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  1. I misread that all the time ... thanks for clearing it up. That also explains the 40 point difference between unescorted and escorted Blockade Runner, which I found a little bit much for "only" an ADP.
  2. Are you sure? Mine only came with standard and escorted overlays.
  3. I suppose it's just another copy and paste error.
  4. I was sure I had seen stats for those ships I mentioned before, but I could not find any of those in the stat cards at home. Maybe I finally succumb to rampancy ...
  5. Have there ever been any battlegroups released (except the two per fraction from the base rulebook)? I remember there was talk about a hunter only battlegroup, a few months ago, but I could not find any rules.
  6. I am just looking into the revised Fleet Battle ruleset that was released last november. There is a PDF document on the spartan homepage that provides all the new stats, but I am missing a couple of elements there: Reinforced Epoch Escorted Epoch Escorted / Defended Marathon The same for some of the covenant formations. What I find particularly strange is that some of those ships had stats before the revised ruleset came out. Can those no longer be used? Or does the PDF only contain formation with stats that actually changed?
  7. I really like that scheme. I have my fleet finished for some time now, but I when I see your ships I might just buy another box of CPVs and start a new fleet.
  8. Sorry, I misinterpreted them to be banished Anyway, I like the paint scheme - especially the CPV destroyer.
  9. It took a long time, but I finally played my first HGC game last Friday. However, we stumbled upon a question regarding cooldown tokens. As I understand, if a unit with a move or shoot weapon (e.g. HMG) fires its weapon, it gets a cooldown marker and cannot perform any more activations this turn. Does this in any way influence the units capability to react? They way I see it, this cooldown token keeps the HMG from shooting/reacting, but any other weapons could still react as they would do without the cooldown token.
  10. I really like your banished-style color scheme. Any chance you could post some close-ups of your models?
  11. Very nice to see some new ships coming after all. How long has it been, a year? What I would really like to know is if these new elements can be combined with Halberds/ADPs? Because that would mean I have to order another box of those.
  12. I am very please to hear that we can expect some new ships for 2017. Although I haven't played in months, I still enjoy painting a few ships every once in a while. Is there any word about when we can expect these new ships?
  13. I am quite happy with the prices for the new tanks. To be honest, I was expecting something similar to a Punic/CAS (~45 pounds).
  14. Good news and bad news ... I'm very happy to get an answer from a spartan and to know that the game is not dead. I'm still hoping to see infinity one day. Sadly no more releases this year, which means at least four months of waiting ... possibly more. I will survive that, since I have not played in months and still have the CPV / DSC / ODP / Valiant to test in battle. The most important thing in my opinion is the rebalancing (I hope it's the errata you're talking about), because I won't buy any more ships until it is clear which direction the game is going.
  15. I took a break from fleet battles after the Valiant disaster and because I could not stand the constant delays on spartans end. Now, after a few months I have bought alle the HFB products that have come out yet ... 24 ADPs, 24 Halberds, DSC, ODPs and the deluxe flight tokens. I am in the process of finishing the paintjobs and I am happy to start playing the game again. Now, the one thing that always bothered me was the wings phase, which seemed pointless and time consuming. We decided to skip it completely, but now I am thinking about giving it another try. I remember there were same discussions earlier this year about improvements to wings, but I would like to know if there were any concrete results which people are successfully using? I thought about this myself over the last weekend, and in my opinion the most annoying part is the stack size of wings. A bomber squad can almost only do any damage at full strenght ... so why care about smaller stacks? They are there, but honestly you just want them to die quickly to send them into the field again as a full stack. So I came up with the following idea: Each single token represents a wing / No need to stack them Interceptors and bombers use their regular stats in dogfights (2/3 dice for interceptors, 1 for bombers) When a bomber attacks an element, it is considered to be a full bomber squad and rolls dice as if it were (8/10 dice). Hangars are ignored, instead a player can field one wing (one token) for each Carrier Action in his fleet. I haven't tried the idea in play yet, but I will. Just wanted to know what you are thinking about it, or maybe if someone has tried something similar? I could imagine this to speed up the wings phase quite a bit, and it would still keep the balance between the different types of fighters.
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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