I'm totally wowed and blown away by the changes that are made!
  12. The crippling and generator changes seem positive to me, as do the changes involving the rulebook. I'm...a bit leery of the SAS changes, as a CoA player. Back in 1.1, drones were worse than everyone else's SAS, but came in massive numbers. I get that 2.0 SAS rules need to be fixed (our group just tacitly agreed not to go SAS spam, but that's not a realistic solution for an entire game line), but from a Covenant perspective at least this seems like it could be doubling down on some of the problems with drones people have had: you either fully commit to using them or you don't do much with them at all. Again, I think I can see why this might be positive for the game as a whole, but it doesn't feel positive for the faction that I play. I'd love to have someone help me see that I've missed something, though.
  13. This is exciting news! I'm excited to see what people have come up with. I can only hope one of those robots is the beloved DreadSquid. Mike, I know part of the KS allowed backers to block the general release of their models. How many of these are we actually going to be able to get? Will you show us the ones that won't be available? (Part of me wants to see them, and the other part thinks it would simply be cruel...)
  14. Thanks Mike! Is this going to include any info on the public backer-created models? I'm interested to hear even vague outlines of what people have created!
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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