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  1. We don't act like children. We act like customers who've been lied to for months/years and pushed way too far.
  2. - Communication - Communication - Communication - No more new games and support for each of the existing games (that's a minimum). And by supporting, I mean regularly. Not "one year for DW, one year for FA, oops it's been two years that we did nothing for PF!" - And most of all, no more lies/broken promises. There have already been way too much of them I really loved SG and bought hundreds of minis for almost all their game systems, I really hope they'll finally get their **** together and go forward. I'm pretty sure all of us are willing to pardon a lot of things but SG has to act and change NOW. Not in two months, now. Time is running out... Let's cross fingers!
  3. Sorry for double posting, just look at what Spartan Linde said on the Firestorm Armada designer feedeback thread... I guess this is also how PF players are considered by SG... Terribly unprofessional.
  4. And the Rear Admiral pledges too, please. August is coming, March is already very far...
  5. Very nice. That's how you get new customers and keep the old ones. In addition to bitching and moaning, be sure that I'll now do my very best to inform people how SG deals with its clients. And again, I'm pretty sure no one here is being toxic just for pleasure or because it's their nature. There are real and valid reasons to that, reasons SG is 100% responsible for. Some people keep their cool, other express their concerns, sometimes in a very direct (and yeah, toxic) fashion. And right now, you're just being as toxic as some of us. Good job. How condescendant and unprofessional SG has become let me voiceless...
  6. And you should really be
  7. For small games, I agree. But when objectives start to give 8/12 points per turn, they are worth playing them.
  8. Are they? We don't ask for new minis every month, we know that each system get some love eventually. But leaving a game dead for almost two years like it is the case with PF is a huge mistake, especially after promising new stuff multiple times. Should I remember that Allied Helices were announced for december 2016? That's not a way to run a company, and that's disrespectul to the customers who invested time and money in PF. We all know that SG is running way more games than it can handle. It's a fact, that has been confirmed many times.
  9. Wasn't Spartan Mike supposed to be this guy? If I remember well, that was what he annouced himself, no? I can't find the topic I'm thinking about.
  10. There is something you don't understand Spartan Mike. Coming here and keep telling over and over "Be patient, great things are coming" for months isn't what I call "bridging communication". I never asked for that. To me, you might as well not answer if this is all SG allows you to say because it is pointless. I asked for REAL communication, for concrete results and for respected deadlines. Things SG isn't unfortunately able to give us, for a very long time. And I don't need to have "the full scope" to point some of SG's recurring mistakes. On one hand, they keep telling us they are a small company, and on the other hand they're lauching new games each time it rains. As a result, some games are totally forsaken. "oh, you spent hundreds of euros in that game? Too bad, just wait a few years, maybe we'll go back to it one day! Who knows? Why don't you buy minis for our super new game instead?" This is a choice from SG, nobody forced them to have 20 games running... They also keep promising tons of shiny things, but most of the time, nothing happens, and this without a word. Who's fault is this, if not SG's? There is no excuse for not communicating when you announced and promised things, no matter what "the full scope" is. And worst of all, there were huge lies : where is the stuff promised for Uncharted Seas? I don't play this game, but you just can't announce a new rulebook and then do nothing, without saying a word. What a pity... Communication is the key, and SG will keep losing customers (and not getting new ones, be sure of that) as long as they continue neglecting this. I don't know how good business is for SG right now, but I can tell you that in France, your games are dead. The french forum, which was quite frequented and gathered dozens of passionate gamers, is dead and buried. And there are only few people left here that are still playing your games and talking about them. I don't get "the full scope", but this seems pretty bad to me. I told what i had to, I'm out
  11. I don't attack the messenger, and I never did. When I say things like "you", I'm of course talking to SG as a company, which is represented by Mike.
  12. I didn't "decided it wasn't what I liked". What I would like is results. Not just vain words, again and again and again. And sorry if I'm not clapping just because you came here for the tenth time to say "please, be patient, great things are coming". You gave us nothing. Where are the rules, promised for June? When will the 2.0 Planetfall be out? Not august as SG announced it I guess... And please, don't talk about respect. The company you represent has none for us. Anyway, we got it. Unlike what SG guys keep saying, things won't change. Spartan will keep sucking at communicating. They will continue to forsake games for years while developping others, then the opposite. I guess we have to accept it or leave. I chose.
  13. @Spartan Mike The problem is that you, or your coworkers, already have said that a million times. You keep apologizing, asking for patience, saying that great stuff is coming and that you're working hard at bettering yourselves, but nothing ever changes. Stop taking us for fools, this has lasted for months and even years. Sorry but I won't give a single penny to SG until they stop being so direspectful to those who make it live. And yes, I'll continue to warn people about how SG is doing business, they deserves to know before wasting money. That's sad because I really loved SG games for years and bought hundreds (maybe thousand) miniatures but this is over, you pushed me to the limits, and I'm not the only one. And SG is the only one responsible for that. Keep censoring and deleting topics (I'm pretty sure this message won't last very long, please make me wrong), keep promising stuff that never happen, this is the good way to do...
  14. All this toxic attitude wouldn't exist if Spartan had at least a bit of respect for its customers, and you won't stop it until your awful communication issues are solved. This is on you, not on us. Stop blaming the players and take responsability for your (I'm talking to SG as a company) repeated mistakes. If it makes new players less likely to engage, so be it. They deserves to know how SG acts on a daily basis before spending money here and regret it after their favorite game being forsaken for almost two years. We've tried to be constructive for months, even years, but enough is enough. You keep saying you want to make it better all the time. Stop saying it and do it instead. And no, censorship isn't acceptable. What about all the big and shiny promises about PF? About bettering your communication? Dead. Let me remind you (a bit of) what SG said a few months ago: "I would therefore like to start with an apology for our poor communications" If SG is that sorry, why this hasn't changed at all? Again. "June 2017 – we will deliver our final testing Force Lists along with a full synopsis of the rules changes in their final stage. This will be delivered in PDF format. This work will be further reinforced with battle reports from testers to illustrate the new Firestorm Planetfall 2.0 rules." Where is this? It's mid-July. You could, at least, have posted some explanations for this new delay. The next August deadline also seems very unlikely now, what about it? "Spartan Derek will become the single point of contact for players, and he will coordinate the flow of ALL information about the Firestorm Galaxy. This will result in a dramatic change in the way we manage social media" No, it didn't. Same old story. "As a small company our intent is to fix our online interaction with you" Aaaaaaaand you're still miserably failing at this.
  15. Spartan? Hiring someone? Why? Just let volunteers do everything for free!