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  1. Hello all. Just magnatized my 1/300 scale Pelican last night. Test fitting worked ok, but now that the glue is dry it seems as though the magnets are weak an the pods and wings flop about or settle in a vertical postion. Any help on this? Was thinking of using velco dots to help keep them in place.
  2. I think my Unscrupulous will be a charcoal grey, washed with black, white stripes and a attempt at ship numbers... UNSC... auto correct is cold.
  3. I plan, as my games progress and to a limited point, to add blood stripes on my ships. Of course, they don't get the stripe if they a lost in action. Still working on a scheme to denote ship classes. The Covies, I might do forerunner glyph. I dont see them doing something simple. I see something extravagant.
  4. Ah, Awesome. Thanks for the information. Looking forward to using them.
  5. I was wondering, if there would possibly be pelicans in fleet, as well as Spirits or Phantoms. I doubt it (If fighters are sent to slaughter reportedly) I figure drop ships would be less useful. Though, im hoping for evac missions (I.E. UNSC is pulling out, so you have to gather up pelicans before you leave, each pelican being a set of VP) though, I figure Longswords can double for them, as well as Shorts (Though, Shortswords are ground side only according to lore.) I apologize if this is something that has been covered.
  6. I would like to see wreck for LOS blockers. As for ships, the UNSC would be as follows The Cradle Prowlers Pelicans (All types) Sabres Broadswords Shortswords (I have a planet invasion idea) Innie Ships. Covie Well, the huge hunting ship from the Halo Wars Special edition book. Spirits Phantoms Banshees (If not in already) That is all for now. I also not that the small craft would be tokens, which I am ok with. They will still be fun to use. Perhaps lifeboats (I want to run a halo scenario (004 Installation) and Bumblebees will be needed, as will pelicans.
  7. Which games produced by Spartan Games do you play? None, but I have Halo on Pre-Order How long have you been playing these games? None yet Where do you play? I would play on my own, as I know of no gamers where I live. Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? UNSC and Covies What is your favorite Spartan Games model? The Paris Class Anything else you would like to tell the Spartan Games Community? Im really excited for Halo. Though I have a interest in Dystopian Wars (The Transport Titanic and Merchant fleets) Well, beyond that, Im sp for short, and I am looking forward to having fun discussing thing here. US here.