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  1. Count me interested as well! Can't wait for the announcement.
  2. Hey there, this PDF might help! Anything else feel free to ask after perusing it
  3. Sto

    In terms of background they are a sub faction of the Prussian Empire, linked via political means and contribute a lot to the Prussian military throughout the years. In game terms, they are a minor faction / alliance faction that is aligned to the Prussian Empire, so you can field their units in a Prussian force with not problem. Hope that clear things up!
  4. Needing 6s to hit and generator effects impose a further -1. E.g shooting a cloud covered french ship from deep diving.
  5. @varnos Brunel is Carrier (8) for some reason. Also I see the KoB got an UPDATED document.....anyone noticed any changes?
  6. Just to add on, if you somehow end up in a situation needing 7s to hit, then all RED dice is downgraded to BLUE dice.
  7. I think what impacts us the most is more on the MAR and core rules (Piercing chart, barrage torps, stratospheric carriers with new actions, generators now work on 3+ AND after movement, target painter changes, changes to how linking munitions work, etc) That said.... <THE ROYAL NAVY> Majesty - Target Painter option cheaper by 5 points, range increase to 24" Monarch - Cheaper by 10 points Regent - Size change to Large, previously was Massive Vengeance - Lose Deep Diving (no longer relevant in 2.5) - Strategic Value is now (50) rather than being Prussian specific - Target Painter range is now 24" <HER MAJESTY'S AIR FLEETS> Illustrious - Cost increase by 10 points Hawk - Spotter 16" Doncaster - Loses Redoubtable Torpedo Bomber SAS - DR becomes 2, used to be 3 <HER MAJESTY'S LANDSHIPS> Brunel - Size is now Large instead of Massive - Carrier (8) (typo?) - Spotter 24" Sovereign - Loses Altered Silhouette MAR Royal Oak - Loses Altered Silhouette MAR - Spotter 24" Lysander MK III - Loses Altered Silhouette MAR - Spotter 32" Baronet - Loses Reserve Infantry upgrade option Foxhound - Gains Spotter 16" <THE INDOMITABLE FORTIFICATIONS> Windsor - Whole lotta changes, might as well consider this a brand new unit. Overall a well deserved nerf. Forward Landing Field - Loses Altered Silhouette MAR Tower Defense Line - Size is now Massive, used to be Medium Heavy / Medium / Small Infantry Bunker - Loses Troop Reinforcement MAR - Loses Reserve Infantry upgrade option Recon Infantry - Gains Spotter 16" - Can become Spotter 24" for +5 points
  8. How does the Peregrine compare to the other Strike Bombers? Lets take a look at the Zestorer (PE) and the Avion (FSA). Speed: The Zestorer and Peregrine are clear winners with 15" and 14" respectively, the Avion plods along at a mere 12" Weapons: The Peregrine has sheer dice output (5AD), the Zestorer has utility output (4AD - Speer bombs), while the Avion has only 3AD, but has pack tactics. Survivability: All the Strike Bombers have Evasive Maneuvers (+1). The Avion has Low Flying capability - add to that its higher base DR, its the best for hiding until its time to strike, it also has the highest AA and CC among the three. The Zestorer clocks in next with just a marginally higher AA than the Peregrine. This means that on a stat basis the Peregrine is the most fragile of all, however one must factor easy access to Guardian gens in the KoB list, so from time to time it might have Shield (1) Utility: Out of the 3, the Peregrine has Reckless crew - worse case scenario you can fling all 5 AP out of a full squadron at a weakened target for a hail mary shot. Since they are all relatively fragile, might as well use those AP, right?
  9. Mississippi Mk1 rocket option has Barrage - that's one I can spot so far, but I haven't check out the rest of the ORBATs
  10. Needs the Special Character Commodores as well!
  11. KoB: Regent is listed as a Large, is this intentional as previously it was a Massive. Brunel is listed as Carrier (8), possible typo?
  12. AP9 would have been sweet. Right now a few Hard Poundings and it can't even fulfill its primary function. Going by the rules, a Dynasty also cannot repair itself, right? That seems a bit silly.
  13. What was the original AP value and how did the testing go for the Dynasty? Its Rugged (2) is also disappointing considering all the talk about how "it has the highest Rugged value in the game etc"
  14. Drones seems a bit... lacking. The combat coordinator buffs seems a bit short range - unless the intention is to lurk at Stratosphere and forgo your shooting.
  15. He "played the part" you see. It was the plan all along to sound annoying so SG would speed things up. Give me a break...