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  1. Good write-up! It seems that even if you knew what you wanted to do, some of the rules (that you did know) forced you down a time-wasting path. That's cause for concern.
  2. Maybe I've completely missed it, but where do the Locatu Tank Destroyers fit into the Aquan helix structure? "Tank Destroyer" isn't listed anywhere as a requisite or an option, and the Locatu doesn't have any other designation such as Medium or Heavy. Also, "Stingray" refers to missiles and the emplacement (and an FSA ship, too). The emplacement has missiles with the same name loaded on it. Please consider using a different name for one of those! Speaking of the Stingray (emplacement), it's also not listed in the helix structure, unless "Gun Platforms" refers to a Stingray, in which case that's what the stat block should also call it.
  4. I took some shots of the stand. There are some more pics from the rest of the show on my Instagram.
  5. The game absolutely needs patrol boxes as "faction starters." There needs to be an obvious entry point which gives someone what they need to start collecting a faction without having to work that out from blisters. Also, why call them patrol fleet boxes? Call them, for example, "Terran Starter Fleet" or "Relthoza Starter Fleet." After all, a "patrol fleet" box in 2.0 doesn't give you a full 800pt patrol fleet. Just label the product what it is: a fleet to start with.
  6. It's not one set of rules, it's a common framework. That means some terms and maybe rules will be shared (e.g. command points from Derek's FSA blog today, which echoes Planetfall's logistics point mechanism), but the two will be different games.
  7. The split into what are essentially development and design teams is a great step forward. Well done, Spartan. I'm excited to see how 3.0 turns out, and also open-minded enough to realise that games have to progress. As long as that progress doesn't turn the game into something other than Firestorm Armada, then it's all good. One thing that wasn't mentioned in Derek's article is the new player onboarding experience. Looking ahead, I really hope that the 3.0 starter set will include a "Learn to Play" booklet (that isn't just a bunch of scenarios) and a quick reference sheet. It's unlikely that the 3.0 rulebook will be just a few pages long, so make it as easy as possible for a new player to get started and get their head around the rules, instead of them staring at a 100+ page rulebook and thinking "Uhhh...??"
  8. Exactly. As the old saying goes, if you were to give some people a fifty-dollar note, they'd complain that it's creased. I'm happy that Spartan has outlined plans for Firestorm in 2017. Now they have to deliver on that. Unless any of us has a time machine, it'd be wise to simply watch how the rest of 2017 unfolds.
  9. I remember a game I played a couple of years ago against a friend in which he managed to get himself into position to capture an objective before I realised he could. That began a mad dash across the table with my Aquan light skimmers to try and defend it, but alas they were too late. Movement is indeed the secret sauce for a game like Planetfall. It needs to be easy and quick to execute. I think it was Eric Lang who once said that, in tabletop games, the actions you repeat the most often should be the easiest and simplest things to do. Yep, or like in Starcraft where you can go bio, mech, air, or mixed. BTW, Company of Heroes is amazing. I discovered that, too. The game can be played with minimal terrain, but when you put lots of terrain down it's like, "Oh, THIS is what Planetfall is supposed to be like!"
  10. Basically, the rest of 2017 needs to happen. It's a "make or break" year for the Firestorm franchise. Absolutely. None of us have lived any further than February 2017 at this point. Let the weeks and months develop, and let's see what happens in those weeks and months.
  11. The magenta and purple go together well on Covie ships. It looks like you had fun painting them.
  12. People often say that they want to see better support for Planetfall, but what does "support" actually mean? The idea of support is hazy without some clarification of what it means within the context of Planetfall. So, this is what support means to me. 1. A new edition. Planetfall has been neglected for some time, and a second edition would be an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and move on from the missteps of 1.0. Gather up the rulings hidden throughout the forums and use them as a guideline on what to test, what players might misinterpret in the new edition. Find the most frequently criticised parts of 1.0, and ensure that 2.0 doesn't tread the same ground. Playtest and try to break the game. 2. Faction rebalance. Take on board what people said about factions in 1.0, and look at how they could be improved in 2.0. Do a survey if necessary. Through all the comments and criticism, trends will begin to emerge which can serve as guides, or at the very least you'll get a more focused picture of how people generally feel about one faction or another. Also, ensure that every weapon, ability and, indeed, unit has a unique name from others in both Planetfall and Armada. (Aquan Stingray, I'm looking at you!) 3. A solid release schedule. After 2.0 drops, what will the next X months of releases look like? It needs to be consistent, make sense, and keep people excited about what's coming next. Give everyone something to talk about. Also, be sure to actually release those products on time. Nobody wants to go through another (Halo) dropship episode. 4. Organised play materials. This means reasonably-priced tournament packs similar to those that Halo and Dystopian got, and updates such as FAQs with rules clarifications where needed. With FAQs in particular, look at where the game is every 3-6 months and update if necessary, or just let us know that no update is needed. Let's end the days of rules answers forever buried in the forums. 5. Frequent updates. This could be scenario building such as Flashpoint Amber, or just a peek behind the curtain to show off something in the works. The general vibe should be something like, "Guys, we're really excited about this. Here, take a look!" 6. Background. The most glaring hole in the Firestorm franchise. The Amber narrative seemed like it could have gone somewhere, but it was left in limbo due to no follow up after the first two blog posts. Flesh out the galaxy and make us care about why our armies are fighting, but keep it consistent so that new fluff doesn't contradict old fluff. That's what support for Planetfall means to me: a laser-like focus on getting things right and rebuilding trust. How about you?
  13. Indeed. This isn't GW land where people say they quit but come running back as soon as something new is announced. People often pop up on Facebook offering to sell their models, and then move on to other games. The length of time that has passed between the last Planetfall release and now means that the game will need a complete reboot to get things back on track. It's not enough to frame 2.0 as a continuation, because it might as well be a new game. That could actually be an opportunity for Spartan to "reset" and get it right this time. Perhaps they'll take it. The worst part is that, in some corners of the wargaming world, Spartan's reputation is mud. The biggest achievement will be to convince people on places such as Dakka that Planetfall is back and Spartan is sticking with it this time, because they'll inevitably say "OK, how long until another game draws Spartan away from this? I'll check back in six months." Planetfall has huge potential and I really don't want to see it go the way of Uncharted Seas, but Spartan is going to have to work incredibly hard to restore faith, and it'll have to be a long-term effort.
  14. This is a great idea! I'm very familiar with Discord, and have been using it since late 2015. I'll be sure to spread the word around.