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  1. This has almost zero effect on non shield units
  2. any ideas on what our adaptive command is supposed to do? being able to take a field support as a well field support does sound intriguing but also pointless.
  3. Not only that but the Terrans where solidly outnumbered by the dindrezi 15 units to 11. How did you guys feel about the point cost diferences in your helixes
  4. Placed shots have always been too strong and should have been dropped. Sadly they seem to be bringing it to Ramada.
  5. Orders should probably go to helix based. Each command may issue a command a phase/turn to its helix. The chart also has command pts costing 10 Each force so dindrezi could of had a few extra.
  6. The wonders of catnip
  7. Pathawhat? Don't think they made it into 3.0.
  8. just sounding like this will turn out task force armada. the whole point of link fire was to allow squads to combine fire without getting out of hand and still let single ships pose a threat. With placed shots possibly making an appearance this is no longer the case as squads joining their shots will be undeniably the better option. Movement and linked fire is what made firestorm what it is and stand out a bit from others. So far it sounds like both may be going to the pasture.I'm worried as it seems like planet fall and Task force are merging to make armada 3.0.
  9. and now you do not even need that as you can move and use placed shots making them worse. unless you have hard target or cloak placed shots will destroy planet fall models outright. now just think about what Dindrenzi, Aquans, and Directorate will do with their command points: placed shots. Why bother with anything else with the range they have.
  10. Placed shots? That ruined planetfall might make it in wow.
  11. you think if they lose fearless it would resolve the attached drone issue mostly?
  12. something off about adaptive command for Terrans and Dindrenzi. what does it mean field support can be command or fortified command? every other faction has that command may be core. It basically says that command which is field support may be taken as field support? should it be core?
  13. It doesn't have to empty out at the end of turn allowing players to stockpile for last minute end of game tactics while others may go for a steady push. But the chart should provide a fair bit of balance in keeping each faction from having too massive advantage or disadvantage. While I would probably prefer the alternative the current one with the chart will be functional and seems fairly balanced. It is a living document so we could always see different systems later the main point is getting points and systems balanced for now.
  14. be careful they re-roll 1s in cqb.
  15. don't worry rsn pretty much ignore moral as well