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  1. Can you?
  2. Yes the rebuild option is a fun option. And maybe it isn't as powrefull as we think. BUT still it needs some limitations. There are tons of very strange situations... 1) Is there any rule against firing at your own squads? I don't think so. Thus I would have a fighter wing ready to kill off my useless wings. 2) The fighter ACE ability let you reroll dice. In some cases that may be used to reroll 6's cuz you don't want to kill your opponent. 3) heavy AA, swarm tactics and that alike is a dubios bonus. In many cases it's negativ since you only want to weaken the enemy, not wipe them out. 4) You will see divebombers attacking fighters and the fighters refusing to fight back. Or vise versa. 5) +1 in DR for SAS is mostly positive, but in some situations it is negative when it comes to SAS versus SAS. You want to weaken the enemy but get eliminated your self. 6) +1 AA for divebomber/torpedo bomber is a dubious bonus. 6) 3 fighter sqauds versus a wing of 5. It's better to have the 3 cuz they will get eliminated, the 5 will only be weakened. 7) A 3 fighter wing is very good. As it does not totally destroy a target, but at the same time there is a large probability to get eliminated your self. 8) Especially with the heavy AA, if you target a dive bomber wing which has allready activated, and you roll to good, it is eliminated, and the enemy get the shot at rebuilding it and activating it. It turns the spend dive bomber to an unspend divebomber... 9) Lets say you have 5 wings at start of game and start of that turn. Then you activate all 5 wings, and you are lucky, 3 of them are eliminated in the process. Then you rebuild 2 full squads of 5 wings at one of your carrier. The activate the two wings. You are lucky once again and 1 of them are destroyed. Then you activate your other carrier and rebuild 2 again. Thus, you activate the SAS up to 9 times. 10) nr 7 will lead to strangt things like you don't necessarily want to fire at the full 5 squad of fighters, since you want the enemy fighters to risk destroying your wing instead of weakening it. And the problem arises because it's not only better to weaken a wing than to eliminate it, but far far better. This should never be. Atleast not to the extent it is now. Increase the cost of rebuild to atleast 4 (I recommend 6, as that what it cost to fully rebuild and rearm a wing) and don't allow SAS to activate in the same turn as they are build. That will eliminate all these problems.
  3. I agree that it's better way to play the game. But rebuild still have some issues.
  4. What I'm concerned about is that rebuild is far far stronger carrier action than any of the other actions... Lets compare two situations. 1) After some combat, the torpedo bomber SAS is down to 1 SAW left and has used it's torpedoes. 2) After some combat, the torpedo bomber SAS is completely wiped out. 1) In the first case, the SAS needs to spend 1 turn too drive back to the carrier (1 or more rounds), then the carrier needs to spend 2 (or is it 1?) carrier points to rearm, and 4 to replenish. In next round, a full SAS of 5 torpedo bombers is ready to move. Thus costing you 1 or more round, and 5-6 carrier points to do so. 2) In the second case, the SAS is ready redeployed for 3 carrier points and may move the very same turn it got wiped out. And in addition, you have the liberty of switching it for free to fighters or dive bombers. This cost you no rounds, and 3 carrier points. Thus, if you are lucky, and have enough destroyed SAS, a carrier(6) may actually to it twice! Which is kind of crazy. This makes for the very strange situation where to much AA might be BAD for you. Where swarm tactics for your fighters is BAD for you, not good. I rather not have it. And 3 fighter sas might be said to be better than 5. Reducing the divebombers/torpedobombers down to the level where they cannot do much harm is far better than eliminating it. Where you should be careful not to wipe out enemy SAS. If you have many SAS, and some luck, you may be able to send in your fighters to get rid of enemy cap AND get eliminated your self. If you don't, it's better to get eliminated next round than try to return to the carrier. Then you can launch the next wave, and if you are lucky, also that SAS is entirely lost, and guess what, repeat... It's also risky to use AA at SAS which have spend their ammo. Yes, reducing the number of Divebombers from 3 to 1 is good for you, as the enemy carrier will need 2 extra carrier points to do so. But reducing it from 3 to 0 is really stupid... Carrier seems very potent in 2.5, and far more so than in 2.0. And rebuild is to powerful. -SAS should be produced spent. -It should cost 6 carrier points. This way it would be far more interesting, as rebuild is still available but a single damage on regular carriers and it's no longer available.
  5. It's a beautiful model, but it's stats???
  6. Toyowaka Price: : 170pt (0.41HP/10pt) Weapon systems : 4 (broadside, broadside, aft turret, torpedoes) Effective weapon systems : 2 Firing angles : very difficult, very difficult, medium, medium Firepower : Broadside+turret: 18/15/12/8 sustained(2), causes fire turret: 11/9/7/3 sustained(1), causes fire Broadside : 12/10/8/6 sustained(2), causes fire Torpedoes : 13/11/-/- torpedoes, ignore shield, faster torpedoes, causes fire speed : Good (+1 compared to normal large) mobility : Good (sharp turn) Durability : Good +, (ruged construction(1), shield and +2 in CR is very good. But it as below averrage CC and only 7 hp) AA/CC: AA 5, CC:6 Boarding : 10AP (0.59AP/10pt) stocic Specail : Hit and run, repair with 8' range (10 dice hitting at 4+), moral boost. Uses : repair medium ships, and good firepower at close ranges. Description: Very interesting unit. It's broadside+aft turret firepower is on par with the firepower of the main BB, but significantly harder to pull of at long ranges. And it lacks rockets. But at rb 1 however, due to they being secondery and not primary, it is actually preaty good. In addition it has a very deadly torpedo attack. So it has decent firepower. HP per point is comparable to other large units, and it's protection from gunnery makes it very resilient for it's price. A very interesting vessel. It has strengths and limitations. No weapon systems which is easy to use, but strong if you do. The repair makes it also good to couple with something, maybe espcially medium units.
  7. The IKA should get Terryfing(Boarding) cuz it fits so nicely with the model.
  8. An idea for the wani: Targeted disruption generator. Instead of an area effect, target one model. (so that it does not risk targeting your own ships )
  9. A few more notes on generators. -Putting a defensive genertor on a large expensive ship with large huge guns and toys is a great asset for the ship. -Putting an offensive genertor on a large expensive ship with large huge guns and toys is a small fun toy. -Putting the same ofensive genertor on a medium without large huge guns and toys might be a great asset for the ship. Both due to speed, and the price you pay for it. -Node: on generators effecting single targets the node is a much greater boost than if it is already a area effect
  10. Big smile on my face It's the little thing that makes this gem nice.
  11. I just got one question for spartan Mike: The Toyokawa: at some stage intended to have CR 12. Why was this reduced to 11? It would have been far mor interesting to keep it at 12...
  12. A few points about generators. -Having the offensive generators activate AFTER movement is a great change. It's not only that you add 8'' of 'range', but you only add that 8'' if you get withint 8'' of the enemy. -One of the worst generator in 2.0 was the sonic generator. Where the probability to affect anything was below 1/6. In 2.5 it is greatly improved. For the EoBS this change was very welcome. -I enjoy generators with multiple effects a lot. Tesla, sonic etc. -Some of the new genertors seems very fun. Especially the whrilwind genertor. -Most genertors have been upgraded. -Some new generators seems very fun, especially the whrilwind one Which unit will get that one? -I haven't played against or with the old calcification generator, but it seemed a bit over the top, especially in node form. -The Entropy genertor: It should have had a (N) in paranteses to allow for an entropy genertor to give more than one corrosive marker. I kind of like the generator as it is, but for a weapon system on a large slow unit, it's kind of weak. If it could infect d6 corrosive markers instead, it would be far more fun. However, if you put the same genertor on a small ship, and you could have 4 of them for 120 pt, this would be an very fun addition. -The target painter is one of the few genertor which I agree that could be reworded to allow for other units to exploit also. Part of the problem is also that Orbats was a as similar to 2.0 as possible. It was a blind copy with few updates.
  13. I may agree that boarding 'while' submerged may be a little to good... Being able to attack a submerged model while submerged is fitting, but it would not add a lot of strength to the IKA. A Mar able to do an emergency dive if you destroy your target could be fun, and better emergency dive could be fun. Or, if the EoBS found away to fire those primary guns while submerged, that would add a lot to the IKA. Then you could exploit it being a submarine, and still attack enemies. Edit: it could still have half firepower and -1 to hit, but anything is better than nothing However, I realy like the rule that robots may attack units in same hight band in boarding assault. That also means robots attacking things in stratospheric hight. Which i find really really cool
  14. Lookig forward to the full stats It can be a realy deadly force
  15. Hmmm. Very good points. There should be a MAR to allow a given weapon system to be used while submerged... And maybe add which targets can be attacked while submerged. Thus the IKA should be able to attack submarines and deep diving models while being in the same range band as the target...