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  1. That is dead impressive work there @Skyhawk. It is amazing. You have created so much detail, well done. Excellent Fiction too. Very inspiring Awesome Tie Fighters too I honestly don't know the ship sizes too well. It is really up to you to pick your T1, T2, and T3 size ships. The Armsman is pretty big compared to Works Raptor or Kedorian frigates I really look forward to seeing the next update. Thanks for sharing
  2. Thanks for all the great comments, it really inspires me. And the Dindrenzi Assault Walkers are complete. these, like all the Dindrenzi I paint, are to someone else's specifications. The First one took ages to get all the colours laid out. The second one painted up so quickly. Thanks for looking.
  3. Awesome Aquans i particularly like the Crystsls thanks for sharing
  4. From the book: 17) Attachment (Designation) This model may attach itself to another Squadron of the Designation noted in the brackets.The additional cost of the Attachment should be added to the Squadron’s own Points Cost and the Squadron’s Tier Kills value is increased by +1 per attached model. This does not make much sense to me for models that are a higher tier. T2 Cruisers should attach to the T1 Carrier not the other way around. Essentially I can buy a T1 unit, pay some extra points for more firepower and then push it down into a T2 slot It does not matter as much with T2 Escort Carrier being attached to T2 Cruisers. It's all T2
  5. Very nice, it has added more shadow. The Orange is still quite striking Nicely done
  6. Thanks @tansalus and @alamo i just wanted to post a quick update on the weapon. I think it has come up good. As long as you don't zoom in too far. thanks for looking
  7. Awesome mine fields Bro. thanks for sharing i think a lot of players are waiting for the game update before they decide whether to continue or not
  8. My painting area was packed up for much of this last week. So I have barely touched brush to mini. I have however managed to get some of my storage sorted out. My Most colourful fleet finally does not live wrapped in tissues. The Works Raptor: I use sheets of A3 paper with a grid of the foam to plan out my storage before I pluck foam. Thanks for looking, I promise the next update will include some more painted stuff
  9. My Painting gear was packed away for 5 days this week. So I have not got much done. Some more progress on the Dindrenzi Walker thanks for looking, I hope to make some more progress this week
  10. Wow Bro, more awesome with every update
  11. Really Really Really Awesome!!!!!!!!! spectacular scratch build dude. I was thinking you might be able to find some small faceted beads for the shield generators, maybe Thanks for the update
  12. Very Good @Captain_Dan thanks for sharing I think that charting some of it would make it easier for beginners. But anyone experienced with FSA allied rules should follow it just fine. The Player should probably nominate their main force though. FSA and Planetfall limit percentage of points on allies. I imagine Spartan intend that for TF too.
  13. How about a comparison between old and new..... The Cruiser You can see they are basically the same but with quite a few subtle differences. The only change I mind is the fact that the front forks are parallel now. They look better angled in. The Frigate The new Frigate is huge and chunky. With its simplified (and parallel) forks it looks quite different. A quick note on the material itself. These New models have more Mould Lines, Air Bubbles and Cracks than any other Spartan miniature I have ever handled. I hope this is not a sign of things to come My plan has always been to paint these Cruisers and Frigates slightly different to my main force. The are supposed to belong to an ally. Brought in to expand the main force as needed. Overall these are great miniatures that really capture the look and feel of the Corsairs
  14. Very Interesting I really like the Reserves Deployment method, I think it could work for this Battlegroup. I would really like to see the Planetfall MAR take its place in Taskforce. The straight up VP bonus could work, or a scenario Win condition based on amount of Planetfall MAR landed. Great Planetfall/Invasion Battlegroup Idea. --- I Would like to see a Rapid Attack Battlegroup (name needs work) Required T2, T3, T3 Optional T3, T3 Special: Rule Light Cruisers may be taken as T3. No T3 may requisition another ship. --- How about a Heavy Battlegroup (needs a better name too) Required T1 (Dreadnought or Battleship) Required T2 (Destroyers or Torpedo Cruisers) Required T2 (Destroyers or Torpedo Cruisers) Optional T1 (Dreadnought or Battleship) Optional T2 (Heavy Cruisers, Destroyers or Torpedo Cruisers) Optional T2 (Heavy Cruisers, Destroyers or Torpedo Cruisers) Optional T3 Thematic Ship restriction. Probably not available to all races but whatever. ---- Assault Battlegroup Required T1 (Carrier, Assault Carrier, Battlecarrier) Required T2 (Escort Carrier, Assault Cruiser) Optional T1 (Carrier, Assault Carrier, Battlecarrier) Optional T2 (Escort Carrier, Assault Cruiser) Optional T2, T3, T3 T1's must take Escorts --- I really hope Spartan does expand Narative Battlegroups. They are one of my favourite parts of the game.
  15. Really Nice. Excellent Scouting Force Great Brushwork thanks for sharing