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  1. That's the complete opposite of current deployment as people always try to deploy their tier 1 last
  2. BTw i read about a "Super Carrier" in the Pathogen fluff are we going to have more than 1 type of dreadnought or is that a leviathan?
  3. You can never have enough railguns. Ships without railguns make me very very sad . Hopefully there is more railguns yet to come in the kickstarter
  4. Mmm i really wanna see the rest of the ships tho before i commit if not the stats. P.S : I wish i had more moneys id pay to design a ringship dreadnought or heavy gunshup for Dindrenzi like a ring with engine naceless main hull inside the ring and like of 5 railguns in a circle around the hull pointing forward along the ring Cause 2 railguns is clearly not enough! And putting them in a circle was the only way i could think of how to mount more than 2.
  5. @Spartan Neil I got a question about the new "light" destroyers in the kickstarter, which look great by the way. Are they lights or mediums ? Cause they look extremely beefy. With destroyers i was wondering are they packing cruiser sized guns on small hull is that why they are "light" destroyers? So high dmg low survivability all or nothing kind of ship? What is the design philosophy behind this new class of ship?
  6. Ye featuring on something like BoW video would prob raise some awareness
  7. I think giving old models like bane a facelift is a great idea
  8. All the Core Races ships shown so far and the lesser Pathogen look great. I was really dissapointed with original pathogen that was shown but the infected core ships look awesome. And i really enjoyed reading the adjusted time line. Good Job @Spartan Neil. This is just the kind of stuff i wanted to see so really pleased . Keep the good stuff coming.
  9. Hopefully that won't happen customisation is where it's at
  10. On a side note I'm curious @Spartan_FA_Mike Have you guys considered buffing escorts across the board in light of SRS changes? They are usually kinda underused because of SRS in 2.0 or ignored in favour of capital accompaniments or frigs. Whether you are going to reclassify them into heavy med and light too as well?
  11. Old Terran Heavy Cruisers with an engine fin are more popular than the current ones i think. People are always looking for those on the internet.
  12. Hi, promises is all well and good but i dont think most people are that concerned about rules being "printed" seeing as how most of us get the rules online. Rather than that you started this kickstarter prematurely while we havent had the rules yet. No rules no pics/ renders of new models for core races. You kinda requiring people to support this kickstarter on blind faith saying trust us while most of the changes you proposed people are against? Why did you start kickstarter without finalising any of the changes or having at least art to show us for what we ll be buying in or having any idea how the stuff we ll be paying for will work rules and stats wise.
  13. Think itd make more sense if escort carriers didnt have offencive wings but had interceptors and support srs.
  14. Ok thanks i was really worried that you wouldnt be able to use repair and medical srs on existing carriers.
  15. Thanks the downside is that they look too dark if you play in a room without sufficient lighting.