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  1. This is incorrect. Although Hunters fight in Melee as Infantry their classification is still Armoured. The BR that the Flyer can carry only relates to the max size that the carried unit can be. The carried unit can be ANY Infantry unit. However, only Armoured units with the Aerial Insertion loadout may be transported by a Flyer during a Combat Drop. Unfortunately as Hunters are Armoured but do not have Aerial Insertion they cannot be part of a combat drop.
  2. They would get to react during the First Reaction phase at the start of the Ghosts movement (provided they have LOS to the Ghosts starting position) but not as the Ghosts ram them.
  3. Page 80 brown box at top of first column "Multiple Soak Statistics in an Armoured Unit".
  4. Just 3 unfortunately.
  5. It would depend on the type of cover. If you look at page 39 of the rulebook there is a table of terrain split into two sections. The top of the table shows terrain that is traversable by vehicles while the bottom shows terrain which is not traversable by vehicles. If the cover in question is not traversable by vehicles then they will be unable to Ram the unit in/behind it. In the case you quote (hedgerows) you have stated it as a barricade which are not traversable by vehicles. However, I believe the barricade entry is meant to represent stronger defences than hedgerows. As such I'd probably class a Hedgerow as the following: Hedgerow - Light Cover - Blocking - Defensible/Linear Obstacle/Hindering With regard to Line of Sight. This only applies to Shooting you do not need Line of Sight to Charge or Ram an enemy.
  6. What do I want to see next? Same as I wanted to see last time...Falcons and Banshees plus Grunts and Drones....oh and the different force organisations.
  7. Just add and subtract all positive and negative modifiers that apply and ignore the upper/lower limits on Firepower ratings. Once you have a final firepower rating from all the modifiers apply the upper/lower limits ONCE (if required).
  8. This is incorrect. Most Cooldown Tokens come from weapons with the Cooldown loadout i.e. Frag Grenades, Plasma Grenades, UNSC Sniper rifles, etc. These weapons gain a Cooldown token as soon as they are fired (whether as part of the units activation or as a reaction). The token only effects that particular weapon and not the unit itself. A Move or Fire Weapon is slightly different in that it gains a Cooldown token if it moves as part of its activation and not when fired. Whatever the cause of the cooldown token once a weapon has one it can no longer fire for the rest of the turn. The unit, however, may still react with any other weapons it has. So lets consider an HMG weapons team unit with 2 standard bases and 2 HMG bases. 1) If the unit doesn't move during the game turn then it can fire the HMG's once during it's activation and as often as possible when reacting to opposing unit activations (assuming it passes it's reaction test). 2) If during it's activation the unit decides to move to a better location then the HMG's receive a cooldown token. This means they then can't fire as part of their activation or in any future reactions against enemy units that turn. The unit can still fire with the 2 elements armed with Small Arms however both during their activation or in future reactions. Confusion can arise because cooldown tokens are also used to indicate when a unit can no longer fire with ANY weapons for the rest of the turn. One example of this is when a unit decides to move Flat Out during their activation. The difference is indicated by where the Cooldown token is placed. In the case of a single weapon being unable to fire (due to the Cooldown loadout or it being a Move or Fire weapon that moved) the Cooldown token is placed on the unit datacard next to the relevant weapon profile. In the case of a unit that can't fire any weapons (if it moves Flat Out or fails a Suppression test when it already has an Activation token) the Cooldown token is placed on top of the unit's activation token. Hope this helps.
  9. You are supposed to glue the driver into the seat before you put the 2 halves of the Ghost together.
  10. For those that are good with cardstock terrain/vehicles I think there's a free version of a Pelican somewhere on the net.
  11. The models aren't as good as they could be but there's the Heroclix models. Before ground command came out I was collecting these to do a Bolt Action style game with home brew rules. However, with HGC my yen for big battles has been satisfied though I may still draft up some cards for a 7TV style skirmish game at some point.
  12. Use Ghosts to get round behind them and then assault them from the front. If you roll more Skulls in combat the Spartan has to recoil (even if he takes no damage). If he ends the recoil within 2/4" (? can't remember which ) of your Ghosts he is destroyed. The new Jackal Marksmen mean that you can pick out the Spartan even if he joins a unit and any successful Heroic saves need to be re-rolled this means that he'll fail a save around 31% of the time rather than 16% of the time.
  13. Not seen the Snipers yet though there are some hints on abilities in the rulebook. Pics of the Tank cards have been posted on the facebook page. All Tanks are 250 pts and 4 BR (though the Sun Devil card is actually missing the BR number).
  14. Cool sounded like an epic game. Just one question on your description; you stated that you chose to start both Spartan's with the Battle Rifle. As I understood it they have to start with the Battle rifle and if they wanted to change weapons they had to get to eiher a placed objective or a supply drop. Have I read this wrong?
  15. There are 2 different situations here: Broken Off and Repulsed. Broken Off: At the first melee step you build your dice pool from all elements within 4" of an enemy. In the first turn you will always have some elements generating melee dice as you have to have at least one base in base-to-base contact. However if the first round of combat is a draw (i.e. both rolled the same number of skulls) you remove casualties from those that are closest to the enemy and then return to the first melee step in order to fight a second round of combat. If as a result of removing casualties there are no longer any elements within 4" of each other then neither side would generate any melee dice. In this situation the combat is "Broken Off" with neither side the victor. Combat stops and both sides gain an activation. Repulsed. This is obviously where one side has lost combat and been forced back. Although the Repulsed section doesn't explicitly state that both sides get an activation marker it is clear from the last paragraph that they must as it states that they will "...be shot at or React in the same Game Turn" but not that they can Activate. This would make sense as otherwise you would have the situation that if the combat were drawn (Broken Off) they get an activation token but if they lost (were Repulsed)they don't.
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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