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  1. in the past when I fought them I hacked the guns on the big ships, and held reserves for flanking maneuvers, killing the frigates early (relatively easy BL, and they HURT if you let them live...) n anarchist or heavy cruisers in the aft of your fleet HURTS without mines...without mines, you will likely be flanked every game, it may pay to have some gunships hold back, to kill flankers with those gunracks (full stop costs a CO now, but it may be worth it to stall 2 turns) allow me to call the real expert though @Ryjak?
  2. so first things first classic dindrenzi, they have heavy dice, over almost all ranges, they are durable, and hard to crit, they have the best cyber defense, and good tier threes, no tier (soon to be size) feels obligatory, everything contributes that said, they are exposed to torpedoes, you want your escorts (rsn has a great option for you), and plinking, spend the first turn or 2 thinning ranks and squadrons, eliminations can wait. dropping a frigate and cruiser from each squad will make crits a rare treat for your enemies. your natural allies have torpedo spook whats not to love that said, with 3.0 your weak to flanking, and no longer have mines to cover your aft, your fore gun can help, but with there turn limit, kill the threats before they pass, move at half speed if you need to. your gun is now fore, your brawling capabilities just got better, shields are now further limited to your already high AD, cyber can no longer target your weapons or movement, thus your harder to shut down stats will tell, but you can march forward, destroying key targets from long ranges, and now you won't even need to turn and aim dindrenzi are getting a TON of love, they are not a bad choice at all
  3. @Bessemer did you have any trouble drilling the champion turret piece? it seems small enough that i'm slightly concerned about drilling
  4. most of these "medical" ships will likely still mount weapons, weak or no, if a ship is battle capable, and firing upon other ships, whether or not medical personal are on board becomes a moot point, even by Geneva conventions, that's a warship, the crime lies in mounting weapons on a ship full of medics, putting them in a warzone, and having there ship participate. (either way odd fluff, but a particularly noble commander, may elect to not use the weapons on there support carrier, or still refuse to shoot one) honestly, my bet is this is how they will make escort carriers viable, no one really uses them, but if they are the only ships who can carry medical/support shuttles, they would see a lot more use, and may even become a staple...not sure how I feel about that i'll be honest
  5. oh I also have the overseers gate and probe oh and @Bessemer, any tips on magnetizing the champion? I just got those today actually but looking at the design I'm only seeing one good place to put a magnet, does the ascendancy piece rotate or shift a lot? any tips/ advice is appreciated (I've magnetized my cruisers, but I had 2 points of contact)
  6. the problem is, is it's hard to score objectives if your ships are dead, scoring and killing are not mutually exclusive, they are in fact quite heavily tied to one another...
  7. 2 anarchist battle ships 1 directorate carrier 1 directorate battlestation 2directorate battle cruisers 1 works raptor assault carrier 2 works raptor battle cruisers 4 works raptor destroyers 4 works raptor torpedo cruisers 4 turmoil R&D cruisers 3 tormentor R&D cruisers 4 anhilation class gunships 6 directorate cruisers (interchangeable heavy/normal) 4 directorate defense platforms 3 champion cruisers 8 drones 16 liquidators 3directorate escorts 4 works raptor corvettes 6 impact light frigates
  8. also @Spartan_FA_Mike what size class will defense platforms be in 3.0 ? in 2.0 they are the only tier 2 ship that is not a capital ship, and is small, they were rather odd being small taking a tier 2 spot, by size they now occupy the frigate territory (which I support) but will they be changed to medium?
  9. also, they relate to tiers, if you look at fleet building rules, and you want a full grand fleet, you need 2-4 tier ones (large capital) 2-4 tier 2 squads (medium capital, with defense platforms being an odd exception), and 3-5 tier 3 (small)
  10. perhaps it is @wrongtrousers perhaps it is, well a six shooter dindrenzi "revolver" dreadnought, and the dirty hairy will simply have to share the board along with the peackeeper, colt .45, flintlock, and the new light frigate "pee shooter"
  11. @Sniddy ah good point, dirty hairy it is and we can rename the gunships "flintlocks" because they shoot more out the side, then down the barrel
  12. we shall call it. the "revolver" class dreadnought
  13. it could be interesting if escorts could combine there PD with the parent ship, for shooting at SRS, totaling the hits together to drive off tokens, rather then separate PD attacks
  14. well now that interceptors can't block everything, instead only once a turn, escorts just became a lot more crucial for covering tier 1s from torps
  15. but no one could save transformers...