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  1. I just noticed that Magsplosion now has a radius of 2" rather than 4". So while its more devastating to the model in question, its also less dangerous to evenly spaced out models. This forces players to choose: Stick together for supporting AA / CC, and risk getting hurt, or spread out for safety but limit defensive counter fire.
  2. With the changes to Munitions and linking fire (i.e. all guns in the attack must have the same munitions type to benefit from it), I am curious to see what will happen to the KoB Monarch Heavy Battleship now that its 2 Heavy Piercing Turrets are unable to link with its 2 standard Turrets for that sweet double-tap.
  3. Changes to High Payload Munitions: All INITIAL Hits result in 2 successes.... In 2.0: All hits from a High Payload....
  4. In the Ramming section - it is stated that the Static Model resolves its collision against the Moving model AFTER the ram has been resolved (pg 112). Yet in the illustrated example (Pg 115), the first Uhlan rolls for Collision damage even after it has been sunk by the Majesty. Is the wording "AFTER the ram has been resolved" merely reflective of dicing sequence, and that actual damage was done simultaneously by both parties?
  5. Its launched by the Bastet Support Cruisers, its the Scarab Assault bots.
  6. Should be the glacier models that come with the box sets I supposed. Roughly 1" x 2" if I remember correctly.
  7. That would make sense. Prep the orbats, accelerate the digital rulebook to calm things down and ship the models our first.
  8. Darn. More bad news from the latest update.
  9. Thanks Mike. These are welcome changes! Now I feel like getting some Russians to ally with my KoB, for a minelaying fest - can these Nitro-bergs be triggered by Pulse Gens?
  10. Does this mean the icebergs are permanent until detonated?
  11. Tesla war angel eh - some sort of steam punk electric Valkyrie?
  12. Aye. I too eagerly await what horrors our corporate overlords will bring to the table. Perhaps the mysterious Heavy Bomber that was teased for so long finally gets to make an appearance?
  13. The next logical step is for the skyforts to become true void craft and then link up with the Firestorm universe, right?
  14. That was a one off incident which is an outlier - in fact I admire the audacity and daring of those pilots rather than screaming broken
  15. Its an academical question. It will be 10AA most of the time (assuming surviving counter fire), generating 6 successes - which may not be enough to go through Rugged / Shields / Ablative. Unless there are Air specific terrain then its probably quite boring.