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  1. Unbelievable. Un-FRIKKING-believable. As a result of the excellent advice given in this thread, I've bought into the Covenant. I am filth. Oh! No! I mean, I am a champion for the brighter future of humanity! And either way, I'm loving it... ;-) 1*Naval Battle Group 1*Naval Support Flotilla 1*Naval Battle Flotilla Which begs the question: where to next?? (I'm thinking the Aerial Support Group. Love the look of the Euclid & Capek units! But, are they tricksy enough? Maybe i just need 4 Callimachi...)
  2. @Spartan Mike Although, you might be able to let us know whether there's a target date for new ORBATS?? Sry - I'm not part of the KS, so I don't know what the timeframes are for everything at the moment.
  3. Ah well - it was worth a shot. Here's hoping you were fully insured! And - apparently - that you were also wearing a hazmat suit... ;-)
  4. I've just been reading the Spartan blogs on the Lyceum, getting a taste of the kind of filthy swine that the League of Crimson are... They sound great! Definitely looking forward to seeing what they're about once the new ORBATS hit us. In the meantime @Spartan Mike - any chance please of a few more words on Shadow Fog Generators? They're obviously distinct from the pure white Cloud Generators that the goody two-shoes government forces use ;-)
  5. Good-oh. The subs will be as bad at targeting surface vessels as they are at targeting subs. More or less. I'm really liking the idea of subs going at each other under the waves, but since both sides would be at 6's to hit, and they wouldn't be over-blown with usable weaponry, i guess it won't happen too often. Awww... ;-)
  6. Sigh... Patience is not one of my (admittedly, few) virtues, but you're right - new ORBATS ought to be waited for, really. That at least will give me a look at the League of Crimson as well. I'm liking the look of their Medium from the KS, so that's promising...
  7. So, now that all Diving units can go to the Deep Diving level, it looks like an interesting "sub"-game (luvving the puns!), where diving units move around firing torpedoes at one another. The Covenant doesn't have any Diving models (right?), while most other Nations seem to be getting new subs on the near future. And although the CoA does have good torpedoes, but they'll only ever hit Deep Diving models on a 6+, right? All other weapons will always be Partially Blocked, and at -1 to hit. So does this place the Covenant at a disadvantage that might be a problem? Apologies - I'm a new player, so I'm probably missing a lot of nuances here. Just interested in the discussion!
  8. "Slightly mad" I can work with. Do I get to make Evil Chuckles when i teleport my opponent's boats into random positions? :-) Actually, the Russian Coalition seems a little tricksy as well, with their repair vehicles, subterranean transports, glacier generators and mimic generators, etc. And I don't mind the models, but am I right? Are they also kinda tricksy? More about the League of Crimson as well, pleez! I know nothing about them! (Which is just the way they want it, no doubt...)
  9. Agreed! I'm horrified that the PA looks as though it'll now work like a variant of an Energy Blast. As you said Sebenko, the imagery of the weapon was fantastic - a tightly focused beam of particles drilling through multiple hulls in a massive discharge of energy - and it would seem now that the name no longer fits the proposed in-game mechanic, and that's a bit sad :-( Were PA overpowered or something? They were steadily getting nerfed, but - on paper - they look as though they'd be tricky to line up.
  10. TL;DR - which are the tricksiest Factions in DW, having good internal synergies, "sideways" strategies, or oddball (but usable) units? Hey all! I'm looking to get back into DW, but I don't have a lot of opportunity to play games, proxy models and test out the Factions, but i do have a growing desire to purchase and paint the "right" fleet (for me), in preparation for the odd game. I've applied The Rule of Cool filter, and have found that the Nations for which I most like the models are: - Honourable Eclipse Company - Covenant of Antarctica - Black Wolf - Indian Raj - Polish & Lithuanian Commonwealth My main game lately has been Malifaux, in which inter-unit synergies are a big thing, and I quite like that aspect of it. Certain models boost other ones up, or prepare the ground for attacks that come later - that kind of thing. I find it gives me a deeper interest in the game, and lets me try to pull off ridiculous combos, which - I have to admit - I absolutely get a kick out of trying to do. Trying, that is ;-) Could you fine gentlepeople please give me your opinions on which Nation's forces you think offer the most scope for Tricksy, and how the more abstract plays in DW might look? And particularly with reference to the five forces above. I'd be most grateful. Thanks!!
  11. Necroing it up! Just found this when I searched for "FSA colour schemes". Amazing - I'm horrified that you banged out that whole fleet in one day, as a prank, to a better standard than I can even manage when I seriously attempt to paint! Hilarious as well - there's nothing more satisfying than the sadistic school of friendly antagonism. I salute both you, and the USS Hello Kitty.
  12. Hi all! Thought this was required, and had the time to do it, so... Not many changes to rules as it turns out, but quite a bit of re-formatting to clean things up (which I haven't included). If anyone wants the WORD copy to spank it up a bit, or make further corrections, message me and I'll send it to you (I've quite likely missed something critical somewhere!) Cheers! Baz EDIT: I was wondering if a Changelog from v1.1 to v2.0 might help some of the players who're still to transition? I know there are some in my neck of the woods. I have the advantage(?) of never having seen the old rules, and i don't have a copy of them, so I can't do it myself. It wouldn't have to be anything too detailed - just a cheat-sheet of generalised changes, like "the Split Fire option no longer exists", "all Ordnance is now Primary, Secondary or Tertiary", "TFT's are now SAS's", etc. Or do you reckon there are there too many deep changes to try to describe them briefly? 2015.09.02 DW v2.0 Changelog.pdf
  13. Thread Resurrection Time (TRT)!!! Following on from the above, I had happily planned on making a Sonic fleet of my EotBS with the Kaiju being the star of the show, flinging Sonic Nodes all over the place. Then, I downloaded BattleScribe and it says for the Kaiju something like :Sonic Generator, Node Projector (Disruption)...", which made me think twice: can the Kaiju (or similar) take an optional Genny and then have the choice of which one to launch through the Node Projector?