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  1. @Illidar I'll take you up on that! I need to get my current fleets painted too, I've been concentrating on my mates fleet a lot!
  2. Ha ha! Cheers @Spartan Mike I've been away with the army a lot this month, but I'll update as soon as I can
  3. That's fair enough, it'll be me that's painting mine and my mates kickstarter stuff!
  4. @child9 if SG are so aweful, why bother? The level of negativity from yourself just isn't needed or wanted...
  5. Morning @Gen. Eric! How's the painting going in general! I got the Russian modular finished, and I'll be painting Murmansk as soon as it shows up! You really think we'll get our stuff soon?
  6. Having chatted with @Benchpresserfor a good few months now I've seen his plans... you Russian players will have a GLORIOUS new model!
  7. Cheers, I will!
  8. So I'm not the biggest fan of the John Henry or Freedom robots, in fact I can barely stand them! Each to their own I guess. I'm in talks with a friend that 3D prints his own stuff, and I'm a little stumped. Originally I was thinking of a plane to replace both, but then I realised that both would have to be VTOL which might be a little too much. what would you all do if you did a "counts as" for the two robots?
  9. I'm by no means a pro painter bud, but mebbe some numbers or a camo scheme to break up the hull a little it'll take a good boat up to a great boat IMO looking good though!
  10. BATREPs, pictures, board... it's getting there! 1k of Russians hopefully tomorrow!
  11. Update on the blog... http://thegrandfleet.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/the-board-plus-more.html been too long!
  12. Well with current 2.0 ORBATS my FSA and my KoB fleets stand at 4k and 3k respectively. 1k of RNZ too. I've got little air assets though, so that'll be the way I expand next. Especially if air carriers become the norm.
  13. So I kinda picked up a LOT more KoB than I planned to I now own a dreadnought, ruler, large sub, 6 tribals, 3 gunships, 13 frigates, 5 corvettes, 5 small subs... and a couple of other bits too! Oops
  14. Am I the only FSA admiral that thinks sharpshooters is a bit of a **** national flavour? In comparison to the Russian ablative armour for instance... rockets got no barrage buff btw @Hubcap
  15. The new web app looks good, hoping we'll see DWars get the love on that soon