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  1. Given that Legions is tied up with the rest of the Dystopian Wars IP I don't think that would ever happen. I think Spartan will suddenly show a renewed interest in Legions out of the blue one day as if there was never any long period of silence.
  2. I agree with the others that unfortunately it's just a bit of a puzzle, and I think I've assembled every Legions vehicle apart from the Ke-Ho. Doing a dry run without glue was definitely what I did first. Maybe if anything is too unclear it'd be worth posting pictures on here so that others could compare to their own and check.
  3. Nope. Someone on the forum does have a Faust, though, I believe. Spartan would have made several sales to me at least by now if they had ever come out.
  4. This occurred to me as well. I'm actually surprised that there were no new products for January or February for any game, not just Legions - isn't that unusual?
  5. I think it would very much depend on what a hypothetical Legions Kickstarter was trying to do. Personally I don't know what a Legions Kickstarter's primary aim would be at the moment, which is why I'm somewhat inclined to agree with Roadkizzle, who has also pointed out that Legions' problem is arguably not with the product itself but with Spartan's struggle to market it. A DWars Kickstarter can work because all seven main factions are in place, ripe for expansion. This is not the case with Legions. In line with Blog 2 on the Survey, I think a new rulebook and starter set might be a sensible move, in a way that marketed the game to new players, put forward a cost-effective way to get into the game, and brought all seven factions into line. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/feedback-from-the-survey-part-ii
  6. I find I hardly ever use Orders apart from "Form Line"; if nothing else I simply forget what Order there are. I tend to forget about Cards as well. I generally just want to save my command points for adding dice to Morale Checks and Cold Steel. Chain of Command is tricky (I'm still very much learning its style myself) but is generally praised for simulating real-life platoon tactics (in a WW2 setting), especially with requiring the activation of leaders (both Platoon Leaders and Squad Leaders) in order for units to execute complex tasks. This requires spending "Command Initiative", which is a bit like DL's command points, but doesn't require any kind of test to pass. Under normal circumstances, squads can do basic things like move, shoot and take cover (the equivalent of 'keeping down' in DL) but need activated leaders spending "Command Initiative" to do things like go on Overwatch, lay down Covering Fire (which targets terrain and makes it harder for enemies in that terrain to Hit), remove Morale Damage, transfer men between fire teams and throw grenades. As such it's more about the effectiveness of the leadership than just throwing lots of dice. I think there could be room for something like that in Legions but it would potentially involve rethinking a few things like the damage and cover systems.
  7. I agree with that idea, and while it might still be somewhat niche I think there is an increasing interest in more tactically-minded games like Chain of Command or similar which move beyond more traditional "buckets of dice" games. This is something Legions could reflect. It's arguably getting there with all the command abilities etc. but there's room for more in my view.
  8. Yeah at my local retailer I was told that a lot of people were put off Legions because it's metal. Personally I don't mind metal but I can see the point. On the other hand, I believe plastics are more expensive to manufacture than metal, even though the raw material is cheaper. That's just what I've read; I could be wrong. I actually don't mind resin figures but I suspect I might be in a minority there
  9. Yes, Legions appears to have no presence in the "scene" outside the handful of diehards on this forum. This is why I think (as others have suggested) that the game potentially could be re-marketed as something like an RPG or expandable board game, a bit like Star Wars Imperial Assault, so that it got people's attention without appearing to compete with 40K, Warmahordes, Bolt Action and the like (what other popular platoon-level 28mm ranges are there? Warpath soon I guess?) That or it should be presented, through this Kickstarter and the like, as a companion game to DWars. The current 2 player set doesn't work because neither of the forces are expandable, beyond a limited degree to Antarcticans. There should be/should have been a Britannian vs Prussian set in my opinion - I've revised my opinion from my previous "Russians vs someone" suggestion; include forces that people could start developing straight away. Have some prominent artwork of a bloke in a pith helmet with mutton chops fighting a bloke in a pickelhaube with a big moustache, about fifteen men a side (Officer, 1 Line, 1 Elite, maybe a special for each) and some modular terrain like Iron Scorpion but something that doesn't require players to have loads of pre-existing desert terrain for it to fit. Something European is likely to fit with people's existing mats, trees, fences and other things for which the slightly bigger scale won't be an issue. Now I'm being a hypocrite by wishlisting again, for which I apologise.
  10. I agree, conversion would seem like the most sensible option right now. As fun as wishlisting about Legions can be, given the already very incomplete state of the range I always feel like it's a very short road back to the same old feeling of frustration. At the moment the mere release of a couple of Elite choices for the Antarctican and French ranges would be a godsend.
  11. Yes, that's true, isn't it. Bronze Typhoon will evidently be Britannian vs Blazing Sun, which is wholly doable with the existing range, but surely the Ice Maiden scenarios must entail the release of some Russians for Legions at some point. Otherwise the Legions scenarios in the Ice Maiden campaign book would have to be something like "The Prussians have arrived to reinforce Königsberg, but they're under attack by the Russians... Russians' Britannian/American allies, that is."
  12. We're just hypothesising. We know it's not getting anything in this Kickstarter. Unless you meant "Will Legions actually get anything ever again?" to which I would reply "I wish I knew."
  13. I definitely think the old Version 1 starters got it right: 1 Line Infantry section, 1 unit of Elites, an Officer and a Special Character. I remember when I first discovered Legions I was pretty impressed by things like the Teutonic Knights and Sky Hussars. I think Iron Scorpion suffered by not having any big "wow factor" unit for either side - two Line Sections, an Officer and a DuBois sister apiece, plus some odds and sods like a machine gun and some drones, was a bit dry in my opinion. In my view it should have had French jetpacks or cavalry instead of marines, because it was a bit pointless to include an Anti-Tank Line Unit in a set with no tanks and in an army so limited in options that it'd almost never face tanks, and the set also should have had big Iron Men or similar instead of man-sized automata. One issue with a DL Kickstarter would be the fact that three factions have to be brought up to a level equivalent to the starting four. Covenant needs artillery, jetpacks, Iron Men and its Ironclad. These are things we've either seen models or designs for, or in the case of the jetpacks have at least been named. For France as far as I know we have no idea beyond that at a demo game someone played years ago now stand-ins for jetpacks were used; we can guess that the Hotch Ironclad from DWars would make an appearance too. One assumes they would also get special characters (there's a guy in an apron with a sledgehammer in the rulebook), an artillery piece (perhaps a heat lance?) and either cavalry or heavy infantry (I would guess probably the former). Russia needs everything besides the two TACs that were optimistically included in the 2.0 TAC deck. We know they have Cossacks with blunderbusses and armoured guys with triple-barreled shotguns as Line Infantry, at least one Officer with a beard, some kind of Political Commissar type character and his burly assistant, a mortar (possibly instead of other nations' machine gun?), a sniper, blokes with axes in power armour a bit like Prussian Teutonic Knights, and we've seen renders of the DWars Russian small Ironclad in Legions scale. So there's also presumably an artillery piece, another special character and again one assumes either cavalry or jetpacks. That's a lot of stuff to get them up to speed: four things for Covenant, five things for France (if we take special characters as one "thing") and about ten things for Russians. Thus I think a Kickstarter would need to do the following things: 1. Release something that would get people interested in the game. As you say, a two player box with Russians versus someone seems sensible. I'm actually inclined to say one of the already fleshed-out nations, perhaps Prussians to connect with Ice Maiden or maybe Blazing Sun in some sort of interesting North Pacific setting. It'd need to have some cool gear in it to grab people's attention, perhaps with a board game or RPG flavour to it, and some "exciting" big models that make people sit up and notice the "Victorian super science fiction" setting and not just see another 28mm game with a steampunk setting and soldiers too big to use as replacement Imperial Guard. 2. Fund the production of all the gear that CoA, RoF and RC need to achieve equilibrium with the Big Four. 3. Possibly fund expansion sets for all seven nations in the manner of the current DWars Kickstarter - but that'd have to be a stretch goal, or more realistically perhaps a Kickstarter for another time. It might be more interesting to do more Mercenaries and/or Alliance Nations. I personally would quite like to see the Ottoman Empire in Legions, the Polish-Lithuanians (winged hussars would fit right in I think) as well as, as you've mentioned, the Raj.
  14. Well despite it not being of great interest to me personally, I'm pleased to see that the Kickstarter cracked the 50K barrier. Hopefully this bodes well in general.
  15. I can't help but feel that before anything else the Covenant ought to get their faction more fleshed out, at least with Myrmidon jetpacks and Iron Men (the Xenophon and artillery piece can perhaps wait), given they got a couple of reinforcements back in January. As much as I want to see Russians on the tabletop, I fear them ending up as a "two Line choices and an HQ" faction like France that will never get used because they're not competitive.
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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