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  1. Thanks! For some reason it wasn't apoearing on mobile. Omg omg omg its too amazing!!!
  2. But one thing to note. PE forces tend to be harder to play with for the beginners. Reason Is that for PE, timing is crucial. Striking or engaging too fast will cost you the game and you need to know when it is essential to sacrifice your own units. Knowing your enemy is part of attaining victory, but knowing your own units is much much crucial. Prussian units tend to be capable of performing multiple rolea, but You got to keep a good head above your shoulder and knw when to use the unit to perform a certain action. Eg: while uhlans are a great boarding threat, sometimes hanging back and shelling your opponents from rb2, forcing them to deal with them Is better than taking out a medium squadron via boarding, as this buys you time for your arminus squad and other units to get in position to perform lethal blows to a particular core enemy ship.
  3. @Spartan MikeMike got a question. For the STO fortress, will we still be able to order it after the preorder period? Also what is the bomb shelter that you get when you order 2 metzgers!
  4. Wait, what about the STO fortress? Will we able to order it separately?
  5. Oh our Konigsberg ia kinda subpar. I prefer the gustav over it. As for the new subs, their role isnt to board, but rather to harrass. They are both a boarding and ranged threat and capable of providing the Prussians tje much needed rb3-4 firepower. When they get close to an unguarded ship, watch as the enemy screams in horror as your angry Prussians jump out of their subs and tear their crew to shreds
  6. Why not a Metzger pushing a gigantic baby trowley filled with little Metzgers. ( Fausts)
  7. Im guessing its the one with the gewittervolk right? Thats an old old box
  8. Added some weaboo anime culture reference...... Sorry i could not resist XD
  9. You know, it would be nice if we would receive a message letting us know our items have been shipped out. That would really bring some peace of mind
  10. Ahhhh i cant wait anymore! Mike?! I need my orbats!
  11. With the crazy AP of the windsor and also the security posts? Haha no....that would be a wasted effort imo. I choose to focus on destroying it over boarding as i had the air superiority
  12. The trick here is to let the imperium closely follow up with the rest of the SAS. That way you can immediately rearm them and proceed to bomb the MOP. Effectively reducing the delay time between dive bombing runs to be 0.
  13. Ooops, just realized i havent replied to this thread. Yes the Prussian won! Windsor took on a ridiculous amount sas bombing(7 dive bombing) runs, 3 imperium bombing runs, multiple volleys from the blucher and kaiser karl before it went down. The KK had like only 1 HP left, while the blucher was knocked down to 4 hp. It was nasty, the windsor really deserve its nickname, the MOP. A couple of things we agreed with my opponent, he had a wrong deployment of tribal cruisers, as he used it to intercept my flanking arminius squad. if nt the was a good chance that the windsor might have even survived the game and i wouks be losing the blucher and KK instead. Overall, quite a good battle. I learned to fear the volleyguns from the MOP and those large cannons on it. XD
  14. Hmmm im wonder about the custom foams since DW ships comes in various dimensions. I use a toolbox with custom slots cushioned with foam. They work quite well and i could carry my whole navy in there (another benefit of playing DW) . I"ll leave them a message expressing my interest
  15. Great to know you are still around, josh. I got a question for the Prussian orbat, was it intentional for the blucher to be a large size ship instead of a massive?