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  1. Awesome paint-job! The whole set looks amazing. It just screams: "Play with me!"
  2. Wow, I love those little guys! Excellent brushwork! Sometimes it's faster and easier to use yet another colour right from the pot, than mix three others to paint a little spot in the desired colour. So I wouldn't be worried about the number of paints used.
  3. Excellent brushwork! I can't wait to see other models.
  4. I agree that it might be difficult. However, if you eradicate common units in Wars and Legions (which are actually only a few) then it might be possible. The games might live their own separate lives then. You might also think of licensing the right to write rules. And make a joint venture - Spartan provides miniatures (and fluff?), while the outside company writes and releases rules etc. However, my biggest concern is that Spartan won't agree on anything similar. They will prefer to just sit on everything, just in case... Now, that's perfectly viable and truly in a Spartan's style.
  5. Well, I'm just a positively inclined guy. And that also covers Dystopian Legions. However, when all fails and Legions' trireme eventually sinks somewhere on the still uncharted by Spartans sea, I just hope that somebody (maybe an enterprise established by our community initiative?) buys out Legions' IP from Spartan and then revives the game. There is a game "Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish". It is based on a Dystopian Legions 2.0 ruleset trimmed to skirmish battles. Maybe that's the way to go? By the way, I've never had "Achtung! Cthulhu" in my hands, but would really like to. I'm wondering if that ruleset could work as Dystopian Skirmish.
  6. As always, fantastic stuff! Very nice colour scheme! Going off topic, you can always learn something new. For instance, I've never heard about Pilbara before. Now I'm couple of web pages wiser. Thanks!
  7. Indeed, it is the same old story. I've just said that it was some kind of information and Mike's statement technically meant something. He might have just said "We'll let you know." which would mean nothing regarding the status of Dystopian Legions. But now we at least know that the game is still hibernated. And sure, I'll wake you up when something important happens. Hopefully, I'll do it by the cries of joy and clang of money poured into Spartan's sacks when the fantastic and abundant update of the game appears.
  8. No, it does mean something - the game support hiatus prolonged. What will future bring? They can start supporting the game. However, it's also just one step from a cancellation of the project...
  9. I don't know how many of you follow Firestorm Planetfall threads. Yesterday I've used the opportunity to ask Spartan Mike, who roams through whirlwinds of discussions there, about Dystopian Legions. Spartan Mike said: So, I've asked directly: "Does it mean that Dystopian Legions are also worked on?" And Mike was kind to answer: "Whilst I am unable to offer ANY details whatsoever, this game is in my pile. And that is a good thing to have in my stack! " So, there you go. Take it as you wish.
  10. @Spartan Mike Does it mean that Dystopian Legions are also worked on?
  11. I also do remember the 28mm/32mm scale confusion when the game was released (which actually was carried up until the 2.0 version release). That is certainly a mistake on Spartan's behalf. All what can be done now I just clearly stating that DL is a 32mm game without even mentioning of the former 28mm disgrace. I certainly agree that using slightly out of scale terrain is perfectly fine as long as it does not disturb players. I remember that in my gaming group we've been using various wonky scaled terrain in our games of the famous sci-fi wargame. And we had a great fun! Fair note about the humans height creep. It is true that medieval scenery technically fits DL. However, personally, I prefer gaming in a more specific, up to date world which clearly distinguishes DL from other more generic (e.g. medieval) settings. Anyway, for me one of the most prominent indications of humans height rise among the ages are bed sizes. If you see preserved peoples beds when you visit diverse castles, palaces, manors, folk museums etc. you'll clearly note how small the people were years ago.
  12. I think 32mm scale of Dystopian Legions is totally not an issue. The argument that DL models have difficulties to be used in other (28mm) games is in fact an insult for Spartan. What games designer would like to release an awesome game with awesome models... just for the models to be used in other competitory games?? The company is called Spartan Games, not Spartan Miniatures. They are not like, say, Reaper or Hasslefree which produce various ranges of miniatures for other people games. Spartan is the games company that creates fantastic games complete with dedicated miniatures (well, almost complete ). There's also an argument that no terrain and scenery from other 28mm games will fit in DL's 32mm. Actually, generic terrain (hills, rocks, dirt/cobblestone roads, woods etc.) will fit perfectly fine. And the other stuff like buildings or man-made structures? Be honest, how many 28mm steam-punk or Victorian era stuff there is on the market? I mean your fantasy or sci-fi scenery wouldn't fit DL world anyway, even if DL were 28mm scale game. You just have to make dedicated scenery by yourself... or wait for Spartan to release something... or scavenge some scale model stuff in 1:48 (still, hard to find something fitting; yet, it would be even much harder if DL were 28mm, i.e. scale model's 1:56). And personally, I'm bored of heroic scale 28mm. Moreover, I think that while "true" scale 28mm (1:56) miniatures took too wimpy, they look really well in 32mm (1:48). So summing up, I'm happy DL are in 32mm.
  13. I'm sure we will have Dystopian Legions kickstarter next year! All factions fully supported with miniatures, core units in plastic, more ironclads, new scenery, 3.0 rule set, campaign system, force building app and many, many more... Fingers crossed!
  14. Thanks for the info. I've never thought that Gelforce grit is so fine. It looks really good for Planetfall scale. From what I see from your pictures one of the infantry bases is under-painted brown, while the rest is black. Too be fair both versions look good. :-) However, the bases with brown make whole models look warmer. It's hard to decide which are better. :-)
  15. Seems a beast! I'm really curious of your post-game review and opinion.
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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