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  1. Beautiful table. I recognize a lot of the 4ground buildings but where did that tallest building come from? N-scale train stuff?
  2. I'm not sure what to think about the 3-fold reduction in scale compared to the ground troops.
  3. I have the Fall of Reach box, the covenant commander pack and the flight tokens. What should I get next to round out my covenant fleet?
  4. I purchased and built 2 dfc starters last week and have 2 more UCM starters coming. I will probably still get HFB but I will order locally- I will get 20% off (vs. 30% from Spartan) but at least it will show up quickly.
  5. Spartan clearly can't handle their current workload. I broke down and ordered over $300 worth of HFB stuff on Oct 2nd. When I asked why the order was still listed as "processing" on Oct. 27 I received a reply that the payment had not been received (even though the processing page for the order said payment method paypal express with nothing about payment not going through). I think paypal held the payment due to large amount going overseas. I'm not sure at whom to be pissed, Spartan or paypal. I just cancelled the order.
  6. Well I placed my order on Oct. 2 (250 pounds worth of HFB) and the order is still "processing" 25 days later. Talk about dampening enthusiasm.
  7. My order from Sept 17 is still marked as processing.
  8. I just made the plunge and placed the order. When I saw the pound/dollar exchange rate I couldn't resist. I better take advantage before Trump wins and crashes our currency too.
  9. I've been trying to decide if I want to jump into HFB since Spartan launched it's 30% off sale. The alternative would be going for dropfleet commander (our group plays both HGC and DZC). Both would be an option also (if both turn out to be awesome). Any advice?
  10. DW has hundreds of different models and a good ruleset. All models can be purchased at pretty reasonable prices. Your FLGS should still be able to special order smaller amounts for you (if I remember the blog post correctly). Would you rather they dump out truckloads of new **** every week (like GW) so you can't keep track of what works and what is obsolete? Let alone the cost and painting time. With the current DW line I could spend the next 10 years collecting and painting and gaming.
  11. I'd just like to thank Spartan for addressing this. It's very impressive to see a large(ish) company deal with rules issues without waiting several years for version 2.0. Also nice to see love for DW and not just halo.
  12. I had the same problem with the game- see my "are spartans hampering the fun" post. There may be counters to this eventually down the road, but it does strike me as tactically shallow to have the spartan be the painfully obvious choice to react almost every time. It makes me hate playing covenant- it's like paying a toll every time I activate a unit. I'd like to move this unit now, let's see how many the spartan kills before I can move. Every GD time.
  13. I've only played 2 games so far (1250 pts game 1 and 2500 pts game 2) but both seem to revolve around whether I manage to kill the spartans. If I don't, the spartan activates a dozen times per turn and blasts the **** out of any unit I do anything with. Is there any chance spartan might modify the reaction system or is this written in stone for the forseeable future? With their "2+" equivalent save, it's highly variable how much firepower spartans can soak up. This turns the game into almost pure luck as far as I can tell- unless I greatly increase the amount of terrain to block line of sight (beyond what is recommended in the rules). I hope the rules evolve as right now I feel like a thousand grots fighting an eldar wraithlord titan. Seems like poor design so far; 1 truly godlike unit dominating the battlefield. I think I will shelve my starters and wait to see what happens.
  14. What do folks think about the gameplay of DW:FA so far? I have the Battle for Iceland coming this week so I am looking forward to jumping in, but I've not heard many reports from folks who have played it yet.
  15. I will be bringing both fleets, trying to get some folks into the game. FSA vs RC.
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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