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  1. Thanks Merlin and Hoops. Don't know what to expect now! I suppose I'll carry on obsessively checking both!
  2. Can I ask whether UK backers are getting a shipping email before their orders are despatched or whether it's only for overseas orders? I'm still awaiting a Rear Admiral pledge in London and don't know whether I should be fixating on my email inbox or the post room here at work!!
  3. OK thanks. I thought that would be the case but good to know.
  4. Great news. Enjoy! Could you let us know whether the League of Crimson models were included?
  5. Good to hear. Thanks
  6. Hi @Spartan Neil It's great that you're contributing on this forum and I hope your health continues to improve. May I ask for clarification on the Deluxe Box Sets which were under the Rear Admiral pledge? Yesterday and in the past you had said that despatch of these was linked to availability of the personalised rule books. However the 'regular' Deluxe Box Set just contained two hardback rulebooks, not personalised ones unless this was ordered as a bolt on. The first level at which personalised rulebooks came as standard at a pledge level was Fleet Admiral. So is it possible to clarify whether you are currently shipping the 'regular' Deluxe Box Sets like my order? As far as I can tell, if hardback rulebooks are now available, most of the product for this pledge level should now be available. I'm backer no. 534 and ordered the Deluxe box set, plus the fortified harbour, the campaign guide and the Russian core nation book. I know the add-on books aren't available due to the printer issues, but I'm hoping for the other stuff now. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi Mike Also, if it's possible, I'd really like the opportunity to buy the fortified prison model outside of the Corsican Incident box set.
  8. Which is why I now always bring my iPad to games - far easier to find a reference using the search function than to use the index in the book. It takes up less room on the table too. I like having the book to refer to between games, but I do hope Spartan makes the 2.5 rules available as a download fairly promptly.
  9. Looks great - I like the colour scheme! Looking forward to seeing your take on the Mark II superstructure.
  10. Thanks, but both the large and small ones are very three-dimensional so quite easy to paint. I did the large one in light blue and then went over it with a blue wash which gave more definition. It's also fairly simple to pick out the 'studs' on the smaller ones.
  11. I'd thought about that - great idea! Trouble is the bridge/smokestack sections on my existing ships are all firmly glued down!
  12. Thanks! I was trying to mimic the St Basil's colour scheme, but didn't think I'd be able to match the spiral stripes!
  13. I'm not sure. I was assuming it was something to do with propulsion. I think the glacier generator must be represented by the special bridge piece, and the target jammer is an internal.
  14. No - only finished late last night! And given our schedule and upcoming holiday it won't be for at least a fortnight. Will report back - should give some effective long-ranged firepower, but I'm not sure it'll be a regular replacement for my usual Khatanga. And thanks!
  15. I've already posted in the hobby forum, but here are pics of the new modular battleship, finished last night. More on my friend's blog: http://theleadmountainboys.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/pauls-new-battleship.html My only slight disappointment in painting it was the area between the rivets on the panels. On the earlier models this was a recessed groove, and I rather liked the grimy effect that filling this with a dark brown wash gave. On the new ship it's actually a raised ridge, which I didn't think would take the wash so well, so it won't quite match the existing ships in my fleet. Other than that it was great fun to paint and I'm really pleased with the result. I magnetised the alternative parts for easy swapping between games - pics on the blog. Can't wait to get it on the table now!
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
If you're interested, drop us an email at forum@warcradle.com.