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  1. What plan would that be?
  2. Love it! You called it a dinner plate too
  3. I'm thinking a dread would be ok (if a little crazy!) at 1250, more sensible at 1500 plus.
  4. Wow. I'm genuinely blown away by your models here! The concepts are simple enough, but brilliant! I'm curious what you'd do if, for instance, someone didn't like the FSA Freedom Mk2 and the John Henry. What plane would you do as a "counts as"? note: I hate the freedom and the JH!
  5. I love the terrain I also have a soft spot for the titanic model...
  6. Starting after my lunch I'll try not to disappoint
  7. All the wishlisting aside, my KS arrived this weekend while I was away... finally looked at the FSA expansion box and it's all lovely! Very impressed, especially the Providence
  8. Kickstarter stuff arrived. I officially hate (read: I'm VERY jealous!) you Russian Coalition types right now! It's HUGE!
  9. I have done in the past, and in the near future I'll be paying Neil a visit to discuss play testing and the such this time was a waiting game though as I know how stressed everyone got with the KS.
  10. To be honest, I'm planning on picking one up before the year is out
  11. No, that's not me unfortunately! I only just got my stuff
  12. I like your points, I've not got a Missi, but I see your point...
  13. Oh, I'd love a KoB expansion, so I gotta win this!
  14. So peeps, seeing as my Kickstarter turned up yesterday, I thought I'd build a new list around the newer models! What are your thoughts my good fellows: Liberty heavy battleship with shield - 230 Providence monitor - 155 Annapolis battle cruiser with shield - 125 Calico squadron - 170 Georgetown MK2 squadron - 210 Augusta frigate squadron - 100 Animas assault submarine squadron - 100 Guilford destroyer squadron - 160 1250 on the nose!