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  1. Potentially sizeable nerf but not huge. A bunch of small buffs to other nations and small nerfs to another can create quite the gap. Probably but after reading through what @Ruckdog posted in the general discussion still worries me since many of the usual MARS the French have seem have taken a hit (ex Corrosive though needed imo) and no mention of Cloud or Fury Generators but that's probably a French specific thing now. Most if not all of the MARS that were reworked or buffed were not in the French fleet. I also don't like having the notion that we need to use Heat Lances to win. I agree that our interceptors will be more effective now that it can reach the stratospheric height band so that is a good thing thank you for mentioning that. Torpedoes are nice but of all the factions that use torpedoes ours do not gain as much of a boost as other since we have no MARS to our torpedoes. also we have below average cc on most ships to combat torpedoes with the added hint that Retardant armor only blocks Primary and Secondary for the french reduces our defense against them. Two small changes that added together make a new weakness.... granted i always thought torpedoes should be the bane of the French since their release. Just waiting for the ORBATS to be updated so i can test out the new rules and test to see if my worries are warranted or for nothing
  2. Guess our group play-styles are different. The Stolz always found a way to earn back their points in most of the games. For v1.1 the frigate couldn't be outmatched by any other small on the board so its tough to compare since i would only see the Arminius. But, it was better than other smalls from other fleets, of course not better than all smalls Again at least from my two groups playing experience which based on play style and other metas can vary results between our two experiences. Definitely lower tier now since the revised ORBATS last year.
  3. It wasn't always considered the worst and at one point was actually viewed as a very strong small. It could pack a punch in V1.1 and V2.0 before it lost its RB3 and some speed. When they updated the ORBATS last though and reduced it to RB2 is when it became ineffctive for its points. I used to fear the Stolz before then. Edit: I really like the idea of the Prussians having a small bombard! would be a great conversion unit
  4. I didnt say they are/will be nerfed just hints of it
  5. Hello All, I have only seen some of the changes so far that 2.5 rules have had but I would like to hear fellow French admirals thoughts on the changes from 2.0 to 2.5 and how its affects the French. My basic overall view with the changes regarding the French fleet is of all the nations we seem to have little change which overall seems like a slight nerf to our fleet while others can take more of an advantage of the newer rule set. Also it seems other factions are receiving newer toys with it as well (new MARS/Generators/Nation traits) but I've had no hint if the French getting anything. There is a feeling the french will be taking a huge hit from the nerf bat (not saying it will) with this update as well as lose some of its uniqueness. I do not want one of my main fleets to become useless and shelved for a couple years where some units are already at. Granted I understand there was a popular consensus that the French were the most powerful faction of the core nations (some called OP) but im never a supporter of major changes that take a unit/nation from great to nearly unwinnable. I do agree that there are some units that needed attention/reworking to bring them in line (nerf/buff or mixing depending on the unit) im just wondering if other nations are buffed and we take a hit, its a double whammy. As always we cannot be sure how strong or weak our nation is without plenty of play-testing to be sure!
  6. Might sound silly but are there any plans for new fortifications in the future?
  7. I agree the Blucher needs a boost (course I would go mad and Want Rugged (3) on it, Rugged (2) on Battleships and Elbe, Rugged (1) on everything else not a small )
  8. there is nothing bad about the Rugged Construction MAR, The MAR itself works fine and gives a slight defenisve boost to the Units that have them. The complaint for it being a main factions defense or trying to compare MARS for one nation against another is based on faction balance and not the Operation of the MAR in game Mechanics. @Merlin I think you just want something to make the Prussians a bit more defensible which is understandable since compared to other defensive MARS or Generators it is less effective. For the Prussians, would you rather have no Rugged Construction at all? a small defensive boost is better than none but yes compared to other defensive abilities (eg. Retardant Armor, Isolated Systems) it is weaker.... at least in my eyes. @Spartan Josh I do like how torpedoes and other munitions will now have more of a feel to what they can do (Torpedoes are much more potent) and will boost factions that use them. Also factions with added MARS on their torpedoes will get an increased benefit from this as the probability of hitting with torps is greater now. Torpedoes should be a near terror weapon and now with the update will seem to have that affect. But i do have some concerns. One since it seems retardant armor will become more widespread across many nations that faction distinctiveness will be lost (again). Are there other changes in the update that will bring a level uniqueness for each faction since it seems more faction bleed will be happening?
  9. At this point all we can do is wait and see what the changes are with the latest update and playtest them to see if all of these units seem more balanced. In the meantime... As a primary French player the Vauban to me needs a few tweaks to better fulfill its dual roll as a Dread/Carrier while not being too good or bad at one or the other. The Chinese Dread seems to have a lot going on with it where it can be overpowering to certain factions. Tough as always is how can we balance both inter-faction and across nations without making it not worth playing anymore? But lets add another "heavy" to this debate, the Euclid.... As much as the Penguins are one of my toughest opponents, this unit needs help. Its dreadnought-like stats (cost mainly) for being a dual role model (Carrier/Battleship...ish) has it underwhelming in both departments. What would people suggest need to be changed to make this model on par with other models?
  10. It will be an interesting first few weeks once the stats and rules come out. It definitely seems like the fleets that are based around Tertiary Weapon systems will become more popular with new MARS available and reduction in Defensive benefits against them (if the Retardant Armor change is any hint to that)
  11. Seb, Maybe the CoA shield numbers will be boosted? Though the dreaded penguins are my moral enemy in game it does seem that the updates are reducing their defenses solely from MARS changes. But hey.... at least now all of their energy turrets have piercing! (I suggested this years ago and my dream came true!) Seems as though my French though will become more bland and less effective with the change to retardant armor
  12. Probably a silly question but is 2.5 other than implementing some new rules more about balance based on inner faction balance or more towards balancing from faction to faction?
  13. well hot damn..... welp that looks better than what i was designing
  14. Its for fun so unfortunately it wont be an official model. But you never know if they accept the idea and try to implement the concept in the future. I personally try to make my own ships to try out on the high seas! Creativity never really stops.