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  1. The new web app looks good, hoping we'll see DWars get the love on that soon
  2. Lol, well hopefully Josh or Mike will let us know soon...
  3. They have... stuff oh come on! We really need better than that!
  4. With everyone else getting love and teasers I'm feeling like the FSA has been a little looked over. The RC has their special ice generator, the Frogs get their retardant armour and the like... where is the American flavour? @Spartan Mike or @Spartan Josh how about a little love here guys!
  5. Page 183: Local Air Support and Combat Air Patrol. The page numbers listed are given for each other. LAS "see page 80 for more" should be see page 86, CAP "see page 86 for more" should be see page 80
  6. I really like the blind activations rule! I'll be using that in my home games
  7. I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I've been on here, the SG website and anywhere else I can think of almost solidly for about a month now
  8. If you read the email it says this week... have faith in Spartan! @Spartan Josh or @Spartan Mike time to chime in and relieve that pressure!!
  9. Yup, I'm just thankful that my mate won't paint it, so it won't get bought!!!
  10. I've gotta admit @Zahariel I've refused to paint a Russian dreadbot if my mate Dan buys one!! So far it's stopped him getting one I'm not a fan of them at all. They're very over the top, mega exaggerated versions of each nation, the one thing about the game that I genuinely hate... sorry, bit of a rant!!
  11. It'll be interesting to see how tournament organisers do things with regards to random or set command abilities...
  12. That's pretty damn awesome! I'm especially liking the sub-commanders the excitement is still building, even if the momentum has dropped a touch!