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  1. Dice color doesn't matter at all. It'd be a better idea to paint something onto the craft that shows it's ODST, rather than relying on arbitrary dice colors.
  2. This is your order of operations: 1. Roll Attack Dice. 2. Perform Rerolls. 3. If you have enough successes to cause one or more damage, roll a single dice for the MAC attack (some special rules are different). 4. Roll Defense dice. 5. Perform Rerolls. 5. If you cause any damage, roll one dice per damage to see if it's a critical hit.
  3. It was designed to be a remote asteroid facility, as far as I know. Can't help much more than that really.
  4. From the FAQ: Q: How does Glide relate to other movement rules? Is there a minimum glide distance or can you glide 0? or say 0.1 inches? Are you affected by terrain? A: A Formation Base using Glide MUST move the full Distance listed on the Loadout Entry and may NOT elect to execute a Glide while occupying Terrain that might cause the Formation Damage.
  5. No HFB event, only a HGC event. Won't be missing anything.
  6. Yep, it was done via soldering iron.
  7. The key word is "may". You may reroll up to two Order dice per turn. Would be good to change to that wording in the future though.
  8. 1. Full distance only. You cannot glide into terrain that will cause damage. (FAQ/errata) 2. Yes! 3. Yes! 4. I think you can. Remember though, you can only have as many boarding craft as you have slots in a ship. 5. Fascinating...I don't know where my book is, otherwise I'd give a better answer. 6. Yes, but they will be stuck there forever, unable to launch. (FAQ/errata)
  9. Yep! Each part of a CAS is an element, and the whole ship is a battlegroup. The Minister's rule works just fine.
  10. It's also only $2 more to get the Phoenix class. That one is also worth it in comparison. I think the Autumn class should have been priced at $12 or so.
  11. Point it in the general direction of the middle of the biggest clump of ships and keep plowing forward at max speed. Any turn you only move 4" you should have killed three elements at the same time with it, then sent out boarding parties. It's too vulnerable to do otherwise.
  12. There is no Pillar of Autumn in the game. The Autumn class though I think is kind of a silly ship to have by itself, especially when you get two Blockade Runners to a blister. Also, it's $18 for that relatively small model, where the Runners are $23.25 for so much more.
  13. I painted up this Punic class supercarrier for a client, along with some wreckage. The theme he wanted to include was the checkered tail, featured on the warplanes of the 325th Fighter Wing, so I did my best!
  14. Yep, totally optional! I'm not a fan of them anyway, preferring to just take what I want given the restrictions we already have. Never was a fan of comp rules.
  15. Well again, it's not a front-line formation and shouldn't be played as such. I've never had it die, and the key is to keep it out of enemy range. Just skate around the board edges with it, and it'll keep churning out critical order dice rerolls turn after turn. If your opponent wants to send something to kill it, it'll have to be more than just frigates because they CCS can handle itself against such weak targets.