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  1. Some beautiful minis on display here, WA. Your Corsairs are giving me a massive Turanic vibe. Is that intentional?
  2. Nice low visibility scheme. Probably not your intent, but it reminds me of certain Russian aircraft camo patterns.
  3. Thanks man. I don't make it down to the Firestorm section often enough. I'll be sure to check out your stuff, though! Thanks! I've since added three SDVs, some flight token models, and am working on 3 ADPs for my small Banished fleet. The Gold RCS is mostly finished. I'm trying to refine the source-lighting on my Covenant vessels; aside from that, it's mostly complete.
  4. After a lengthy absence, my love for H:FB has been rekindled to my wallet's chagrin. I have a few works in progress to share, in a variety of color schemes. My photo-fu is not mighty (still), and my lighting game is weak, but I wanted to share regardless. I have some object lighting to do on all of the above when I finalize placement and technique. More pics on my blog, too. https://c-syst.blogspot.com/2017/07/arise-serpentor-arise.html
  5. Full disclosure here: I've loved this ship since I first saw it in H5. For anybody not aware, the stats have been released this week: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/halo-fleet-battles-reinforcements It seems apparent that this ship is fully geared to present a tough target at range before getting a chance to move up closer and melt things with it's plasma. Flanking with this and some ADPs? Yes plez. I'm not sure why the escorted Runner loses a boarding craft compared to the baseline ship, but I'm hoping that's an error and will be corrected. Also, the jump from 170 pts to 210 for adding a measly ADP doesn't seem right (I could get two entire Tri-formations of ADPs or a SDV twosome for the same points). But, some of the highlights of the Runner that stick out to me is she's tied with the SDV as the 2nd quickest ship in the fleet, has a slightly worse damage track than the base CCS, hits much harder than that ship, and is harder to hit with an organic Cloaking ability, the Hidden Killer rule, and can generate a respectable defense dice pool. And she can make (token) shots aft! What do my esteemed fellows think of this newest release?
  6. I like all of these. The red UNSC are a nice change from the usual greys, though you did those well too. The Covenant ships have an interesting scheme as well. What was the inspiration for those?
  7. A customized version of the Paris Frigate for ONI operations. Never did get around to hashing out alternate rules for it, though.
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss, ONI. My condolences. I hope you can find solace knowing your father needn't battle any more.
  9. Bumping this topic to inquire on any progress. ...and because in retrospect, I threadjacked BRB's topic like a prize jackass. Sorry BRB.
  10. Holy damn that looks awesome! WiP or not, that is absolutely fantastic stuff. I'm conflicted at the same time; I want to try that myself but I know I couldn't do the theme that kind of justice. Well done.
  11. So, that all looks good, but I think all that plus port windows would be a pretty busy mini on top of all the details the RCS has molded on. Nor would I opine the proposed asymmetric paneling or random placement would mesh with the aesthetic of the Honor Guards. That having been said though, I also feel like I shouldn't be critiquing anything after seeing that gorgeous Marathon. That has to be one of, if not the, best UNSC mini I've yet seen. Bravo!
  12. Buy a pack of wall mounting putty (like for posters) and try that. Best control of any masking material I've yet worked with.
  13. I'm not usually one to badger, but any update on this ONI? I am very interested to see how this works out. The concept alone is phenomenal!
  14. Very nice tutorial. He makes it look very easy. I really need to get an airbrush.
  15. Damn Operator, that's some really inspirational stuff to see. The group shots are especially cool!
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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