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  1. @Spartan Josh thanks for the info. maybe it is a nice idea to have a fortifications battle groep available made up completely from the models that are listed in the operational assets orbat? this can than be used by any army that doesn't have a fortifications battle group ( like the plc or the australians ) or instead of a normal fortifications battle group in armies that have one. only needs some points for certain buildings like the sturginium rig sample would be 0-1 large buildings, 2-3 medium buildings. I think this can lead to very exiting scenarios ( 2 sturginium rigs, 6 oil rigs )
  2. Can a multi theatre model be included in a core battle group. For instance: the coa arronax is listed as a armoured model, but is included in a narrative battle group together with naval models. Does this mean that it can be used in a armoured core group and not in a naval core group, but it can be used in a narrative one? And how about bunkers? Can they be included in a core naval battle group?
  3. Same with me. Was missing some ships, send a mail and got them today.
  4. Ok. Than l will have to check my inbox tonight or mail lizzy about it.
  5. Is the newsletter out already? I've got nothing so far
  6. Battle for iceland doesn't have stats for it. The fleet action operational assets orbat has the stats for a fortress and the oil rig
  7. Rolling extra dice vs not rolling them on a 6...the shift is a logical one. It works with all the other games that uses it. If you put -1/-2 on your dice rolls, how will you use the exploding dice then? No dice shift? Rolling a 5 or 6 to hit ( with the -1/-2 option ) or rolling a 4+ on a blue or black dice ( with dice shift ). 4+ is 50% chance of a hit, 5+ only 33%. Your choice....
  8. Everything is downloadbare, exept the rulebook. Can this be fixed please
  9. It's a shame that a Dao cruiser can't have a rocket upgrade. We already have the gun turret, why not the rocket like our battleship. Because it can become to powerful to put in a 2-3 squadron, make it a attachment ( medium, 1 ). Same stats as the Dao, but with a rocket battery for 80 pnts. Adding it to a Dao cruiser squadron will make it more survivable/offensive
  10. Hope so. Nice idea: a massive skimmer carrier called the kangaroo (ra)/walabi (fa). Than we have a carrier and a unit suitable for a eventual land force
  11. I know, but in that case it would be nice to have a teaser of some sort. My order will contain the harbour walls. I'm working on a scenario with the walls and the 'keep' parts as a special shield generator.
  12. @spartan neil just a crazy idea: I don't know if the newsletter contains a code for a gift this quarter, but because we didn't get a free gift for a while, isn't it an option to give us one of the summer gifts ( the over £50 one, not the over £100 one ) as a membership gift. That way we get our gift and you get us of your back. So that if you spend £50 before the 2nd of August you get a summer gift for the spending and 1 for being a Corinthian member. I know it is not a normal way of getting a gift, but like I said, it's an idea.
  13. Could be...could be... a nice big mercenary model would be nice. Like that polish bomber some years ago
  14. And when was the last time there was a corinthian only deal?? And £25 for four gifts is nice, but if I buy a membership that tells me I get 1 each quarter I want 1 each quarter. I'm paying for a discount and gifts. We have to spend almost £200 to get profit from our membership ( then you have saved £30 ), while others only have to pay £50 without discount to get a gift. I'm not saying the club is bad, but some support from spartan games would be nice. The kickstarter is hard work, but other things should not be the victim of it
  15. It is strange that firestorm buyers get 2 free models with a order over £50 of firestorm products before 26/7 and we get nothing, but are paying for it.
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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