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  1. This sounds very promosing. I like it a lot. It sounds as if it is possible to make different kinds of carriers with different abilities with regards to SAS abilities.
  2. Edit: oopps, I guess I quated the wrong person. I agree with Thamoz Actually, I'm not entirely sure. Often, mediums are killed by pure HP anyway (light cruiser takes two good shots) and the effect of the crit isn't that huge. But versus large, those crit effect really count. Also a CR+DR will also hurt large units. While light cruisers have 4HP and taking 3HP is 1HP short of destruction. It will still requiered two shots to kill it. Versus a heavy destroyer, I actually like the DR+CR rule. It means that heavy destroyers are not twice as sturdy as destroyers, only 50% more sturdy. And it will easier to balance them both destroyers and heavy destroyers. Heavy destroyers will be sturdier, but not that much sturdier. Also, it does makes high firepower nicer that it was. This means that it will be easier to tweak units. An increase in firepower will have a greater effect. It is a very positive change. I agree that I don't want the game to be more top heavy than it is, but I there are other ways to counter that.
  3. Or both at the same time
  4. Me, who have never played one (air core game). Why is it unbalanced?
  5. Shrödinger weaponary would be cool...
  6. For us who don't have the time to listen to the entire episode right away, what is the new SAS rule?
  7. Fleetcarrier with ghostship generator, sounds nice
  8. Is it a flyer a ship or a sub?
  9. Looking forward to reading it... I suppose the ghostship generator will be part of 2.5 rules?
  10. Spot 1 round before fire. 12" area of effect, huge unpredictable scatter...
  11. Somewhere @Spartan Mike dropped the hint that they wanted to make the wani as a separatseparate faction. I love the idea. I am one of those that love the terror ship. It looks cool, can take a hell of a lot of beating and is just cool. And it has a sonic generator which cannot be replaced. Only time I get to use it. However, how do you have any ideas how to make a balanced Battleship for it? Ghostship generator on a BB would be extreme. Maybe it is more difficult to hide a BB due to its size. Ghost smalls however would just be cooool. If you could fit the generator on them. Any thoughts?
  12. How accurate are these guns? (In lore terms)
  13. I like this change. It gives torps a clear cut addvantage against shields which many nations uses. I read it olike torps are improved Good point for the torpedo bomber.