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  1. I just read your batrep for that game, and saw that you'd corrected it for the clarification, so apologies for my misunderstanding! Good looking batrep, too - thanks for posting!
  2. Wait - didn't you say: "I just finished a game with 3 more squadrons, via lost SAS from multiple squadrons, than I started with." In which case, you were playing it incorrectly. Spartan Mike said above: "Only a Completely Lost / Wiped-out SAS Squadron may be re-built. No cheeky fresh face additional teams!" Isn't that why your game took so long? You were correctly playing the activation side of Rebuilding, but you can't just keep spewing out new SAS from odds & ends of SAW in the Scrapyard. I guess it's now tactically legit to try to reduce your opponent's SAS down to 1 or 2 SAW, but never wipe them out completely, thus denying them the chance to Rebuild.
  3. Nope. Mike's staying tight-lipped about that! The latest blog hints at more Raj models to come soon, tho.
  4. I'll need to playtest this, but yeah - given the stated attempt to streamline the game, it does feel as though the variety of different CC abilities will make a Covenant game - that wishes to make proper use of them to just bring their SAS up to similar levels a their opponent's - rapidly more complicated.
  5. The comparison!! Especially if the Energy Blast does lose its IDF ability (which it could) - the two weapons become noticeably non-unique (which is weird for "Special Weapons"): - both are Indiscriminate, are Energy Weapons (Redoubtable & Piercing), use the Large Template, hit on 3+ regardless of height level, and both effectivelyfairly can only target models on the same height band. Where they differ is: - PAs can only target RB1, and have a fixed number of AD; - EBs also have Barrage munitions, shut off the generators after firing, can target >RB1, and have a random # of AD. Soooo... I'd rather have Energy Blasts? Especially while they still have IDF capability, and the new Commodore Trait to allow the re-roll of the XD6 on an Energy Blast once per turn. Compare the Callimachus-Beta (EB) to the Zeno (PA): Both are about the same cost, and have similar stats. The Zeno is faster, sure - but has lower CR and HP, while the Calli had Vulnerable, and yes - the Zeno has brutal broadsides. All that aside, the Zeno PA can only shoot forward, at RB1, with 7AD. The Calli has 360° EB fire, out to RB3, with an average AD spread of 10.5 / 7 / 3.5 / -. As well as Barrage, and the possibility of a Commodore's re-roll. Better, right?
  6. I would dearly love to know the rational behind the change. I'll even promise (for my part, anyway!) no silly judgemental responses afterward. I'm just really keen to know why the PA was changed at all, and why then it was made to be so similar to the Energy Blast. PLEEEEZ, @Spartan Mike :-)
  7. Ah! My apologies, @Spartan Mike! I'd just assumed that the entire Spartan workforce were chained to a communal desk somewhere in deepest Somerset, writing rules, lore and designs with their hands, while churning apples for cider beneath with their bare feet. Missed a trick there, @Spartan Neil. ;-)
  8. It's gets to sit at the tip of the Xmas tree!!! And never come down, for fear of being batted off then crushed, by an over-enthusiastic kitten. Named any other faction...
  9. Haha! I can just picture it: "Siri - I'm looking for a suit of armour. Where should I go"? "Well Mike, from that spelling, it looks as though you're interested in pre-Enlightenment age European wardrobe-ware. I can see five Early Sellers that are fairly close to you". ;-)
  10. From the blog on the new models, re: The Saint Jean Assault Carrier: "massive banks of Volley Gun Broadsides. These massed rows of guns offer an improved rate of fire to those found employed by the Federated States, Booo! :-)
  11. I think that's the second time I've seen your autocorrect sub in "armoires" for "armoured", @Spartan Mike!! Is your phone a bit of a medieval French furniture fan? ;-)
  12. And it means that it can only fire its PA at other Stratospheric models. Which it'd be good at (always hitting on 3+, instead of a 6, and ignoring Shields). It's a lot of points to relate to "Stratospheric deterrent duty", but that could be useful in some situations. Otherwise, if deployed Obscured, you'd not be able to fire that PA at Surface targets until the 3rd turn :-( Then again, there's nothing new about the PA height level clause - just the range.
  13. And if it's hiding in Stratospheric, it ain't never going to get down low enough to threaten you with that PA. At 7" per turn...
  14. Speaking as someone who got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after letting job stress get a bit too much, DON'T DO IT!!! Okay - do it for the Covenant ORBAT - but then DON'T DO IT ANYMORE!! Make sure you get in a "playtest" every now and then as well. Let me live with the illusion that all you career game designer-types just drink coffee and play all day ;-)