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  1. 6" (+2") speed? Sure, the Helljumpers can make a great boarding action but you have to have the speed to get in there and catch the ship you're trying to board. Do you think that this difference isn't enough of a trade-off and will thus retire the Marathon completely?
  2. 63 meters at this scale is pretty miniscule. From SG's Facebook page, for those that don't follow it:
  3. Phoenix class is an auto-buy in my book, even if it never sees a game.
  4. Handwave: The beefy maneuvering thrusters on big ships are hidden by large folding armor plates until in use--this retains maximum defensive coverage throughout its 'fighting angles' when they are not actively maneuvering the ship. Aquans probably would benefit most from also covering their main engine cones, but maybe that isn't practical or cost-effective.
  5. I tried making a game that used more accurate orbital mechanics once. Depending on the scale, Z-axis can be effectively negated due to the desire to/ease of be on matching orbital planes. This is my justification in FSA. The other variables...well let's say that it is better if we all agree to use straight lines and measurements rather than enormous tables of numbers or burn up brain cells trying to remember trigonometry.
  6. A codex with a rich and dynamic setup of semisoft science fiction rules and tactics...and then in the games we get "Let's go straight at them, lined up like we're fighting Napoleon!" I lost a part of my soul there.
  7. ME! PICK ME!
  8. Does anyone here play the game Naval Action? It is a high-seas MMO put together by Game Labs. Fantastic art and excellent sailing combat game currently in its death throes because of a very similar situation on their forums that has escalated out of control. Change course immediately.
  9. How did the mixed cruiser squadrons fare? I was always of the opinion that mixing the cruiser squadrons like that really diluted the capabilities of both classes.
  10. I doubt I'm the first to think of this. I also thought of Ragnar Anchorage from BSG, which is not a bad thing!
  11. Transcript, SCA 253 Change of Command Ceremony on 23 Jan 3727 Outgoing Commander's Speech: Admiral Hugh Kennings BEGIN 1321.12 Thank you, thank you very much, Governor [Alison A.] Garner, Secretaries [Adam G.] Michaels, [Ramin M.] Goskwa, [Hawker Industries] Chief [Calvin] Rossa, and my fellow admirals. Thank you, fine men and women of the Navy, the Enforcement Brigades, the Cluster Defenses, and the Naval Reserve. Thank you all, ladies and gentlemen, for being here this afternoon, this fine day on Pantriss. You honor me with your presence at this special occasion. Thank you. Governor, thank you for your extraordinary words and for this great honor you have bestowed upon me. Know that, should I take command in the Void again, I will emblazon my steed with the White Wing of Pantriss, as an honor to all the valiant people that made these last two years such a phenomenal success. These same motivated, driven, and dauntless individuals have made this position a distinct pleasure. Traditions such as this ceremony have existed past recorded history, long before our species crawled its way off of Terra and attained its birthright among the stars. In my many years of service, Like any career military man, I have attended hundreds of these. To me, today is a distinctly special ceremony among them all, though, for it is the last I will attend in uniform. The great warrior-poets of antiquity talked about the honors in battle and the restoration of the soul through mercy and kindness. Later works of the second millennium dance around the subject of brotherhood and selfless sacrifice. Five thousand years of literature and I still cannot find the right words to describe it. I must say that I gave up on trying. I am a warrior and a strategist, not a wordsmith. What could I say instead? Most retirement ceremonies are these drawn out autobiographies and I never liked those. I don't want to be one of them. So instead, I'll talk about you, my last command, and my most memorable. Ladies and gentlemen of the POC, I feel like I owe you an apology and a compliment. When I arrived here, the feeling was that I was sent to clean up a mess. The sector was reeling from a massive and costly defeat, its leader removed and its control divided among the local systems. I came in, an outsider from the Fathoms Fleets, to take command and restore the sector to fighting status. Little did I know that you all need no help in fighting. Yes, when I came in, there were a myriad of problems. We had severe gaps in sensor coverage, communications, logistics, and cooperation with our local defenses and civilian departments. There were many troubles at the start but our incessant determination turned this armada into one of the top-performing frontier fleets in the Zone. When the enemy finally showed their face, it was you that hit them with ferocity and selfless bravery. It was a spectacle; I never witnessed a battle in this command personally, but I knew from the evidence and the results, that my approach needed to change. If I could feed and fuel your ships, provide accurate intelligence and sufficient support, you could do the rest. Your initiative and drive to victory needed nothing else. In two years, we saw our numbers swell to three hundred ships, many hundreds of thousands of personnel from all over the Zone. You fought several major engagements in the void and planetside, to fantastic effect, leading to victory in the defense of the sector. In a year and a half, we progressed from a readiness of sixty percent to nearly eighty-five percent. Our all-aspect sensor coverage and scout patrols now cover four times the volume of space that were scanned in 3724. Last month, every warship in our fleet scored in the top category for gunnery, up from a mere thirty percent when I took command. This armada is at its greatest readiness, but now everything is quiet. We have not so much as seen enemy vessels in six months or had significant criminal activity. The war has heated up all around us but our corner appears to have gone cold. The Navy has recalled ships to other sectors, taking many of our newest hulls and most educated personnel. You few, who were always here, are all that remains to defend the sector when the enemy returns. And they will return! As construction continues in our central systems, this region will become a significant powerhouse in supply and ship construction, one that the enemy will be unable to ignore. When they choose to come back, it will be you who will again be required to stand in their way, to beat them back. As I hand command over to the capable hands of Admiral [Lindsey] Rous, I fear a renewed attack is all but imminent. I also know that this attack will not be the same as the one that brought about my short command here. The enemy will not be passing over the POC; they will be going for your throat. This will be their undoing, for every time the enemy has stood to fight face-to-face, you have met them with both fists. It will be a spectacular feat of arms, one worthy of note in the history logs on Terra. My only-- truly, my only regret is that my command has ended before I could see it. Train hard, fight harder, and above all win, to honor those who have fallen in the battles past. Stoke the fires that make you such effective warriors. This is your sector and it will be your blood that will keep it. Please accept the deepest gratitude, all of you, from the core of this old man's heart, for your discipline, dedication, and steadfast resolve to uphold our great Charter, and the loyalty and faith you placed in me for these last two years. Thank you very much. End 1330.26
  12. Very nice! It should be obvious that I'm a sucker for backstory.... If you care, here's a nitpick: Terran vessels use the header 'NTSC' in place of our modern 'USS' or 'HMS'. Hawker, typically, uses HAS. It does not make much military sense to detach ships devoted to the FIRST FLEET into action hundreds of light-years away on the front line when their entire purpose is to defend the center of Terran power..unless you like propaganda! Likely these ships are pretty well-known in the core worlds, so sending them out to earn accolades and fight valiantly (with a great deal of public attention) may be good for the population to continue supporting the war. The same goes for near-total-losses in battle, as you describe the BBs Venus and Uranus. Think of the battleships West Virginia, California, Maryland, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania in WWII--after getting bombed and most of them sunk at Pearl Harbor, they were all restored to full fighting capacity and returned to the war as heavy fire support. What better way to stick it to the enemy than by shooting back with ships they thought they had put down years ago? All in all, good stuff. I enjoyed the read. Please provide more if the inspiration keeps coming!
  14. 24 Sep 3726 FROM: Comander in Chief, STORM FLEET, NTSC TO: Commander 253rd Satellite Charter Armada SUBJECT: Force Requisition and Redeployment Orders for Zone Operations Attachments: (a ) Index of requisitions of fleet assets (b ) Index of requisitions of Planetfall Front units (c ) Index of requisitions of fleet auxiliary assets (d) Index of requisitions of support units (e) Index of requisitions of miscellaneous personnel (f) Index of requisitions of materiel (g) Requisition organization, timing, and formation guidelines (h) Command and control organization of the requisitions (i) Personnel and unit orders, compiled You are directed to release the vessels listed in attachments A and C, consisting of two battleships, two carriers, one assault carrier, twenty-four cruisers, six assault cruisers, thirty-five frigates, twelve escort frigates, eight assault frigates, and six auxiliary vessels to Storm Zone Command for immediate reassignment. Additionally, as dictated in attachments D, E, F, you are to release personnel, arms, materiel, and support infrastructure aboard these vessels. The 130th Front has been directed to release two divisions to the AFTSC Storm Zone for immediate redeployment. Their personnel will be transported aboard these vessels as well. Initial release will take place on 12 Oct with final release on 25 Nov, as detailed in attachment G. VAdm Thomas Dundasee has been selected to oversee the reassignment. Each convoy must make best speed to Honor Watch Station (DRD 25M 32E-150 b 1) and must be in full condition for combat. Acknowledge timetable and respond NLT 2300hrs GMT 28 SEP 3726 Admiral, I know you pressed for reinforcement for the last year in response to a major threat but that threat has not materialized in months. From our perspective, it makes little sense to have such a substantial force committed so far outside the Security Cordon when we are so pressed for combat-capable vessels. There are major operations heating up elsewhere that cannot hope to succeed without significant commitment. We need these ships and, more importantly, their excellent crews, to move where they are needed most. You have your orders. CinC SF
  15. @Ryjak Here you go!
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