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  1. It doesn't say that new squadron need to be the pre-defined size. The way I interpret it is that you can build a size-3 squadron, even with a carrier (6, 1x5), provided you have atleast 3 SAW in the scrap heap. Edit: nvm, thanks @Erloas
  2. Hmm, that would be a shame :/ Though it explains the lack of a 'target painted' marker in the marker section on page 265...
  3. That is awesome! Exploding icebergs! I think there is a small typo: "at the start of end of its Movement.": the first 'of' should be 'or'?
  4. Didn't see this one coming! Going to terrorize my enemies with a stratospheric Savannah bombing everything with indiscriminate Area Bombardments
  5. Page 216, in the text the player name 'Marc' is used while on the sheet he is called 'Dave'. Page 137, small redundacy error: all special munitions type now require that all weapons used in an attack have the relevant special munition, this is however still also stated for Devastating munitions. Page 102, "Critical hits without suffering a critical hit" paragraph. Nowhere in this paragraph the term "focused critical hit table" is used, while I think it is about that table. This makes it a bit vague and unclear. Also 2 times a case is stated with the same results. Better to make it one case and just say that then is rolled on the focused crit table (d6), ignoring hp loss. And some points that I might just be reading incorrectly: Page 147 & 149, the Sabotage boarding result. "A Sabotaged Model suffers a Focused Critical Hit and the Attacker must roll on the Critical Hit Table". Does this mean that the model suffers both a Focused Critical Hit and a normal Critical Hit? I think it is intented as just a Focused Critical hit but this would remove the damage component from a sabotage (effectively a boarding nerf, also meaning that when both sides are wiped out a Small survives now). Page 189, Re-Building a squadron. Newly created SAS don't get an activation marker? So they can be used in the same Turn as when build. Might be correct but this increases the powerlevel of Carriers a lot. This could lead to a lot of activations, most extreme example: Carrier 9 with 2x4 SAS, you activate the two SAS first, they both die. You activate the carrier, rebuild 3 SAS with size 3 and activate them in the same turn. Potentially 6 activations in 1 turn from 1 carrier.
  6. In 2.0 they also had 4 inch range, page 115 of the DigiAdmiral book. You can still make sure that the torpedo bombers are only in range of the target model, this way the rest of the squadron can't use their AA against the torpedo bombers. And ofcourse torpedo bombers are designed to perform best against submerged targets. Dive bombers are for surface targets.
  7. In the previews it was said that PA only work in RB1 now, or even only within 8" of the firing model. Guess we will need to wait for the ORBATS for more details.
  8. Uhm, yes, true . I blame my opponent for not playing the last 3 months!
  9. Targets hit by rockets have blue shields now. (page 132)
  10. Nooooo, give me back my icebergs Also another minor error, on page 216 in the text the player name 'Marc' is used while on the sheet he is called 'Dave'.
  11. Thanks for releasing the rules! Going to play a game with them tomorrow I have some questions though: On page 130 it is stated that IDF can never be better than 4+ (like in 2.0). However I don't see anything that indicates that multiple spotters can spot the same target and thus increase the 'to hit' like in 2.0. As far as I understand with the 2.5 rules with IDF you are stuck with the a 6+ for primary weapons and 5+ for bombard and mortars. Is this correct? On the boarding results table, page 149, it says that with a sabotage you roll on the Focused Critical Hit table and on the Critical hit table (if relevant). Does this mean that the boarded model suffers both a critical hit and a focused critical hit? Re-building a SAS, page 189. Is it correct that the newly build squadron does not have an activation marker?
  12. And every 5 minutes checking if it is there already....
  13. The carriers will change for sure with the new rules. Probably a Carrier (9) will have 2x4 SAS, Carrier (6) 1x5, Carrier (4) 1x4. I also hope that carriers get the spotter rule, else it will be a lot harder for my FSA lists to get some spotters. Maybe this is clarified in the rulebook. Units with Squadron Support (Recon plane) in 2.0 will get Spotter and Wing launcher (1). Which allows to relaunch a single wing once per game.
  14. There is now an update saying that the PDF will be on kickstarter this week! Can't wait