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  1. I have Restitution in 1250 naval games (2.0 version) and this dreadnought robot is amazing.
  2. This is kind of Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V, new Spartan Games method of doing things
  3. Okay, i'll continue with EoBS: 1) Sokotsu isn't massive. No way; 2) Give my Hachiman mines. He have mines on the rear of model 3) Mizuchi. Same problem as annapolis - 25 strategic value; 4) Arashi. Too expensive; 5) Zarigani nerfed too much, but this is good improvement for Raigin; 6) Suzaku. Correct him in special squadron. I don't completely agree with TP rework and node projector nerf. TP must be as in 2.0 but work in command consolidation and node launcher was normal. Nowadays I will not take models with such generators at all.
  4. Mississippi Mk1 have Sustained Fire (Heavy Volley Gun), but have no Heavy Volley Guns
  5. Okay let's start. My point of view on Americans in this new orbat. 1) Without "3 DR on crit" commodore ability where is unnecessary to nerf Restitution. It is already nerfed, but please, remove hull breacher from Colt-cannons version: it's difficult to damage opponent in close combat with gatling gun! And correct "Marksman" special shooting style: "Shooting and submerged and obscured flyers"? Maybe Models? 2) All massive models has strategic value. They cannot be taken as allies. Is that correct? Anyway all battlecruisers such as Annapolis has strategic value too. Doesn't know is that necessary in 2.5 with new Allies rules; 3) All models that can take huge rocket battery instead of shield gen (Liberty, Independance) should have Barrage (Rockets) like Mississippi Mk-1 or this is useless upgrade; 4) Mississippi Mk1 "This model has Barrage (Rockets) Munitions type must be in MARs, Special Rules section, not Options. 5) Make Lexington 2-4. They are only 10 points cheeper than Georgetown and much more worse than Georgetown; 6) Where is target painter on my Savannah?
  6. @Spartan Mike Mike, please, open your ORBATS template and fix EoBS Bomber specialist squadron. Or place sticker on your monitor 'CORRECT NAME OF EoBS heavy bomber in spec squadron'. This is 2-years old mistake. And I don't want to see it again in new ORBATS. Thanks.
  7. But why the hell they CTRL+C & CTRL+V old mistakes? We have forum topic here "units that need adjustments" and there are a lot of corrections where. Why the Hell not just read this materials and correct orbats? It is difficult? I don't know how in Spartan Games but I will lost my job in few days if I will work like this.
  8. Zarigani now 30 pts. And the old mistake with Suzaku bomber in special squadron is still in our new orbats. This looks like Spartan make us fools. No new orbats, it's old orbats, but with minor points changes and old mistakes and problems.
  9. Oh, Harbringer of Lord Neil we'll apprise you.
  10. What time is it now? It's ORBATS time!
  11. You promised ORBATS before 18.06.2017. You have only one day left, or you can try to work on Saturday and Sunday :-)
  12. 3 saratoga's and 3 savannah's. I have them.
  13. @Spartan Mike Guys you promise that you start shipping in may. Maybe some updates on kickstarter? Backers become crazy it is June now.
  14. @Spartan Mike @Spartan Josh Hello guys. Can you explain please, is where necessary to allocate models into flanking/reserve/advance force and write this in army list as it was in 2.0 or it's just enough to put them in Strategic Force, and the method of deployment you can select on the deployment step? Where is restriction to flanking in new mission pack in some missions, so I don't know could I use flanking in my mission or not before.
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
If you're interested, drop us an email at forum@warcradle.com.