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  1. Thanks for the Likes and comments. Great minds think alike @alamo not much to report this week, other than the fact that I am tired and in pain. It's been a rough month for me. Lots of physical exertion, not enough rest. It's also hard to push myself on PF when there is so little positive energy on the forums Painting wise I have been so distracted by FSA. Particularly the Omnidyne. I have hardly touched Planetfall. I have started on these Base coated and washed. Picking out some of the panels. I have to go, Thanks for looking, likes and comments are appreciated. WA
  2. Excellent as always. You have a lot of skill with military narrative. Tensions are building nicely. I look forward to the combat. Thanks for writing and sharing
  3. Hi @Failsafe!, welcome to the Forums. And well done on joining the Relthoza. I Love the Halloween concept. Very nicely detailed painting there, you have a steady hand, great colour selection too. If you add a little thinner (not water) to the wash before you apply it, you will get less wash on the higher surfaces, more in the recesses. Alternatively you can come back over the miniature with the colour used under the wash ( or one slightly lighter). Paint very carefully over the Ridges and flat panels to soften the grime. Let me know if this doesn't make sense. Have Fun WA
  4. Nice speedy work on your small ships. They have come up awesome. I look forward to seeing the Force all together. And some Sorlyian with Directorate shots too please. Keep up the awesome painting
  5. Fans waited through Carbon Arc, Incandescent, induction, Mercury Vapor, fluorescent.........LED. Whenever the light finally comes we will know what we've got
  6. Wow, really nice work, you have obviously put a lot of effort into those. Awesome Result I look forward to seeing the complete Fleet. Btw. I like the moon/ planet too
  7. Very Dramatic, very Compelling. Well done. You have some great personalities developing in your stories. I look forward to hearing more developments
  8. Excellent work on the Directorate Good Guys. I did not spot any bad guys though... you have done a fantastic job with the details and cleanliness on all your ships. I look forward to some photos of the Directorate and Sorylian together.
  9. Hi @Punisher357 there is a new edition (2.0) being promised. The current 2.0 army lists wil show a core for your Bakash allies as well as their aerial helix. No models for the Allied cores have been released yet. I think Spartan are still promising a Beta test update to the rules this month. I have not seen any comments for a while though. Welcome to Planetfall
  10. Well hey, I am not saying the Poll is not slightly biased. But all polls tend to be a bit biased. Right? WA p.s. Bane!
  11. Relthoza Bane OOP Reproduction Poll
  12. With the release, finally, of the Pathogen on the Horizon. I have to wonder. How many Pathogen fans does it take to change a lightbulb?..... None. They sit around an empty socket, talking about how awesome the light will be one day. (for @Pathogen) Also on a side note, anyone here sign up for the Top level on the Patreon? I believe 5 people have. Just wondering who is going to be designing new Units for the game. WA p.s. BANE!!!!!
  13. They sure are, currently medium hull too. As stated above a Rapid Response Squadron will be classed Medium. So therefore the new fleets will relate to the Hull size only, not the Teir class. So you can't use Light Cruisers/Light Destroyers to fill out the low end of the fleet. That's a shame. So the Taskforce Smalls are small and the Mediums are still Medium. Easy enough
  14. !!!!!??!!!!!!Bane!!!!!!?!!!!!!!! Bane in Progress, a face only a Mommy Spider could love... More Bane in Progress Bane escorting a carrier: (This has been a blast from my past, painted these almost 2 years ago) Bane, Bane, Bane, Bane, Bane.........
  15. Hi @Charbe86. I think it would be a pretty safe assumption that the Taskforce T3's will be small units and the T2's will be medium. Hopefully @Spartan_FA_Mike or @Spartan Neil will have time to pop in and confirm.