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  1. Pretty sure that's as wishful as my desire for a KoB Sub Carrier aye @Spartan Mike
  2. @Spartan Mike, I get paid in just over a week and really want to place an order for my new chinese fleet as well as preorder some Egyptians. What are the chances of you talking the powers that be into getting this quarters gifts sorted by then?
  3. I kinda look at current US ships and vehicles then imagine an FSA alternative....Nuke Bomber equivalent anyone?
  4. Maybe a Super Heavy, in the realms of it being a large instead of medium and almost B-29 esque
  5. A true long range beast? 5 Turrets, just for those moments when you want to reach out and tough the enemy really hard
  6. Well yeah at the moment we are 2 quarters into the lack of a free model, however by now your membership would have paid for itself if you had got the 1st quarter gift and placed at least 2 orders All I am saying is stop whining and be patient. They are still finishing up a KS after all
  7. Lighten up, the fact that we get a discount and free models well in excess of the value we have to pay to get into the club. @Spartan Mike has been a massive improvement on the normal levels of communication, he just has a load of fires to put out all over the forums
  8. @Spartan Mike ahh well you tried Guess I'll just hold off on ordering My Chinese and Danish fleets
  9. @Spartan Mike can you show said pictures to shut us up
  10. @Spartan Mike as we are now in the 3rd quarter of the year, I assume we will be getting 2 emails for last quarter and this quarter to get the gift or is this on Hiatus until the DW stuff has been finalised?
  11. *sigh* Well time to sell a kidney
  12. @Spartan Mike, don't want to push to much and bug you on this but can we get an update this week for the quarterly gift? I literally have money burning a hole in my pocket but am waiting on this to place an order
  13. In @Spartan Mike we trust
  14. @Spartan Mike any update for us?