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  1. Page 107 was a copy-paste from the 2.0 rulebook, they should have changed the wording but they didn't. But the descriptions on page 73-74 were very clearly updated. There is no mention of a stratospheric or deep diving MAR that is required to go to those heights. The intention is very clear even if the wording on page 107 is now muddled. You can either take the interpretation that all aerial models that aren't small, tiny, or SAS can go stratospheric or you can take the interpretation that no ship in the entire game can go stratospheric (as the MAR no longer exists in the rulebook). One makes sense the other is just being pedantic.
  2. Only the Frelon can't go stratospheric as it is a small, the Pascal and Rousseau can both go stratospheric. On the height bands on page 73 and 74 the only restrictions on going stratospheric is that that smalls, tiny, and SAS can't. That is the only restriction. They have removed the lines in the 2.0 rules stating that deep diving and stratospheric required specific MARs to get to those heights. Page 107 they just didn't change the wording from the 2.0 rules, so it is poorly worded now, but it is very clear from their descriptions on the height bands what the intention is.
  3. On the height bands on page 73 and 74 it says everything medium and larger can occupy the atmospheric and deep diving ranges. Stratospheric Height Level – This Height Level is as close to the edge of the Earth’s upper atmosphere as it is possible to get! Models may never deploy at this Height Level unless otherwise stated in their Profile. In addition, no Small Aircraft Squadrons (SAS), Small Models or Tiny Models may ever occupy this Height Level as it requires specially adapted propulsion systems to operate this high up. Deep Diving – This Height Level is as deep in the ocean as it is possible to get! Models may never deploy at this Height Level unless otherwise stated in their Profile. In addition, no Small or Tiny Models may ever occupy this Height Level as they would be crushed under the extreme pressures that such depths create!
  4. That is already the case: page 107 Changing Height Levels Unless other conditions apply, this Model may only ascend or descend ONE Height Level from its original position.
  5. Page 189 under Re-Building a Squadron The Carrier Model may then immediately launch the new SAS equal to the permitted Squadron size stated in the Carrier’s MAR.
  6. I think its just common for printers in general. No one is making as much printed material as they used to. Anyone that used to rely on magazines are going to be in trouble. So I was thinking about SAS and didn't quite get why all local air support came out as fighters only. But the obvious is that it encourages people to make sure they have a least one carrier in their fleet so if they really need bombs or torpedoes they can get them, but they don't get them for free. It also means that if you want your SAS to be anything other than fighters you are required to activate your carrier early in the game to change them before they run off. Which means you can't just move all of your SAS first to eat up activations unless you're ok with them staying as fighters. A subtle but seems like a fairly effective way of limiting first turn SAS spam.
  7. Yes. The re-build action only requires that the SAS come from those lost in battle. If those are from local air support or from other carrier SAS squads doesn't matter. Although given how it is worded you may not actually have to loose a full unit. I think RAI you have to loose a unit, and only if you've completely lost a unit can you rebuild another, but RAW I could see it read as "as long as you have enough SAW in your scrapyard to build a unit of the size the carrier outputs you can put a new SAS out." Either way though, if you had one unit of local air support that was knocked down to 1 (so 4 SAW lost) and another unit of 3 completely wiped out then a carrier could launch a new unit depending on the size the carrier does. If it is a carrier that does 1x5 then you could take 3 from the wiped unit and 2 from the local air support and turn them into a new 1x5 unit. Or 1x3, 1x4, 1x5 depending on what carrier(s) you have and what they can do. If you only have a carrier (left) that does 1x5 and only have 4 SAW in the graveyard then you can't rebuild yet. Of course replenishing a squad does not have that limitation. So if you have 1x5 and 1x3 units and loose the unit of 1x3 and 2 more out of the 1x5 unit you can rebuild a new unit of 1x5 (assuming your carrier does that) and then replenish the 1x5 unit and end up with a total of 10 on the board. Of course those sorts of situations will really only come up if you've got quite a few carriers of various sizes and loose some.
  8. I'm not sure how French got nerfed? We know Retardant can be limited to only work against specific things now but from what Spartan has told us most ROF units with it now will have a version that covers most things. In some cases it might even be a benefit for ROF. ROF has very strong large/massive units but their mediums and smalls aren't. With Retardant now being more varied it is possible for it to show up on smalls to help them do their specific job better but not be too powerful in other situations. As for Nation Traits, they are all going to be looked at and everyone is going to get their own unique commodores and commodore doctrines. Just because we haven't specifically heard about the ROF ones doesn't mean they aren't getting them.
  9. The main issue with shipping out models and books separately is that it will make the shipping costs increase drastically. Shipping out one package with everything might cost $15, but shipping out two separate packages might make the first one cost $12 and the second cost $10 because weight is only a part of what the costs are based on. With 850+ backers (858 on kickstarter but a decent number of late backers too) even a few dollars more in shipping will be thousands of dollars gone. I have no problem waiting.
  10. Page 169 Target Painter Generator: The Target Painter Generator may be activated during the Consolidation Step of the Movement Segment of the Model’s Activation. When activated, the Generator can target ONE Model within the Range” listed in parenthesis. Roll a D6, on the roll of a 3+ the target is ‘painted’. Any Attack made by Models in the activating Squadron using the Weapon listed in parenthesis against the Model receives a +1 bonus to hit on their Attack Dice (AD) rolls. Multiple instances of this Generator do not have a cumulative effect. Is this correct or just a case of poor wording when the entry was re-written? Have a target painter only help the squadron that uses it really hurts it and completely removes the generator from the "support" role I always thought it was supposed to be.
  11. I looked at that, but it isn't for everything, it is for all Primary Weaponry and from what I saw all of the CoA torpedoes are tertiary. Of course the Prometheus has a target painter without a weapon type, so that should effect everything. But... there seems to have been a big nerf to target painters in 2.5: from the generator listing on pg 169 "Any Attack made by Models in the activating Squadron using the Weapon listed in parenthesis against the Model receives a +1 bonus to hit on their Attack Dice (AD) rolls." It seems target painters don't help the rest of the fleet, only the model with the generator? I'm wondering if that is a mistake or a legitimate change? Would really hurt the usefulness of a target painter and it wouldn't be a support generator at all.
  12. Not that many nations have hunter(diving) outside of SAS and that is going to be the only real way to hit any deep divers on anything but a 6. None of the COA target paints will work for their torpedoes. I think KOB is the only one that is really set for killing subs, with lots of torpedoes, but more importantly target painters and several units with hunter (diving) which will mean they can get pretty good to-hit numbers. And as mentioned the hard to hit thing goes both ways. A quick look doesn't show any subs with hunter (surface) so they're not going to be hitting on anything better than a 6 too, with KOB being an exception, being able to hit on a 5+ with their sub if a surface unit gets the target painter going. The main issue is going to be subs that go deep until they close range, but even doing that most aren't going to be really dangerous as they don't pack enough punch to threaten more than maybe one ship. KOB subs can do quite a bit but they can't fire into RB1 anyway.
  13. I'm not sure the gun on the Stolz could pass as a bombard. Given the description of the Lahn I don't think they'll be fighting for the same spot, they seem to have clearly different rolls and uses. Of course with a RB3 attack and some sort of utility function I could see it see it basically filling the role of small artillery support.
  14. I think torpedoes are the only barrage weapon that didn't bypass shields before. So not much of a change.
  15. I like the new generators, some seem very close to suggestions I made before. (Not saying I'm behind them, but if I was an inspiration that is great, if others just had the same idea that is great too. They are there and that is all that matters) I could see the Lazarus generators start to show up very soon, like as soon as some of the new repair vessels from the kickstarter are released. I haven't went through everything yet, but hit the printer so I'll be taking my time with it over the next few days (will give me something to take my mind off of waiting for a call back from an interview)