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  1. Need to bump it up to 6 for that, unless we leave it at 5 and rename it the Dirty Harry
  2. I've honestly tried to keep the flame locally And yeh the kickstarter this early and as @reddwarf says the little things....are things people care about and they're hard to sell I don't have a working product to put in their hands to get some test games to get some non theory feedback We're gonna get 3.0 eventually without fan fare or enthusiasm and I don't think it will be 'good enough' no ones feeling it and the way things are going theres nothing to build a lot of enthusiasm I am holding onto lots of feedback and communication - that either bad things will be changed or are not as bad as we think once the whole big picture comes together - but it's an uphill struggle and given all I'm seeing I think 3.0 won't re-ignite interest, but smother it
  3. Medusa was a lovely sculpt and I'm sure people would love to see it back - even for a limited time only
  4. So my take Dreadnought - was a wrecking ball that never saw play - was designed to smash into ranks pop off cruisers sow discord and disorder and try a boarding or 2....which for a dread wasn't what I wanted. This was underused in V2 as it didn't fill a niche - needs to either tank like a foundry or smash harder Judgement - been done to death but was a great brawler - it was there to smash things hard - really doesn't need much tweaking, I always went with the moulded scalpel of the Antichrist over the brutal machete of the Judge Carrier - Cloaks up in the air cybers weaker - but it was what it was can't see much to change here Gonna ignore the B/Station - never used it Torment - I loved this, but then anchist gave me cyber + PD ment the torps never connected - should have had cloak I think or spook torps Heavy cruisers - creep up board then shoot other things, again cloaks still up int he air but wouldn't change these much - boarders still please Light cruisers - Didn't do enough - too many other things in the game. Points wise they're OK but I'd never find the 150+ points. If larger games played quick these could make interesting shunt bombs Destroyers - poor they never made their points were mopped up and only 2 ina squad meaning one dieing was it one taking a crit hurt too much as well Frigates - never dissapointed - fine but underused by me I think as I loved.... Drones - Locally feared but with the changes in cyber...I don't know how they'd fare - I think they'll be shelved Anichrist - marvel of design could do so much - but not everything all at once - hats off as this was a wonder - boarder wings support tricks all sorts it could do - keep it as much as you can Gunship - glass cannons and feared, pointed well and always did something Turmoil....mixed bag and with the change in grav going to be poor - fun with the cargo bomb but never used much
  5. Often is the case mind - a good film has a good script normally
  6. Don't think you're alone here - I would have hoped v3 would be locked down and play tested before a kick starter
  7. They've mentioned on an FSA thread no plans to KS PF - they have other plans
  8. The dice mechanic is hated locally - so bring that from PF is a bad plan Launching a KS when it feels like V3.0 isn't done cooking yet means locally it's dead in the water - no interest I'm beginning to think V3.0 isn't the best vision for FSA but a desired vision by some blinkered person or personages ....I'll wait for the rules, but I don't have hope
  9. So basically we like the old cloak? TBH I don't think halving a dice pool was ever a strain on anyone OR Could we live with -1 to hit and -x success?
  10. Right now, V3 is not meeting one of it's desired results, and the more mechanics we throw at it the worse it gets
  11. Given the stated desire of 3rd - so much this - either it just knocks off some successes and gets a -1 to hit or I'd say all black works OK and is really simple
  12. I think they are...but we can't expect every change we put forward to be taken forward - personally yes I have huge issues with a change....but I have to have faith it'll work out in the end - until we get the stats and full beta rules for a few test runs all I can say is I don't think now is a good time to KS as feels like rules are in flux so asking us to buy premature
  13. This is the basic thrust of my local group - rules or GTFO I won't get much traction locally without that in hand
  14. 2 dice shot into nothing - nearly double crit a BS, it can happen But thank you maths hammer for the breakdown, and while maybe the ship is harder to hurt with the cloak cutting both ways you have it much harder to hit things too
  15. Kinda the same The big one for me being crew points being almost a chore to track for niche cases and completely ripping apart the power of bio and boarding (and as such now grav) and how lists are built meaning we will have to work out % stick to them but other then that it's the wild west and only the best bang for buck ship will ever see play, worse then ever before, big sweeping changes that will really change the game So yes - I want the rules in hand and I love the communication and people on the forums talking and the growing sense 3.0 is coming but I don't know if It'll be viable