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  1. Because these guys are working?
  2. It looks like the KS is turning quite bad... When looking at Kicktraq, I even saw a day with a negative amount of pledges, meaning that people are already taking their money back. The overall KS and goals aren't attractive at all, it just looks like some kind of pre-sale, with not much added value. It will probably be funded, but it won't be much over those 50k euros, and I'm not sure that SG can do anything to boost it. Launching this new KS while tons of people are still waiting for the pledges of the previous DW one was a huge mistake IMHO. I, for example, could have pledged for the FA KS, but never will because of this.
  3. Same here, Relthozas have been nerfed (hopefully) but remains very powerful and enjoyable.
  4. Same here, it should arrive soon, but things will be missing. Looks like a lot of parcels were sent in the last days.
  5. Already sent en email to despatch but all they were able to answer me is something like "be patient". But I'll send you an email anyway. Thanks.
  6. Well, we'll see that...
  7. @Spartan Neil I didn't pledged for a personalized rulebook and still, I got nothing. How do you explain that? Also, stop blaming that printing problem, we ALL know that this isn't the only reason why you're so late. Maybe you should have mobilized less resources preparing your next cash inflow (hum, excuse me, Firestorm Kickstarter...) and more to prepare and send the DW KS stuff once you collected the money. Don't you find a bit indecent starting a new KS and asking for money again whereas people are still waiting for the minis they paid for a year ago? What a shame... Bad move SG, very bad move. Believe me, to this point I would gladly cancel my DW pledge if I could. And don't expect a single penny for that FA Kickstarter... " You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
  8. Ok so all those shiny deadlines you set before are now off the table? And, again, all we have to do is waiting SG's good will? Will you, just once, respect a commitment you made? How many times do you think someone can be disappointed and lied to before he just quit with a nice "hey, f**k it, there are tons of other games out there!" ?
  9. I couldn't care less about the other established game companies out there. We talk about SG here. And even if I did, it would be the same for them. Kickstarter has been totally hijacked from the goal it had and should have kept. But that's another debate...
  10. Sorry to bring this back on the table (actually, not sorry at all...): "May 2017 Alpha Testing ends and Core Rules are then revised based upon their feedback. The Beta Team are unleashed on the rules and provide their feedback to Spartan Linde and I. June 2017 Core Rules are presented to Spartan Neil to begin the rules-pour into a nice shiny book layout. At this point, YOU, the Firestorm Gamer will have a chance to comment with each of the Core-6 Factions getting cut-down version of their Force List, along with an expanded rules synopsis of changes – see below. August 2017 Brand new models arrive with statistics and rules for the factions within and previously mentioned ‘shiny rulebook’. The rulebook will also contain a revised version of Taskforce, and a Campaign System known as Flashpoint (similar to the Dystopian Wars 2.5 version, but more expansive, given the nature of the Galaxy it is being played in!) August-September 2017 All Core Factions within Firestorm Armada are placed into a living rulebook format that can be adapted every quarter. October/November 2017 All Alliance Factions in the Firestorm Armada Galaxy are placed in a living rulebook format that can be adapted every quarter. Timeline for the next quarter starts with this release (…meaning that in 3 months’ time the stats will be reviewed and updated). Our goal here is to perform a continual rolling quarterly review to ensure we keep model balance under tight control. December 2017 onwards With the community fully engaged in the formation of the games, the Galaxy can move forwards, with new models, scenarios, campaigns and narratives developed under a more focused framework." Sooooo, what is going on?
  11. Please, don't encourage them... No more Kickstarters.
  12. Same here. I sent an email with precise questions and all I got was "Please wait". "Yes, thank you very much, that's what I'm doing for the last six months anyway! :x"
  13. Is Kickstarter SG's new business plan? Will it be a third KS in six months for PF? Kickstarter is a tool to fund original projects, not some kind of way to do pre-sales and get customers's money one year before delivering the product, especially for a long-date established company like Spartan Games. I would also not hope many pledges from the people that are still waiting for their DW KS stuff promised 6 months ago... Bad timing. I, for example, won't even consider dropping a single penny in it until I get every single mini I paid for almost a year ago.
  14. Rear admiral + the two extra campaign books.
  15. Meanwhile, a new Kickstarter is launched... Maybe you should consider delivering the first one before? Won't back the new one, for sure...
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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