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  1. @Spartan Mike just keep chugging along and its all good
  2. @Nicius Yes I do understand the Double degradation it gets but it has a good amount of defense now with its upped Retardant armor. The DR and CR are comparable with the air carriers of other fleets and higher than most airships (except the Tuguska with ablative still on and EotBS airships). Also it does have rockets which do not degrade with damage. The fact that it can fill multiple roles makes it great for its price. If it was just a carrier without the rockets or turrets Its probably worth around 170 but with those weapon systems it fills the added roll of an airship 2 for 1 deal. Trying to look at this objectively since I have a love of all RoF models (except the Madame Liberte ) And when comparing it across different fleets and even other carriers in our own it hits top of the charts for me every time by a good amount over others models. But aside from the Tourbillon the rest of our air core feels a bit lackluster even with the added retardant armor to a couple mediums. Corrosive was our big theme for the air force with the latest models and with the nerf to corrosive munitions it makes the Pascals less effective and the Rousseau one of the lower tier, and maybe the worst, Heavy Bomber in the game. Thoughts on the Royan: I like the look of the model, somthing about having a cruiser with two turrets and a broadside just appeals to me. It has the defensive stats of the Ecuyer with the added Retardant Armor and Redoubtable everything so it can still deal damage when hurt. Nullification Generator is boring and expected. was kind of wishing for a more fun option at generator and not the basic one on our other heavier cruisers. Movement is standard for our other ships but has no advanced engines which is weird Ack Ack and CC are good for a cruiser and the CC is redoubtable as well which is nice AP is high which is nice especially since it looks like it wants to get close, shoot, then board. but nothing fancy for boarding (No MARS) and personally not a fan of boarding... i like to shoot things The gun and broadsides are basically a Marseille with an extra turret..... also boring. I like my corrosive! Even if its weaker now . That being said the damage output of a full squad undamaged or with 1HP lost is impressive! 30/24/17/- so cant go wrong there! especially compared with its cousin the Armored Toulon 20/20/10 though it has special munitions. Role is to shot things with lots of guns. Blow up one or two models then board a third. All in all it is a very good ship for the massive dice rolls its just.... boring beyond that. Thoughts on Marans: Holy cow! Love the aesthetics! its just a sexy model! Defensive stats are lower than all others in the same class except the Vengeance which has no defensive MARS but does have more HP. Retardant is okay but is very specific (a good one to have for a sub though). Another Null Generator with no option to change for a different one which is boring Man this thing is fast for a Large! (at least for our larges) and is maneuverable as well thanks to sharp turn MAR. Torpedoes will be easy to line up. Ack Ack is low but expected since it is a sub but the CC.... ho damn it will be very safe against torpedoes and can go on the hunt itself. AP is pretty standard for this type of ship across all nations. Who doesn't love corrosive mortars! They also can link since they arent fixed channel like the ones on our Epaulards (side note those should be changed from fixed channel) so 18 AD of corrosive lethal-ness will be fun couple them with spotter so it can hide behind terrain and its reigning terror within its bubble of destruction. The torpedoes are good. they will be better now with the barrage MAR and has some fancy munitions on them but they will still be tough to crit mediums at that level. more of a damage plinker than anything else. Finally the mines. it can close off a portion of the map with them especially with the 2X 9AD mines. Coupled with its speed, you can get into a fleet while submerged and drop mines to cause some mayhem. Role is to do some sub hunting as well as it can tackle larges and dreads. Medium squads can be crippled in one furn from this beauty of a model. Overall (pre testing of course) it looks like a middle of the road large sub compared to other nations subs leaning toward the upper half. The introduction of a new MAR to the French Orbat is cool with Lethal Munitions on it and gives it a bit of uniqueness.
  3. @Gonmoa the price increase is a base increase cost for many Arial carriers due to their ability to go stratospheric now with the updated rules in 2.5. The Illustrious will still be going through changes in the next few weeks (hopefully).
  4. Actually one quick question of the new retardant armor MAR, in some areas it is listed for Primary and secondary, then Primary and Secondary Gunnery, and finally Primary and secondary Ordinance. Is there really that much detailed difference between the three or are they supposed to be all the same? Thanks
  5. Best of luck on the Edits @Spartan Mike. just remember to take Vulnerable off of the Cherbourg haha
  6. Okay since other nations have started a change log between versions and to help Spartan if possible Ill try to list the changes made between the two versions of the Orbats. Faction Changes: Retardant armor specified between units per type of ordnance it is useful against Commodore Traits, no longer have Hurried Repair and Tight Group Ack Ack. Replaced with Battle Drilled Ack Ack and Perfectly planned manoevres Reduction in Corrosive munitions ability, weaker corrosive effects Naval Unit Changes: Charlemagne: No noticeable changes Vauban: Strategic Value increase from 100 to 125 Spotter (Expert) now Spotter (24") Saint-Malo: No noticeable changes La Rochelle: Squadron support (Fighter 3) switched to Wing Launcher (3) Gascony Mk1: No noticeable changes Gascony Mk2: No noticeable changes Magenta: No noticeable changes Couronne: Carrier (6) changed to Carrier (6, 1X5) Cherbourg: No noticeable changes (sad ) Toulon: No noticeable changes Dieppe: No noticeable changes Ecuyer: No noticeable changes Marseille: No noticeable changes Epaulard: Added Retardant Armour 1, Torpedoes) Chevalier: No noticeable changes (yes pack tactics (rockets, 1) went to pack tactics (rockets)) Alma: Spotter (expert) changed to Spotter (16") Lyon: No noticeable changes Requin: No noticeable changes Bayonne: No noticeable changes Moustique: No noticeable changes Arial Unit Changes: Tourbillon: Price increase from 170 to 180 Area Bombardment (Bombs) changed to Area Bombardment (Bomb Bays, 1) Carrier (6) changed to Carrier (6, 1X5) Spotter (Expert) changed to Spotter (24") Retardant Armor changed and increased from Retardant Armor (1) to Retardant Armor (2, Primary and Secondary) Rousseau: Area Bombardment (Bomb bays) changed to Area Bombardment (Bomb Bays, 1) Squadron Support (fighter, 3) changed to Squadron Support (1X3 Fighters) Added Retardant Armor (1, Primary and Secondary) Added special rule to attach fighters as a CAP Furieux: Spotter (Regular) changed to Spotter (16") Added Retardant Armor (1, Primary and Secondary) Voltaire: No noticeable changes Pascal: Area Bombardment (Bombs) changed to Area Bombardment (Bomb Bays, 1) Frelon: No noticeable changes RoF SAS: No noticeable changes Armored Unit Changes: Masaulle: Carrier (6) changed to Carrier (6, 1X5) Upgrade purchase change: upgrade Carrier (9) changed to Carrier (8, 2X4) Bastille N-5: Altered Silhouette removed Danton: Altered Silhouette removed N3 Liege: New special rule: Ground Clamps; If this model has a Low Speed Maneuvers Marker then it gains the Sustained Fire (Bombard, 3) MAR Alsace: No noticeable changes (Line infantry pretty much the same) L'Aman: No noticeable change Marteau: No noticeable change Arbalete: Squadron support (SAW, 3) changed to Wing Launcher (3) Grele: No noticeable changes Foucault R-6: No noticeable changes R-4: No noticeable changes Reims: Spotter (Regular) changed to Spotter (16") Hotch FT-12: No noticeable changes Fortification Unit Changes: Madame Liberte: Cloud Generator Removed These are the list of changes I found. Let me know if there is anything I missed. Also pitch in anything you would want to see changed stat wise on models.
  7. Okay so I will be one to admit that the Tourbillon in this first submitted edition is too much. Comparing it to some of our other larges (Magenta, La Rochelle, Gascony, Couronne) as well as across factions (FSA Savannah, KoB Rotors, Prussian Air Ships etc) this thing is a beast. the sole issue is price for me because it has to fill two roles for the french air core being the carrier and air BB so the weapon stats are fine for me (maybe reduce the turrets to 9/8/7/6(increase) or something. The retardant armor (2) also fits the bill with it being a massive model that is still compact and now we have good defense which is a staple of French larges. Speaking of Defense can you see having it stay in Stratospheric? no one would want to even attempt shooting at it. Broadsides are massive so they should have a large AD spread.... but the price.... It can do so much for so a relatively cheap price. It does have a high strategic value at 75 but when building a fleet its hard to not include at 180 points base. Having a spotter 24" as well makes it a great addition to certain fleet builds as well. If it were up to me I would at least put its cost at 210pts if it were at its stat line currently. If the DR/CR are 6/9 with 9 HP maybe have it lower at 200 but only maybe. I personally have decent success with it and I love fury Generators so I would pay for the upgrade (especially now that generators can be activated after moving) but I also know if I bring this my opponent will be disappointed. Im sure there will be some tweaking with the model to balance it a bit more in the future but what are peoples thoughts on this now?
  8. In General All our smalls stayed the same which is a bit of a shame since that was the area the RoF was lacking a bit.
  9. I guessing they want to give a baseline for nations and will over the next few weeks release the minor nations. After that i believe they will implement minor changes to Orbats for specific units. I think they were pressured to rush the new stats out for the new rules based on the delivery of the kick-starter. and yes..... the Yokei is now property of the FSA muahahahahahahaha!!! (clearly an error )
  10. @Benchpresser im sure this is a typo error. Dreadnoughts should all be listed as Massive and Battleships (BBs and HBBs) should be Large. I still think Carriers have a standard of Massive but it may be different per faction. Of course Keplars and other 1-2 squad carriers will still be medium models.
  11. Hello fellow French Admirals! Basic look-over for the french Orbats seem pretty similar to the 2.0 with the updated MARS for running with 2.5 rule-set. What do people think? I noticed our Air core got a bit of a boost in defense with retardant armor added to a couple units as our biggest change. Probably to make up for the fact that since our air core Corrosive MAR took a pretty bit nerf with the latest update. Some minor changes across the Orbat as a whole and units that are lacking and some still a bit overpowered. Again this is all pre game testing so we wont know until we get some games in! Still sad the Cherbourg has the Vulnerable MARS which is still completely out of place in the French Orbat (to me at least). Thoughts? Points of concern? Anything seem really good?
  12. Be prepared tomorrow for the OP and useless units Posts galore! In all seriousness when everyone gets the updated stats please play a few games and post the Battle Reports for them to see how the new stats and rules work for each nation. That and I am always a fan of the reports, pictures, and stories behind the battles. With the Bat Reps its fun to create a living/evolving timeline of whose winning and losing the global conflict.
  13. The model seems very well defended for its approach. Looks like they can survive for the late game which is something many medium models lack
  14. RoF doesnt have a repair modle as well
  15. If there was a way to add two extra turrets to the BB style turrets and have them bunched together and aims up at a 45 degree angle. Maybe the new Heavy Volley gun turrets would look good on the Gunships?