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  1. Got most of the pledge But the Lyceum Command Battleship Skimmer comes without flight stand? Is that right? What is the solution here?
  2. Agreed
  3. Great news Lizzie send me an email that most of my pledge is shipped and PDP sent me a tracking number.
  4. Spartan doesn't respond to emails, maybe Spartanmike or Spartanjosh respond here and something happens.
  5. Not my first kickstarter. Delay is one thing, teribble communication an other. Waiting in silence doesn't help me (or spartan) either.
  6. I don't need his acknowledge, and I don't need a podcast. Spartan has my adress and email, I like to get my long time ago paid goods or at least some information. Starting a new kickstart without telling something to the last not finished on is bad style and (for me) a slap onto my forehead.
  7. Fleet admiral with some bolt ons (icebergs, harbour, ...) got nothing till today. First and last kickstart with spartan, will complete my fleets but won't buy new ones or other systems.
  8. Nothing from my fleet admiral pledge till now, nothing from the spuntone as a single model, very disappointing!
  9. Applied for the fleet admiral pledge and got nothing till today. Very disappointing!
  10. Same with me
  11. @CptEvilstopper how can the pledge be closed before every modell wasn't shown? I would habe been desperately disappointed. Now the egypts are shown and 4 out of 7 busts. Closing timen is near...
  12. Just started my first fleet: The islands are from "The plastic Guys" - thanks Brian, Doug and Mark!
  13. Hi, I'm Daniel aka Banelord from south germany. Usually I play Bloodbowl. But I also like the style of the Dystopian Wars ships. First fleet: League of Italian States
  14. Very disappointing that the stats are not out yet.