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  1. Oh, my apologies. roadkizzle's version is correct: "I can't wait to see them both together". Seeing another picture of awesome stuff I just had to comment on your post. However, living with lack of sleep and free time (after recent birth of my second child) I tend to eat words (instead of proper meals)...
  2. That's very nice! Can't see them both together. :-)
  3. Very nice stuff! Thanks for posting.
  4. Wow! That "blade" looks fantastic! Great job!
  5. Kudos for the determination! It's sort of how it looks in my gaming neighbourhood. My gaming buddy who has started Britannia army, dropped the project already, because the game is dead (thanks Spartan!). I've got lots of stuff still in boxes, but I don't feel the urge to process them. I might easily build a second army (besides my currently semi complete Prussians) to have two playable forces. That would allow me to introduce someone to the game and have someone to play with using my models. However, unless Spartan reactivate the game somehow, I'm not going to proceed with the project - simply, on the workbench I've got other projects of "alive" games.
  6. Nice! It's always great to see a new army being build. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the work and keep posting the progression. :-)
  7. Awesome! However, longer version would be cool. Maybe record everything having camera on a tripod and then do a voice-over? Just an idea - I don't know how to easily do it myself. :-)
  8. The colours you use are so evocative. Very nice, awesome stuff! Thanks for posting.
  9. As I've already said, brilliant colour scheme! Consider it stolen (not necessarily for Planetfall models).
  10. Sweet!!! I can't wait to see more of your battle reports. Hopefully, full length ones. ;-) Awesome job! BTW, what gaming mat was that?
  11. What a striking, organic colour scheme! Very nice! Great brushwork. Thanks for posting.
  12. Very nice work on the infantry and their bases. Red and gold colour scheme for tanks is absolutely smashing! I can't wait to see all of the tanks painted. Thanks for the inspiration!
  13. Cracking brush work mate! I really like the colour scheme. It feels coherent and is pleasant to look at. I like the weathering. Very nice!
  14. Nice models and scenery! I would like to see more (said the guy who has suspended all of his DL projects due to the game's "dead" status...)! :-)
  15. Thanks for the link. Well, after some Firestorm Galaxy shake-up maybe the Dystopian world will eventually get the proper treatment and Spartan guys' words will really come to fruition.