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  1. The post system. It should be kept safe until I pick it up. It is probably standar, but why oh why must they always come in working hours... Sorry for being of-topic...
  2. My story about the DLH from earlier: someone suddenly calls me and ask me if I'm home. They are apparently outside my appartment. The problem, I'm at work. Then they ask for another apointment, in working hours. No, I don't want to take a day of just to get my stuff. Put it in the mail, so I can pick it up whenever I want.
  3. When can we expect updated orbats to see daylight?
  4. So, for people with personal rule books have not jet been shipped? Did you not tell us they have started shipping or do I remember wrong?
  5. What does started shipping mean? I want to know when my package is shipped.
  6. On Page 195 it reads: No Boarding Actions may be launched by, or against, a Model occupying the Submerged Height I'm guessing that this also effects the diving hight band even if it doesn't say so. Aquattic assault reads: Assuming all other Boarding conditions are met, this Model MAY initiate an Aggressive Boarding Action against a Model occupying the Submerged Height Level. Equally a Model with this MAR occupying the Submerged Height Level may initiate an Aggressive Boarding Action against a Model occupying the Surface Height Band. My question is, what does it mean by 'all other conditions are met'? Spesificly, can a submerged unit assault a submerged unit? Strictly speaking, it seems to read that you can ignore the fact that the target model is submerged, but not that the assault unit is submerged. The second part definitively makes an exception for the 'assaulter being submerged', but not the target model... That being said, there should maybe be two different mars for aquatic assault. Submerged robots should be able to assault other units in same hight band while submerged, but not neccessarily surface ships while submerged?
  7. I would very muuch appreciate a heads up when my personal stash is being ship. That way I know if the post is slow or not. Being shiped means they have started shipping it. Not that my personal stash has been shipped...
  8. I think all forts should be able to be damaged by rockets...
  9. But you pay extre for the spesific abilities. Without anything, it is on par with the enterprice with shield at almost the same cost. I have played against the Enterprice a lot, and I find that one to be a very powerful model, almost overpowered. So find a model which is even better,... That being said, I have never played for or against it, and it might be that the fortification +1 to be hit is what makes it balanced. Cuz it is a severe penalty.
  10. I'm very glad that some checks and balances are set to the none major factions. Cuz at first glance the ZMD still seems very much overpowred. The ZMD as discussed here actually still seems vastly overpowered. I haven't played it, but the US enterprice is one of the better models out there, and jet the ZMD seems far better. Just to list a few things. As defense, the ZMD does not have shield(3) and it is a fortification compared to the enterprice, but it does have +3HP +Redoubtable on all weapons. That is a BIG bonus. +isloated systems + security posts(3) --- On firepower, it is massively better -Rockets causes fire & are concussive. -Primary guns are concussive. Concussive firepower has increased in value. -The flamethrowers are nasty. And it is a carrier. Which isn't neglible either.
  11. I'm thinking along the similar concept in mind. All ships have high protection. (almost all at the moment) Flying and robot based one: Ob├╝ 25 5 125 Tetsebu 30 5 150 Zarigani 30 5 150 Fuijin 20 5 100 Smalls 525 35.12% Chita 75 2 150 Terror Ship 160 1 160 Tanuki 85 3 255 Medium 565 37.79% Toyokawa 170 1 170 Kaiji + sields 235 1 235 Large 405 27.09% 1495 I'm concidering replacing the Kajiji with Tenkei' and the Tanuki with 2 Tengus. Then I can add a squad of something in addition. Only thing I den will miss is a disruption generator...
  12. You got a big point. If we meet an enemy with no carriers and all cap, we can safely use all our own local air support aggressively. 1500 points, and wiht only 1 tenkei we can: First send in a wave of fighters to get rid of their CAP on one enemy, then follow with 4 waves of dive bombers...
  13. For the game, it might be. For EoBS power: obviously not. But, by weakening rockets slightly, it does allow for other fanzy things without increasing price that much. I'm interested in the hints @Spartan Mike has given about fire for example. However, what it does mean is that any large with cap will not be fired upon by our rockets until cap is gone. Typical in my games, small & mediums die first then large last. Partly because large are better protected, partly because small & medium go forward faster... Leading to 'kill all large' being by far the most difficult. This change will not help in that regret.
  14. They don't??? Can fighters do the same? Then, any fighters are excelent at this jobb...
  15. Yes, but that does not modify the 'to-hit' numbers...
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