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  1. One more short footage of Dystopian Legions:
  2. I'm afraid there are no assembly instructions. The only reference are official pictures/renders. Consider it a puzzle. ;-) I know that some parts placement is not intuitive or clear. Give it some time and you'll figure out everything. And remember not to use any glue before you match the parts at least twice*. * - the old rule of paper model builders, that I've learnt a quarter of a century ago. ;-)
  3. I did not participate in Salute 2017 (oh, I wish I had), however I've found on YouTube a video with a short Dystopian Legions footage. It's low quality, but quite interesting. Amongst others there is Prussian Empire Faust, Covenant of Antarctica Xenophon Class Small Walker (unfortunately, obscured by a building), and some Russians! Enjoy: Have any of you participated in Salute 2017? If you did and if you've taken any pictures/videos related to Dystopian Legions, you are welcome to post them in this thread. :-)
  4. That lich/necromancer colour scheme suits the Dindrenzi very well. Nice job!
  5. I really like this skew into more modelling possibilities like squadron swapping or converting Pathogen assimilated models. I know that most of the stuff is going to be blister packaged. However, can we expect opening bringing back the bits/parts shop? I'm sure you know, that nothing makes a modeller happier than a few overpriced bits precisely suited to his crack-brained project.
  6. Everything is really outstanding! I like the colour variation amongst the armies. Their battles must look smashing! On a personal note, I wish I had so much hobby time as you have. And contrary to your case, holiday weekends for me mean even less hobby time than usual. :-)
  7. Really nice army! And the scenic bases are fantastic. Very inspirational. Thanks for posting. :-)
  8. Awesome! BTW, have you got any preferred MDF terrain manufacturer? Any advice on what should I pay attention to while choosing such terrain? For instance, I've been looking at Knights Of Dice range and some of their buildings look rally nice. Have you ever come across any stuff from them?
  9. It's great that you are back on track with DL after such a long break. It's really nice to see still dedicated players. Awesome work! Don't let us wait long for the completed section. :-)
  10. Looks promising. I can't wait to see them finished. Just do not give up! :-)
  11. Great deal of news on the future of Planetfall (and Armada): In my perspective, they've given too many dates - they are doomed to fail. Nonetheless, I'll keep my hopes. Spes ultima moritur.
  12. Fantastic work mate! I must say, I've got a mixed feelings about camo effects on miniatures. My experiences with camo on 28mm models were rather underwhelming. While up close those models might look terrific (like in your case), from a tabletop distance they usually look like mono-colour blobs. Which, in fact, is exactly what camo should do! Nonetheless, in my painting I prefer rather pronounced colours and paint schemes - just for the cool factor. :-) Something along the lines: "Hey! We are wearing bight yellow uniforms, so you can clearly see us from the distance. We are not afraid of a shell and bullet hailstorm. You should fear us as soon as you see us! (...which actually never happens. ;-) )" To be fair, if you'll keep updating this thread, I think I'm going to dust off my Planetfall starter and paint the minis. Or even buy some more Planetfall stuff! :-) In fact, due to the game status and game neglect by Spartan, quite often there are some nice deals for Planetfall...
  13. In my opinion, the most interesting, and in fact the only sensible, would be Dystopian Legions kickstarter dedicated to produce plastic (i.e. polystyrene) core infantry. It would be sort of escape forwards (from the current status of the game). The advantages of having plastic range of models would be immense. Just to mention that the game would join the exclusive polystyrene club, which in itself is an ennoblement and which spawns myriads of advantages and possibilities. I might be two levels kickstarter. If the first, lower, is reached then commission someone (Renedra?) to actually make the sprues. If the second, higher, level is reached then buy appropriate equipment and make the models themselves. SG have awesome sculptors and I wouldn't be surprised if they've been sitting on some 3D models of plastic-ready sprues already.
  14. Oops!... They did it again... I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry. Apparently, Spartan trireme is sinking... and sinking fast...
  15. Where did you take speed painting lessons? ;-) But seriously, I really like your growing army. Fantastic work! And I can't wait those upcoming batreps. BTW, what are the minis in the background? Are those Romans by Warlord Games being prepared for Hail Caesar?