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  1. In aquan vs aquan can you use the opposing player crystals?
  2. Where did you get the mat from?
  3. Here is mine regarding force formation and helixes • keep the helixes in terms of force formation and product packaging • have the core helix's medium, light, and infantry (including appropriate mechanized component) squadron be available separately • have the helix function as their name. • the helix pairings: leviathan & command, recon & assault, heavy & aerial • for the core factions have 2 options for each helix type, not including natural ally • for the core factions have a unique 7th helix that best represents the faction play and fluff wise. The retholzan assault leviathan should be one such. • for the natural ally have a core and 4-6 helix (I would understand if the minors don't have a leviathan option OR a command helix) each • for the Saurians and Pathogen have a core and one of each helix type • consider having an ally helix or two for ryushi, xelocian, kedorian, and maybe tarakians and illosians (if they become available in armada); their core helix could be added later. Allow one ally helix per major faction core helix as an attachment. • consider having a core, recon, assault, and heavy helix for omnidyne, syndicate, and oroshan; their cores could be added last. Allow one mercenary helix per major faction core helix as an attachment.
  4. I use miniature market but their stock maybe limited as all their spartan games items are on clearance
  5. We are still in v1 or so, the retholzans remain nerfed v2.0 is supposedly in the works so we are all waiting in how the factions will fare
  6. Seems there remains a link between the Saurians and Sorylians, one of hostility
  7. You will have to use the Rostov destroyers your small naval
  8. I already have 3 banes so neither of the above
  9. Question 1: will a heavy cruiser be an option for cruiser squadron? Light cruiser squadron? Escort cruiser squadron? Question 2: if vp is awarded to destroying 1/2 a squadron, won't even numbered ships in a squadron be an oddity?
  10. Seconded
  11. For defensive carriers to work the interceptors must be able to detach from the carrier to provide cap to other squadron or have the defensive carrier be able to attach to and thus escort other squadrons
  12. But the odds don't sufficiently portray the game experience with exploding dice there is always a chance to punch above your weight, so you take tactical chances as well as against all odds attacks
  13. Actors play a large role in fleshing out the script
  14. MAR marines X adds X number of dice to boarding and this value must be equaled or exceeded before defenders loses crew points
  15. Like the special orders in bfg command order shouldn't be a guaranteed benefit but always comes with an in game downside