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  1. @Jsiegel1983 that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Ah I see... thanks Naz.
  3. Likewise - I'm a Captain level backer and still haven't received anything. @Nazduruk_Bugzappa May I ask how do you find your tracking data? By emailing SG? Would certainly like to check up on mine as well...
  4. Firing at targets underwater is considered Partially Blocked, hence the half AD, this is circumvented by weapons with the Sub-Killer MAR, which allows firing at full AD (but still incur the 5+/6+ To Hit penalty)
  5. Re point 3: 3) The other weapon of the Vengeance is its IR 10 6/8 is pretty good, considering enemy has to halve the AD of each gun (barring Torps) AND hitting on 5+ (or 6+), while the sub can utilize its target painter to strike back at better odds.
  6. Hmmmm, I guess...... "Terror Tactics" and "Long Range Assault" ? (jet packing robots right?). [Redacted] is probably a ship, maybe the cruisers?
  7. Chinese Federation Concussive and Incendiary weapons Loads of (conscripted) AP Commodore ability supports long range assaults (might change in 2.5 allied list) Something like a mix of Russian and Japanese forces, the Chinese Federation can strip off enemy AP surprisingly fast - this is especially devastating against low Elite AP fleets like the Italians and the Covenant. The weakness would probably be their average to slow speed.
  8. Yup they can change height levels, like a submarine.
  9. Strategic forces are units that are deployed using either Advance (ahead of your force), Flanking (Coming in from the sides) or Reserve (coming in from your table edge).
  10. One thing that I experienced when I demo'ed some games, was that people are more often than not, interested in the background and fluff. Models may be cool and game play solid, but without a compelling background to hold all of that together interest can fade real fast. (Granted I demo'ed the game at an anime-con so random folks with brightly colored hair might not be a proper target market lol) As your club is heavy on 40k, any interested parties would probably be used to over the top personas and the immense scale of things. It would be hard for the DW background to match that as its a totally different kettle of fish, this was a challenge I face as SG didn't release that much fluff material back then. I am hoping that the upcoming Nation Books will address those issues. Game play wise, I suppose a parallel can be drawn to "steampunk Battlefleet Gothic" if it helps understanding. Some of the comments and questions I took were: 1) Wow the models are so cool, how much do they cost? 2) Where can I buy them? 3) How many factions are there and how do they play? 4) How long does a game last? 5) How balanced is the game? Are there any OP stuff? 5) So whats the story about <faction X> Best of luck!
  11. @Santino Anania what do you think of the 2.5e FA rules at first glance?
  12. So, anyone tried out the Magnates in its latest incarnation? Mine hasn't arrive yet so I'll have to work with the venerable Ruler for now.
  13. You guys are really dedicated - I just use the standard issue Spartan cardboard war parcel that come with my models to transport the fleets, any unfortunate chipping is of course, battle damage
  14. I approve of the term "finger fork".
  15. Count me interested as well! Can't wait for the announcement.
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
If you're interested, drop us an email at forum@warcradle.com.