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  1. Okay, I can get behind that.
  2. So back to my original question...how do we know if ships are balanced? I wasn't really going for a discussion on primary etc.
  3. So we've got a lot of information on the rules, and some pieces here and there on a few ships. I can tell there are changes coming (and it gets talked about), but I'm curious, how do we decide a ship is balanced? Should they just be as true to form as possible with 2nd edition? Is there a finish line that we cross for 'balancing'?
  4. @ThePayneTrayn @Endgame and everyone else attending: With all of the 3rd info popping up now, I think we can plan on trying it out live at GenCon. Please send me your fleet list (PM, or pymapper@gmail.com) for either event, and I'll work to get it ready for GenCon. In any event, bring your 2nd edition fleet lists with you, in case something comes up. Would love to 'live fire' this new edition with everyone. See you in under 2 weeks. Woot! TR
  5. You know, to me the tiered system seemed to produce the same fleets over and over. And it was, because a Patrol fleet had to have 1 battleship, 1 or 2 cruisers, and some frigates. Got to feel quite repetitive. This new system seems like it would allow for more experimentation. It probably also helps that we're not uber competitive here either. With the guys I've played with, none of them know much about how a navy is supposed to work...it is about moving ships, going 'pew pew pew' and rolling lots of dice. We're just having fun playing a game, y'know? I guess I could go either way (tier or %). But I like the freedom of action that the % system offers.
  6. Thanks for the shout-out @Xireon. I would really like to get into mobile development, but time is not my ally on that front.
  7. It's not Cerberus station, but here is a preview of two of the space stations that will be used in Aurum Draco this year:
  8. Another thing I would like to see would be 3-D SRS tokens. They could even just be generic tokens, not specific to any race. Something with a little detail that I can paint.
  9. Yes, I can do Skype. Sending over pm with my connection info.
  10. One Admirals Perspective Five years ago, when war broke out across the region of space known as the Storm Zone, few could have predicted how immense the scope of that war would become. Perhaps Storm Zone was prophetic…it has become the perfect storm of conflict between the several space-faring races. Critics of the military often cite the old terran adage that generals constantly prepare to “fight the last war” with the elaborate plans and weapon systems. And perhaps, they are right. It is far easier to plan based on the past than to divine the future state of warfare. And yet, we must try, or be relegated to the dust bin (and graveyard) of history. The Terran Alliance was perhaps the first to come to terms with this reality. The Valhalla research project, and the development of the Tyrant class battleship was a clear attempt to break with the past, albeit in a small way. Once the project was discovered by the Dindrenzi, and with mounting losses on all sides as the Storm Zone Wars progressed, more governments began crash research projects to improve their chances on the battlefield. In terms of ‘fighting the last war’, one example in particular comes to mind. The heavy use of mines as a tactical battlefield weapon is well known. Used by most races, these devices saw action in nearly every major engagement in the first few years of the Storm Zone Wars. Today, we are at a point where they have been nearly universally abandoned. The capture of the nearly intact Aquan battleship Poseidon’s Trident by the Directorate provided them with a wealth of information on Aquan mine design. As a result, Directorate programmers created a system virus that essentially defused an Aquan mine when it was deployed. Most of the mercenary forces trained extensively on avoidance techniques. But it was the loss of the Dindrenzi battlecruisers Sword of Laban and Vertigo that tipped the scales against the use of mines. Sources vary as to the responsible party, but it is evident that some agent found a way to remotely detonate mines while still in the ship’s magazine. The loss of these ships highlighted the inherent danger of these devices, and was a determining factor for many engineers and officers that a different solution was needed. Many other factors contributed to the demise of the weapon system among modern naval forces, and time will tell if these new systems are an effective replacement, or simply the next step in weapon development. Rumors continue as to what new developments are in store. Some hint that the Dindrenzi are developing a new Type X railgun, to replace their aging, but reliable, Type IX systems. Higher accuracy beam weapons have been tested in the lab, but lack reproducible results on the field of battle. Many shipyards across the quadrant are busy retrofitting hulls to receive updated computer systems and weapons. Advanced projects are still cloaked in secrecy, their end goals unknown. Do we plan for “the last war?” Yes, but we can rest assured that the next wars will be upon us soon enough. Editor's note: This is my own fluff, and attempt to explain why things change, in the context of the FA universe. It's not to be taken as official Spartan doctrine...just one admirals perspective.
  11. How do you know there aren't rockets buried in the pyramids at Giza? Plus, we need to talk Gen Con. Mike
  12. Well....hard to say, without seeing the list. You might probably be okay.
  13. So a bit more detail on what's happening with the event. The ship stats are generally the same...it won't feel like you're playing a whole new game. However, things have changed enough that existing fleets don't quite work the same point wise. Fleet construction is a lot easier now with 3.0, but until the full fleet stats are out in the wild, I'll be bringing the 3.0 fleets to the event. You can use the Fleet Manager to help out with construction for 2nd edition though: http://firestorm.pymapper.com/
  14. We may be able to do that. But I can't release the 3rd edition stats before the event, so this was a way to reduce downtime at the event.
  15. Send me your second edition fleet, and I will convert it the best I can.
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