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  1. Love your work
  2. Have been scuppered in many aspects, now need to look at using combat coordinator MARs to best effect. I guess it reflects a degree of 'reality' in that control radius for drone uplinks etc are critical to achieve maximum impact. On the upside we have some very effective mutli-role ships and the Aristotle-Kepler combination can be very effective.
  3. Disagree with your application but agree that clarification is required, eg look at Area Bombardment, initial aiming point must be in range and then template (large or small) is applied on that point - while not stipulated, centre of template on aiming point is how we read it - similarly for energy portal etc.
  4. The Repair MAR restores lost HP whereas the End Phase Damage Repairs impact on game markers not HP. No mention of (Red) 6 for Damage Repairs but are applicable for Repair MAR as you need to match DR or CR of model to effect a HP recovery (repair).
  5. Not sure of your issue, as I see it (and admit I've not checked every list) Light Carriers tend to have 1x4 wing and larger carriers are either 1x5 or 2x4?
  6. Australia: Darwin: DTG: Khakiduck and several others - CoA, KOB, FR, FSA, EofBS, Aussies, CF, PE
  7. Assuming squadron limit is 3, in line with Aleas and Sigma Sqn
  8. Assuming 8"
  9. Torpedoes should be (T)
  10. Not in FA, both determined by centre to centre line which should then determine which firing arc applies, noting Spartan Josh's determination on that very rare occurrence of a 'line ball' call
  11. Unfortunately not at this stage. I posted a possible stats card for it some time back: PLATO LIGHT CRUISER Medium Naval Model UNOFFICIAL PLAYTEST DOCUMENT Points 60 Squadron Size 2-3 Move DR HP CP Act.D Pas.D VP 9" 5 4 2 2 2 2 Weapon Arc MAR PB EF LR Standard Broadsides P+S - 6 5 3 Energy Turret F/P/S Punishing 3 3 3 MARs Elite Crew, Inventive Scientists (1) Interested in any comments
  12. I gather that, unless otherwise indicated in the Fleet stats, that core battle groups cannot include multi-theatre models?
  13. Have a look at some of the mercenary factions - Black Wolf etc
  14. CoA Zeno should be 100pts not 90 (probably should be 90!!) Otherwise good
  15. Not to mention superb tactics